December 23, 2022

WORLD: The Vatican Removes Pro-Life Activist Father Frank Pavone From Priesthood For A 2020 Tweet They Found Offensive With No Possibility Of Appeal. But Pedophile Priests Can Stay.
written by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D
Tuesday December 20, 2022

ROME, Italy — Father Frank Pavone, founder of the pro-life organization Priests for Life, has been dismissed from the clerical state for “blasphemous communications on social media” and “persistent disobedience of the lawful instructions of his diocesan bishop.”

The papal nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, wrote a letter dated December 13 to all U.S. bishops, declaring that the Vatican had issued a “Supreme Decision” on November 9, 2022, that Father Frank Pavone “be dismissed from the clerical state.”

The letter added that the decision admitted of “no possibility of appeal.”

A statement accompanying the nuncio’s letter said that the decision to laicize the priest “was taken after Father Pavone was found guilty in canonical proceedings of blasphemous communications on social media, and of persistent disobedience of the lawful instructions of his diocesan bishop.”

“Father Pavone was given ample opportunity to defend himself in the canonical proceedings, and he was also given multiple opportunities to submit himself to the authority of his diocesan bishop,” the statement said, adding that Father Pavone demonstrated “no reasonable justification for his actions.”

“Since Priests for Life, Inc., is not a Catholic organization, Mr. Pavone’s continuing role in it as a lay person would be entirely up to the leadership of that organization,” the statement concluded.

For his part, Father Pavone has denied the charges, insisting that his bishop abused his authority in a persecutorial fashion and sought any excuse to have him dismissed from the priesthood.

Pavone told Crux, an online Catholic news outlet, that his bishop in Amarillo, Patrick Zurek, has been threatening to have him laicized for the past five years “under three or four changing, shifting rationales.”

“In American law you go after a crime in search of a person,” Pavone said. “Something wrong has been done, and you go and track down the people responsible for it. This is the opposite, it’s a person in search of a crime. They’re going after me and they keep changing the reasons why.”

Pavone referred to his bishop’s actions an “abuse of authority,” declaring that he has been obedient to instructions from his superiors.

“I want to be a priest. I’m not leaving the church under any circumstances. If you close the door, I’m going to be standing on the other side of the door waiting for it to open again, and, I’m going to keep doing my pro-life work,” Pavone said.

In April 2020, Pavone announced that he would be joining the Catholics for Trump advisory board but three months later said he would be stepping down from the board in obedience to a mandate from the Congregation for Clergy that he not hold formal titles with political campaigns.

“I’ve been requested by the competent ecclesiastical authority not to have an official title/position on the advisory boards. So, as a priest in good standing, I’ve followed that request,” Father Pavone declared at the time.

He also said at the time that the 2020 presidential election was not so much a clash of personalities as a “clash of worldviews,” at the core of which was the right to life of the unborn.
The Post Millennial
written by Libby Emmons, Brooklyn NY
Sunday December 18, 2022

Father Frank Pavone has been dismissed from the Catholic priesthood over what the Vatican has called "blasphemous communications on social media" and persistent disobedience of the lawful instructions of his diocesan bishop."

Pavone has been a full-throated supporter of Donald Trump, and is unforgiving on his pro-life stance as the national director of Priests for Life. No clear reason other than "blasphemy" has been given, and what comprises the basis for that accusation has also not been revealed.

A letter from Archbishop Christophe Pierre, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States on Dec. 13, and obtained by Catholic News Agency, said that there was "no possibility of appeal" for Pavone.

"Father Pavone was given ample opportunity to defend himself in the canonical proceedings, and he was also given multiple opportunities to submit himself to the authority of his diocesan bishop," read a statement attached to the letter. "It was determined that Father Pavone had no reasonable justification for his actions."

Pavone said that he wasn't notified as to this judgement by the Vatican. When CNA reached out to Pavone, he said "How did CNA learn about this before I did?" And noted that the CNA contact was "the very first communication that came to me about this."

