October 1, 2022

SPAIN: Minister of Equality Said Childrenx Have The Right To Consent To Sexual Relations With Adults. Feminists Fear New Trans Law Will Erode Women’s Rights, Legally Extinguish Concept Of Biological Sex

El American
written by Emmanuel Rincón
Friday September 23, 2022

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Last Wednesday, September 21, the Minister of “Equality” —what an Orwellian name— of the Spanish socialist government went to the Congressional Commission with the same name “equality” to take a position in favor of… “the rights of children to have sex” (pederasty). Yes, according to Irene Montero, the mother of the children of the communist Pablo Iglesias, kids have the right to have sex with whomever they want. She assures that: “all boys, girls, children in this country have the right to know their own body,” to add later: “no adult can touch their body if they do not want to… that is a form of violence”, but then she made a brief pause and added: “they have the right to love or have sex with whomever they want based, yes, on consent and those are rights that they have recognized.”

It is absurd and even irrational to have to provide arguments as to why the position held by the Spanish minister is completely aberrant, but here we go… again. A boy, girl, or “niñe” as she calls them, thanks to her progressive inclusiveness, cannot even decide what they can have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Still, according to this woman, they can give their “consent” for a 40-year-old man to penetrate them. Not even in the most twisted head could such an argument make any sense. Actually, yes, in the sadistic brains of these leftist activists who have taken over the world, it makes a lot of sense that a five-year-old child gives her “consent” to have sex with an adult, which makes it even more aberrant and should put us all on alert about the path taken.

Here are a couple of questions we should ask ourselves in this regard. First, how have we come to have developed countries with governments promoting pederasty? Second, how far will we allow the degree of moral degradation to advance in societies? And third, what are we waiting for to ask for life imprisonment for all promoters of pederasty?

We live in a cruel and twisted historical time in which it is already scary to bring children into the world. How are we supposed to debate these kinds of things? Where are we going to end up? Will we discuss whether murders are ethical and moral in a couple of years? Are baby sacrifices good for the environment? Do we need to put all white/black/Asian/Jewish -insert predetermined race- men in gas chambers? I just don’t get it. Every bizarre thing I can imagine is happening. Just having to argue against pederasty is a losing battle. It’s a defeat of common sense, something we shouldn’t even have to discuss.

The same thing is happening in the United States, and it is hard to understand why. Why has the left worldwide gone all out for the sexualization of children and the promotion of pedophilia/pederasty? I can think of a couple of reasons: to destroy the nuclear family, to generate conflicts in societies, to give a protagonist role to the State, and to banish the affective bonds between parents and children. But, once again, I ask myself, why? What is the reason? Are these people really so evil that they want to destroy the world?

Few things in the world should not be discussed that should not be allowed to be “debated,” and this is one of them. We can have a healthy debate about lower or higher taxes, environmental regulations, and many things. Still, no child, NONE, without exception, is entitled to have “consensual” sex with adults. Those who imply this, like Ms. Montero, should not only be fired from their position but also face criminal investigation.

There is a saying that young men are socialists, become adults, and become libertarians, but then they have children and become conservatives. I openly and in almost every way agree with libertarian postulates for a society. Still, when it comes to children, I will make a big exception and speak out emphatically and openly against these sexual predators who want to take the little ones of the house to bed. I will say it once again: these people deserve prison, and at the very least, Ms. Montero should no longer be in office.

This government and its activism in favor of pederasty are the shame of Spain and the world.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article stated that Montero was the wife of communist Pablo Iglesias. The couple have 3 children together, but were never married and are apparently separated.
El Taquigrafo, Spain local (I used translator)
written by Nuria Gonzalez
Sunday September 11, 2022

Exclusively eltaquigrafo.com explains the real case Esther, a woman victim of sexual violence by her partner, who has been left without protection against sexist violence because her aggressor changed her registered sex from male to female in the middle of process.

