October 13, 2022

Jesse Czebotar Talks About What Is Transpiring Now Behind The Scenes With The Anti-Christ, End-Times, Understanding The “Why” Of A Luciferian And Utopia Goal. I Typed A Transcript For You.

GlobalAwareness101 published October 13, 2022: George Iceman of The Reveal Report interviews Jesse Czebotar and other interview compilations about what is transpiring now behind the scenes. #endtimes

I typed a transcript for you below:

Jesse Czebotar says: We know there is going to be an anti-Christ and this is going to be a person indwelt with the spirit of Satan and before he steps on the scene it talks about false prophets will rise, they'll be false Christs that arise. When I was in the system, these individuals have very specific positions they're trained for.

You know you've still got the five mother's of darkness but their jobs have changed now. The one running and overseeing the system now is the anti-Christ and working directly with him you have a ? or 8 men?.

The biggest one I have people watching for I called them the four P's. The first one is the prophet, this is going to be an individual from the 14th bloodline. He'll be part of the Muslim Brotherhood and he is going to be part of the Muslim religion. And we're going to see that individual join with the priest who is the priest out of Israel and he is going to be the High Priest who is in charge of the third temple which is almost finished being built. They've already payed for the above ground building, everything else all the foundation all that has already been completed on that.

So we're going to see the religions coming together as one. We're going to see the Jesuit Catholics, the Muslims, the Buddhists, Hindus. We're going to see this One World Religion forming.

So you've got the Phoenix who we know is Obama. The Phoenix's job once the system falls, and we're talking the dark side of the system, once the dark side of the system falls, his job is to ensure that the light part of the system rises.

And those three their job is to get people ready to prepare people for the One World Religon, the One World Money System, the One World Economy and then they're going to be joined with another individual who is The Pindar. That's the number 100 individual in the Masonic religion.

The interviewer asked, "Is that the Pope?"

Jesse Czebotar replied: No. The Pope is not going to fit into this. He'll work underneath I'll say. He's going to help set up things. The Pindar's job is to bring about the new economy, to put things in place so that there's one economy, one money system. Everything running in that direction so all of them are going to work in conjunction with four kings.  


There is a physical entity that is White Draco or Dragon Moth that considers itself supreme royalty. This White Draco merged its hive mind consciousness with the AI uploaded brain of Thoth, along with merging its consciousness with a third identity, Azazael. Pindar represents himself as the supreme purebred royal leader of the earth for serving the Draco Empire, and heads up all the Bloodline families in a top-down pyramid of mafioso control. The Pindar entity assigns positions and roles throughout the organized hierarchy of the Anti-Christ and Satanic Councils, and many are holders in positions of running specific Alien Machinery, other networks and pillars, which connect directly to run reversals in the cardinal directions, also called the inorganic four. The point is knowing that Pindar is the top of the chain holding the Northern position, and he assigns other entities to hold the Southern position, the Eastern position and the Western position for running beast machine reversals and carrying out the NAA agendas for the One World Order. Pindar enjoys staging proxy wars for proxy nations for their massive corporate entities and running of industries that serves the Draco Empire, such as mass Human Trafficking and child trafficking off planet, and setting up empires or colonies on other planets from the earth’s stolen resources.

This is run at the top by anti-human, non-human forces, these are Draconian entities that comprise the Orion Group and Alpha Draconis who created partnerships with those Luciferian bloodlines that have the most significant amount of reptilian DNA from thousands of years of genetic modification and alien hybridization. This also seems to be the main genetic lineages of the Dark Azriel or Dark Archangelic forces manufactured in Wesa as the AI hybrid shadow armies to conquer our Universe, that are purely Satanic consciousness gestalts that were replicated into fallen seraphim lines. This entity’s tri-merge with AI generated Luciferian and Satanic consciousness is the result of consciousness uploading and brain mapping, through which the Pindar Draco Alien Dragon Moth creature takes on a human form to get around on the earth, but clearly is not human.”

GlobalAwareness101 published October 13, 2022: Sarah Westall interviews Jesse Czebotar on the mindset of evil. Understanding the “why” of a Luciferian. Their end goal. I typed a transcript for you below:

This woman left the highest ranks of the cabal Luciferian system as a child. Jesus saved her out of this hell hole and now she is teaching us who these people are and why they do what they do.


