November 30, 2022

It's My 53rd Birthday! I Can't Believe It. 🎊🎉🌟🐱‍🏍 Happy Birthday To Me... Long Live Disco! 💖😘

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I'll let you know later what I did to celebrate this special day. :)
Until then, let's enjoy my Disco playlist on my YouTube channel. 😘

I will be having a great year doing whatever it is that puts a smile on my face. 😊

BIG hugs! Hope you enjoy yourselves too.
Life is way too short. Dance. 🎉😘✨💖

Listen, I know there is a lot of upheavel going on this world. But what good is it for me to get worked up about situations I have absolutely no control over. I can pray over the situations and pray for the people suffering from them. But even the people being oppressed need to keep a glimmer of joy in their hearts. Because what those causing them pain and suffering want most is for them to have their joy to be extinguished permanently. They are counting on that in order to maintain total control. Even during your turbulent times you must be able to see the humor in the situation. Turn it around. Don't let them steal your joy. Now let's have a party. It's my birthday! 🥰🌟

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