December 23, 2022

ENGLAND: This Video Infuriates Me. This Is Why I Take Care Of My Mom Myself. I Would Never Consider Putting My Mom In A Nursing Home. $120,423/Yr To Be Mistreated By Horrible People.

Guardian News published October 13, 2022: Hidden camera reveals abuse by care home staff of dementia patient Ann King. SIGNATURE AT REIGATE GRANGE. When Ann King, 88, faced worsening dementia, her children considered a dozen care homes and carefully picked Reigate Grange, part of the Signature Senior Lifestyle chain, with annual fees close to £100,000.
Fyi... £100,000 British Pounds roughly equal $120,423 U.S. Dollars. That's how much the family is paying to have their mom grossly mistreated by strangers. Thankfully my mom is not at this stage as this elderly lady in the video. My mom is going to turn 77 soon and I am so grateful that she is still healthy with most of her marbles intact and still has her wits about her. Although she does have her moments. But so do I lol Nevertheless, a nursing home is just not going to be an option for my mom. Our parents spent their lives working hard and deserve to enjoy their golden years surrounded by love and care of their family. (emphasis mine)
Within months, however, they began to worry their mother was being neglected as she began asking them if they were going to throw her out of bed, or the window. The family installed a covert camera on King's bedside table that revealed harrowing abuse.

They have shared some of the footage with the Guardian in the hope of exposing such practices; something they say their mother, a former nurse, would have wanted. Signature apologised to the family and insisted the ''reprehensible' behaviour was 'committed by rogue individuals'.

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