At the gates of Congress wanting to start urgently, with hardly any parliamentary debate, the process of approving the future known as the "Trans Law", which will allow the self-determination of registered sex without the need to provide any type of document or any evidence that proves that this change of sex in the registry is not a fraud to avoid certain criminal consequences, in eltaquigrafo.com we delve into the real story of Esther (fictitious name, for her own protection), a woman of about 60 years old, who has suffered violence from her partner, but who they deny the proper protection of victims of sexist violence, because their partner, who retains his male genitalia and usually lives as a male, has changed his registered sex and his male name and his to Amanda (fictitious name).

Brief history of Esther and José Luís

Esther and José Luís (Amanda's fictitious male name) began a relationship as a heterosexual couple eleven years ago. “ He was always very manipulative”, Esther tells us. She tells us that the relationship was normal, that they lived in various places until they ended up in his apartment in a city in the Barcelona metropolitan area, which is the address they still share today.

Esther explains that José Luís liked to wear women's underwear during his sexual relations. "I thought he was a fetish and I didn't give it more importance." However, two years ago, José Luís told Esther that he was going to start taking hormones.

"No one can force me to sleep with someone I don't want to"

Esther lent all her support to José Luís in the process he was going to start, “ but as a friend. I told him that I would accompany him and help him, but that I am a heterosexual woman and no one can force me to have relationships with whom I do not want”.  And here began Esther's ordeal.

José Luís told Esther that he was not planning to undergo any sex change operation, according to Esther because“ he said he wanted to have the best of both worlds”, and that he was only planning to take hormones to grow her breasts, since the testosterone inhibitor was not going to take it.

Esther victim of harassment, sexual violence and coercion

From the moment that Esther refuses to have sexual relations with José Luís, he begins to make her life miserable. “He would come into the bathroom while I was taking a shower and he would hold the shower curtain up to grope me, or he would get into my bed telling me that he was going to show me the man that was still left in him.”

This type of situation is what Esther has experienced to date. Due to a lack of financial resources, she cannot leave the home she shares with her ex-partner, since she only receives a small work disability pension, after having been an embroiderer all her life. Now Ester lives in a 3-square-meter room locked up with a padlock for fear of her ex-partner De Ella.

José Luis by day, Amanda by night

José Luís dresses as a man and leads the life of a man all the time and only cross-dresses to go out one night. In fact, the psychological diagnosis of the expert opinion of the public health service with which he has changed his registered sex is that of “Transvestism”, not transsexuality. Even the three times that the mossos d'esquadra have had to go to Esther's house, her partner gave the impression of being a man.

On the street and without legal assistance

On August 15, Esther is attacked by her ex-partner in the home they share and ends up in the hospital with serious injuries. The Mossos d'Esquadra agents who had gone to help her at her house and had seen her partner dressed as a man and behaving as such, told her that she should go to the police station to file a complaint for sexist violence .

Esther goes to the police station in her district and the surprise is great when the same agent who had taken her out of the house, taken her to the hospital, seen her ex-partner and indicated that she should report the serious physical assault, tells Esther that she cannot process the file as a case of sexist violence because José Luís had legally changed his sex and was now Amanda, something that Esther was completely unaware of.

As it is processed as domestic violence, that is, as if it were a fight between brothers, and not as a sexist aggression, the victim has no protection from the moment of the complaint, nor was the restraining order that he requested granted, nor did he have ex officio legal assistance at the police station. She had to be the one who, the next day, went to the bar association to request assistance, for a crime of injury and coercion , since her ex-partner would not let her enter her house.

Legal lack of protection of victims

Meritxell Cabezón, a lawyer specializing in sexist and family violence and Esther's lawyer in this case, clearly explains the difference between a case being processed as sexist violence or domestic violence.

"Sexist violence has a greater penalty because it is considered an ideological crime, based on machismo, a hate crime against women," explains Cabezón to this medium. “However, domestic violence has a lower penalty because the law understands that it derives from the simple coexistence of family members, which does not have any ideological aggravation”.

We asked Esther's lawyer about this specific case and how it is possible for a victim to be left unprotected in a situation like this in which her physical integrity could be threatened by who her male partner was, even though now she has only made a change of registered sex.