The Vatican now considers Pavone, an ordained priest who undertook the sacrament of Holy Orders, to be a "lay person." This removal of a man from the duties that come from having undertaken the sacrament of Holy Orders could be compared to the Vatican annulling a marriage without consent of the married.

"The blasphemy is that this holy priest is canceled while an evil president promotes the denial of truth and the murder of the unborn at every turn, Vatican officials promote immorality and denial of the deposit of faith and priests promote gender confusion devastating lives … evil," said Bishhop J Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler in Texas.

Pavone is still undertaking his sacred duties as a priest, saying Mass, and the Priests for Life, based in Titusville, Florida, within the Diocese of Orlando, attests that Pavone "is a Catholic priest in good standing, and exercises his ministry in full communion with the Catholic Church."

"It is not clear in what diocese Pavone, 63, is incardinated as a priest," CNA reports. He was ordained in 1988, and has been the national director of Priests for Life since 1993.

Pavone has written about his clashes with church hierarchy, and has blamed much of that on his strident pro-life activism. He wrote: "if they oppose priests like me, it’s because they’re opposing you and the commitment you have to this cause. Cancel culture is alive and well in the Catholic Church. I’ve experienced it firsthand. And the more we are aware of it, the better we will be able to defend ourselves and others from it."

The Catholic Church has been veering headlong into the realm of social justice activism, with some parish priests calling for "anti-racism" in their homilies, while others embrace the concept of "trans kids."

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GlobalAwareness101 published April 24, 2022: Jesse Czebotar Right on Radio podcast interview. Jesse Czebotar describes who she is, where she came from, and what her mission was.

I typed a transcript for you below.

Jesse Czebotar: I literally have an Illuminati seal on my birth certificate. They allowed my mother to join the military so that I would be born in Frankfurt, Germany. And why they did that was so then they could put my name in the books in the masonic lodges as well as the Luciferian Satanic libraries where they keep everybody's names.

Host Jeff Shepherd: Which is the Vatican.

Jesse Czebotar: Right. The Vatican. My name is hidden in those books under not my name. You know, they use my ritual name. I was born as the successor to the Queen Mother of Darkness. With that, the five mothers run the entire system and corporation for the spiritual being aka Satan. The right that I am given as the Queen, is that the sole property of every single soul of every man and every woman is now my property. So my biggest question as I'm thinking about all of this, especially in regards of these children, how can I use that because in their own technicalities all of these children, even the ones in the breeder programs born without birth certificates, you know where they kill the mothers, hundreds of thousands of children born with no birth certificate, no name, no identification, but above and beyond that by their own laws and rules every single one of these children belong to me.

That's one of the things that Ghislaine Maxwell setup with the Terra Mar Project. All these people now got passports where they are not a citizen of any country. They are citizens of the water. And this is why you know all of these big names they're having trouble bringing them to justice because they're not held by any law of the land and they're able to steal these children, move them from country to country because they have no birth certificates now. You know they don't even have bills of lading when they're moving these children around.

(Bills of Lading means a detailed list of a shipment of goods in the form of a receipt given by the carrier to the person consigning the goods.)

If I've got that right and claim how do I use that to my advantage because I can go into any courtroom, I can go into any place and say hey look me up in the books, I am the Queen, I am the only one who has the authority. I even have the families send me a letters summoning me to a meeting and wanted me to tell them what to do with the huge family trust and finances. You know I didn't show up of course because that meant they were bound to continue to operate under their former orders. At that point you know Trump's coming in, he's taking over the (Federal) Reserve, he's doing things. So they were wanting me to stop that, to make some sort of order. I did not. I will use every technicality I can and I will use every loophole. You know he's left my name on the books because he has stuff in the future he wants me to do.
GlobalAwareness101 published October 14, 2022: Sarah Westall interviews Jesse Czebotar on the mindset of evil. Understanding the “why” of a Luciferian. There end goal.

