November 15, 2022

USA: Maricopa "Maricorruption" County Election Official Witness How Stealing Happens In All USA And Most Especially In Arizona. Wow. Incredible.

GuerrillaNewsNetwork published November 14, 2022: Shocking but very easy to grasp eyewitness intel as Michelle Swinick talks to Sacha Stone on ARISE! Guerrilla News in great detail about exactly what she saw happening as a poll worker judge this November 8 in her home Maricopa ("Maricorruption") County Arizona - and how the model and other tactics are being similarly deployed across many counties and states in the United States. Two elections - the one that happened, and the one that is being reported.


I would recommend you track down your ballot and make sure it was counted as you voted. Make sure it wasn't changed. I look it up for you and found Maricopa County Elections Department Track Your Ballot Online... CLICK HERE to go directly to this government website to check your ballot status and make sure it was counted correctly. 

I also found Arizona Clean website where you can keep up to date with election and ballot tracking. CLICK HERE to visit this website where you can verify your ballot. (emphasis mine)

UPDATE 11/16/22 at 1:11pm: Added info below. UPDATE 11/16/22 at 1:28pm: Added info below. UPDATE 11/16/22 at 8:34pm: Added info below.

I want to know why the hell did the media already declared a winner for the Arizona gubernatorial race when all of the votes haven't been counted and there was a lot of funny business where there were a lot of broken voting machines and they ran out of ink for ballot machines at many polling places mostly in Republican counties. You don't think that's fishy? These machines were supposedly inspected the morning of the Arizona election by Katie Hobbs election department. Do you know who Katie Hobbs is? Well, she is a lazy Democrat who refused to debate running for Governor of Arizona and refused to recuse herself as Arizona Secretary of State overseeing the election AND who she is also responsible for certifying the Arizona election. THAT IS ONE MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST. That is not cool what the media did to advance a false election result because they hate Trump or anyone who loves America and is against the New World Order globalist agenda.

Arizona remained OPEN FOR BUSINESS during the covid shutdowns. Why? Well the Arizona governor was a Republican. People weren't forced to get the shot to keep their jobs in the Republican run state of Arizona. Business didn't file bankruptcy in droves and shutdown permanently in the Republican run state of Arizona. Elderly were not killed in the nursing homes because they were quarantined with sick covid patients and were not kept from seeing their family in the Republican run state of Arizona.

You want us to believe that a proud 2nd amendment state of Arizona who stayed free during the covid shutdown fiasco voted for a lazy Communist Democrat who would have taken away their freedoms and Constitutional rights. Get outta here! (emphasis mine)

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