I typed a transcript of the video above for you:

Jesse Czebotar: You know I started encouraging people for over a year now to really go to the source in order to understand the enemy. There's a point where you've just got to dive into the enemy's playbook and you have to understand the plays that they're making and it very much ties into their Luciferian high level black magic books.

So the one that I've really been encouraging people to read because it's not a book you open it up you read it you're not going to be reading spells or encantations or black magic stuff. This is the book that they give to the higher level members as you advance in the system. You're given this book to reflect on so that you understand kind of the end goal and that process of getting to their goal.

Their end time agenda or goal is that they believe at a spiritual level they are gods themselves and that they will ascend into that godhood. And so you've got two forces at play. You've got the spiritual force which is, we have Satan the devil who he believes he's going to usurp the throne of God and be God. And what he's promised these higher level individuals is to teach them how they can ascend and be gods and what he doesn't tell them is that he plans to destroy them all and kill them all. So they're kind of working on those two agendas. You've got the human one as well as the overall spiritual one. And both are working alongside of each other simultaneously to advance each others efforts. 

Sarah Westall asked: Satan understands the human agenda. But do the humans understand Satan's agenda?

Jesse Czebotar replied: No. I don't believe so. The majority of them I think by the time they've served as long as some of them have they know that he is intent on killing everybody. But the majority of the lower middle levels don't believe that. Their influence is the money, the fame, the power you know that's what drives them.

Sarah Westall asked: So they don't even connect that?

Jesse Czebotar replied: No, they don't connect it. Because they see the manifestation of the promise you know. That they, the promises that they will get knowledge that's going to make them gods. So you know they've been receiving that and so because of that you know it really serves as a blinder over their eyes. I'm sure some of them have probably had the thought or wondered you know if the enemy is going to destroy them. But they kind of just set it aside because they don't want to believe that you know.

Sarah Westall asked: And would this be like celebrities or people in positions that are helping them for this agenda of this jab and this depopulation?

Jesse Czebotar replied: Yes. Celebrities, world leaders, world governing councils. Those type of individuals. 

Sarah Westall asked: Okay and why do they, why do you think in their mind, their mental construct, do they think it's a good thing to hurt others en masse?

Jesse Czebotar replied: Well, I think that it's a simple addition, subtraction you know. I think that the majority of them see it that you know like if you're advancing into a territory and you're in war, you're going to have some casualties along the way. But the goal is to get the majority of the most useful people in humanity across to that other side. So as long as they're accomplishing that goal, you know I believe that they just see the rest as collateral damage along the way. 

Sarah Westall asked: Well who's the most useful people because the people that are taking this jab (?) serious issues are the ones who listen and follow them the most and they must not see them as very useful because they're useful idiots maybe? I don't know.

Jesse Czebotar replied: Right. What they define as useful are those people who believe that they can ascend into that godhood. These are going to be the people who believe that they are the architects, they are the creators, that they make society, humanity what they feel it should be. You know it's kind of like utopia mentality. So those who you know enforce and can help you know bring that utopia into its physical manifestation, those are the most useful. 

Sarah Westall asked: Okay, so in their mind what is utopia?

Jesse Czebotar replied: Yeah, in their mind it's a when they've reached fully enlightened self. Utopia is not just a thing on earth, it's going to include the universe. So when you and the universe are one and you're at a point where along with the others you know there's this collective consciousness, that then is god. Instead of God being a being apart from us. You know it's that collective consciousness together is god. That's their idea of utopia. So we're going to get into some of that today you know because we see some of that happening, the creating of AI consciousness, the Quantum consciousness.

Sarah Westall asked: So that's a forced way of doing AI consciousness. AI consciousness is their forced way of doing it versus being energetically connected to when you die and when you're in heaven. There's an energetic connection. You know like you hear all the stories.

Jesse Czebotar replied: And their proposal is that they're going to get that energetical connection without death and they're just going to step into that immortality and they're going to do it in mass amounts and they're going to use the common man as that stepping stone on the playing field that's going to get them there. 

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