I typed a transcript for you below:

Jesse Czebotar: You know I started encouraging people for over a year now to really go to the source in order to understand the enemy. There's a point where you've just got to dive into the enemy's playbook and you have to understand the plays that they're making and it very much ties into their Luciferian high level black magic books.

So the one that I've really been encouraging people to read because it's not a book you open it up you read it you're not going to be reading spells or encantations or black magic stuff. This is the book that they give to the higher level members as you advance in the system. You're given this book to reflect on so that you understand kind of the end goal and that process of getting to their goal.

Their end time agenda or goal is that they believe at a spiritual level they are gods themselves and that they will ascend into that godhood. And so you've got two forces at play. You've got the spiritual force which is, we have Satan the devil who he believes he's going to usurp the throne of God and be God. And what he's promised these higher level individuals is to teach them how they can ascend and be gods and what he doesn't tell them is that he plans to destroy them all and kill them all. So they're kind of working on those two agendas. You've got the human one as well as the overall spiritual one. And both are working alongside of each other simultaneously to advance each others efforts.

Sarah Westall asked: Satan understands the human agenda. But do the humans understand Satan's agenda?

Jesse Czebotar replied: No. I don't believe so. The majority of them I think by the time they've served as long as some of them have they know that he is intent on killing everybody. But the majority of the lower middle levels don't believe that. Their influence is the money, the fame, the power you know that's what drives them.

Sarah Westall asked: So they don't even connect that?

Jesse Czebotar replied: No, they don't connect it. Because they see the manifestation of the promise you know. That they, the promises that they will get knowledge that's going to make them gods. So you know they've been receiving that and so because of that you know it really serves as a blinder over their eyes. I'm sure some of them have probably had the thought or wondered you know if the enemy is going to destroy them. But they kind of just set it aside because they don't want to believe that you know.

Sarah Westall asked: And would this be like celebrities or people in positions that are helping them for this agenda of this jab and this depopulation?

Jesse Czebotar replied: Yes. Celebrities, world leaders, world governing councils. Those type of individuals.

Sarah Westall asked: Okay and why do they, why do you think in their mind, their mental construct, do they think it's a good thing to hurt others en masse?

Jesse Czebotar replied: Well, I think that it's a simple addition, subtraction you know. I think that the majority of them see it that you know like if you're advancing into a territory and you're in war, you're going to have some casualties along the way. But the goal is to get the majority of the most useful people in humanity across to that other side. So as long as they're accomplishing that goal, you know I believe that they just see the rest as collateral damage along the way.

Sarah Westall asked: Well who's the most useful people because the people that are taking this jab (?) serious issues are the ones who listen and follow them the most and they must not see them as very useful because they're useful idiots maybe? I don't know.

Jesse Czebotar replied: Right. What they define as useful are those people who believe that they can ascend into that godhood. These are going to be the people who believe that they are the architects, they are the creators, that they make society, humanity what they feel it should be. You know it's kind of like utopia mentality. So those who you know enforce and can help you know bring that utopia into its physical manifestation, those are the most useful.

Sarah Westall asked: Okay, so in their mind what is utopia?

Jesse Czebotar replied: Yeah, in their mind it's a when they've reached fully enlightened self. Utopia is not just a thing on earth, it's going to include the universe. So when you and the universe are one and you're at a point where along with the others you know there's this collective consciousness, that then is god. Instead of God being a being apart from us. You know it's that collective consciousness together is god. That's their idea of utopia. So we're going to get into some of that today you know because we see some of that happening, the creating of AI consciousness, the Quantum consciousness.

Sarah Westall asked: So that's a forced way of doing AI consciousness. AI consciousness is their forced way of doing it versus being energetically connected to when you die and when you're in heaven. There's an energetic connection. You know like you hear all the stories.

Jesse Czebotar replied: And their proposal is that they're going to get that energetical connection without death and they're just going to step into that immortality and they're going to do it in mass amounts and they're going to use the common man as that stepping stone on the playing field that's going to get them there.

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