According to the lawyer “we are facing what is known as a literal fraud of law. That means that a law is used to obtain a different result than the one that the law foresees”. In this case, the possibility of changing the registered sex would be used to try to avoid a greater penalty of some crimes committed by the person who makes the change.

“In this case, we must understand that we are talking about a person over 60 years old who has been socialized as a man all his life , who still lives under the parameters of the masculine gender”, and who, according to Esther, always had behaviors absolutely macho with her.

Esther on the bench

Amanda has also denounced Esther for harassment and injuries, in a complaint that, according to the sources of this investigation, will be filed for lack of consistency. Amanda accuses Esther of not calling her by her new name De Ella. However, Esther has amply proven that she has even accompanied him to most of the medical and mental health visits that her ex-partner has made in this process. But even so, Ella Esther will have to sit on the bench.

An LGTBI association also tried to intimidate Esther by going to her house until they verified for themselves that Esther's tolerance for her ex-partner's decisions was absolute.

However, Esther's mistreatment begins precisely because of her ex-partner's disrespect for her decision to cut off the sentimental relationship with him," an attitude perfectly framed in crimes of sexist violence " according to the lawyer Meritxell Cabezón.
They are chanting, "Being a woman is not a feeling!" (emphasis mine)
The Times, UK
written by Isambard Wilkinson, Madrid
Tuesday September 27, 2022

A controversial law that will grant trans rights in Spain has prompted a row within the Socialist-led government after a deputy prime minister warned that it would “destroy” women’s rights.

The draft law, which would allow children as young as 14 to change their legal gender with no medical diagnosis, has angered conservatives who say that it puts minors at risk. The bill removes the requirement for two years of hormone therapy and a psychological assessment to switch gender in official records.

It will let people over the age of 16 change their legal gender without having to undergo hormone therapy or get a medical diagnosis confirming gender dysphoria. Previously, applicants needed a diagnosis by several doctors of gender dysphoria, which is the psychological condition of feeling a mismatch between one’s biological sex and gender identity.

Teenagers between 14 and 16 will be able to apply for these changes with parental permission or by going to a judge if there is disagreement among them.

Many feminists fear that the bill will erode women’s rights and that legally the concept of biological sex will be replaced by that of gender. They are concerned that, for example, the safety of women in areas such as prisons and their rights in spheres such as health, sport and politics will be endangered.

Drafted by the equality ministry, which is run by the radical left Podemos party, the government’s junior coalition partner, the bill was passed by the cabinet last year and presented in parliament, where it is pending debate.

Socialist opposition to the bill has been led by Carmen Calvo, a deputy prime minister, who has reopened a public debate on it to the displeasure of Podemos, suggesting that it should be stopped or changed.

“We must distinguish between the need for the state to respond to trans people and a queer theory that threatens to destroy all the progressive laws that have established equality between men and women,” Calvo told El Mundo newspaper.

“The trans law may destroy the powerful equality legislation of our country and may have problems of interpretation and application.” A spokeswoman for Podemos hit back, saying that “it is a mistake to torpedo an essential law, which makes us better as a country”. She added: “It is important to avoid the transphobic speeches that have been seen during these months and that as a government we have the commitment to leave them behind and to approve this law.”

The proposed law has divided the feminist movement in Spain. In Madrid, marches for Women’s Day were split into two rallies, divided over issues such as gender identity, trans laws and whether prostitution should be outlawed.

Known as the “trans law” but properly titled “law for real and effective equality for trans people”, the original draft proposed by the equality ministry has been watered down slightly, eliminating a clause that would permit 16-year-old individuals to make decisions about receiving hormone treatments. Originally the draft proposed that those aged 12 would be able to change their name and gender if supported by parents or a guardian.

Pro-trans gender rights groups have protested that the bill does not go far enough, saying it failed to accommodate people aged 12 and 13, who require court approval for the process, and younger children who are excluded.

With the draft bill, which also bans LGBT conversion therapies, Spain is set to join two dozen countries aiming to decouple gender choice from medical procedures and would become the largest European country to introduce self-identification.

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