September 5, 2022

Government Subsidized CPS Child Trafficking Ring. Clinton Law That Created CPS Foster Care System STEALS MONEY From Social Security Fund! 80% Of Children Taken For Unsubstantiated Allegations

GlobalAwareness101 published September 4, 2022: CPS Child Trafficking Ring

Omg...๐Ÿ˜ฑ this is the first time I hear that the Democrat President Clinton law that created the Child Protective Services STEALS MONEY from our Social Security fund! ๐Ÿ˜ก

So thanks to the Satanic worshipping deep state the foster care system is a racket. Bill Clinton made it so that his pedo buddies get a fresh supply of children to rape, torture and eat paid for with our Social Security RETIREMENT MONEY. ☠๐Ÿคฌ

I typed a transcript for you below:

The state's are taking children, giving them to somebody else for money that they get from the federal government. That means that all 50 states are involved in government subsidized child trafficking. It's a ring. It is the largest and most pervasive child trafficking ring in the history of the world by shear money and numbers.

Children are seized unecesssarily from their families due to the federal aid entitled, "The Adoption and Safe Families Act".

It was put into law in 1997 by Bill and Hillary Clinton and I said it that way on purpose. It is a law that literally steals money from the Social Security fund and gives this money to the states in order TO INCENTIVIZE THEM to kidnap babies.

To receive the adoption incentives or bonuses local CPS must have more children, they must have MORE MERCHANDISE TO SELL.

Every child once you add it all up is worth approximately $1 MILLION DOLLARS to the state. But we've been told that this is a $60 to $80 BILLION A YEAR INDUSTRY. Meaning, the federal government is taking $80 BILLION A YEAR and giving that money to all of the 50 states to kidnap children.

Parents are victimized by the system that MAKES A PROFIT for holding children longer and bonuses for not returning children to their parents.

But their own statistic statement 80% of all children were taken by CPS, Child Protective Services, are for UNSUBSTANTIATED ALLEGATIONS. Meaning it never should have happened in the first place. So imagine anything else in the world where you know you get it wrong 83% of the time and you admit it but you just keep doing it.

Case workers and social workers are often guilty of fraud. They withhold and destroy evidence.
GlobalAwareness101 published September 4, 2022: former Republican Georgia State Senator Nancy Schafer Exposed CPS and was murdered along with her husband on March 26, 2020 by the Satanic system pushing the state sanctioned child trafficking ring.

I typed a transcript Nancy Schafer speaking at a conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands August 15, 2009 below:

Nancy Schafer: My name is Nancy Schafer and I'm from the state of Georgia in the United States. Thank you for your gracious invitation. I will share with you of the unlimited power of Child Protective Services. I served in the Georgia State Senate and after 4 years of viewing the ruthless and unsparing actions of Child Protective Services I wrote a scathing report entitled, "The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services". The report cost me my Senate seat.

News report plugged in: Former State Senator Nancy Schafer and her husband Bruce were found dead today in her Habersham County home.

Nancy Schafer: Speak up for those who can't speak for themselves and for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly. Defend the rights of the poor and the needy. Thank you.
GlobalAwareness101 published September 4, 2022: Another Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor. TikTok video by 3BeyondDuality. Her name is Cassiopeia Daddino now works hard rescuing trafficked children trying to escape. Her Tiktok account keeps getting banned for speaking up.

I typted a transcript for you below:

Yes, that girl is me. That's the kid version of me from along time ago. That was the day I met the Pope. That's the only time I met the Pope. Although I have met many others. That day I was told I was supposed to give him roses. Which we did. And about 15 minutes later my friend Ricky that was standing with me and myself were put into a car and I was sold to John Walsch that day.
GlobalAwareness101 published September 4, 2022: John Walsh Exposed As Another Child Sex Trafficker. Omg... I did not know he starting dating his wife when she was 16 years old.

This reminds me of the Clinton's friend, Laura Silsby. She was kidnapping children from Haiti and trafficking them to the US claiming they were orphans.

I made a post about this on my blog:

The Clinton-Silsby Child Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Covered It Up. It's NOT A Conspiracy Theory. Also, Laura Silsby Was On The Board Of The Amber Alert System

Stew Peters Network published November 10, 2021: Ally Carter says that her biological mother routinely slept with authority figures, and soon initiated her own children. At 13 she was being trafficking to Local police chiefs, Hollywood power players, celebrities like John Travolta, Beyoncรฉ, and politicians like Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. She stepped forward before the election, but was ignored. In this interview with Stew she tells the whole satanic story.

Stew Peters interviews Ally Carter whistleblower survivor of government run Satanic Ritual Abuse. She says that her biological mother was affiliated with the Black Panthers routinely slept with authority figures, and soon initiated her own children. At 13 she was being trafficking to Buckingham Palace, under the Getty Museum in Los Angeles still under the custody of Child Protective Services the US child welfare system, local police chiefs, Hollywood power players, celebrities like John Travolta, Beyoncรฉ, Steven Tyler lead singer for Aerosmith, and politicians like Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. She stepped forward before the election, but was ignored and censored by social media. In this interview with Stew Peters she tells the whole satanic ritual abuse story.

Ally Carter said, "And everyone is worried about the elite... and we can give those names of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, we know about Michelle Obama that's a man, we know about Too Short, we know about Akon and Steven Tyler and we can give those names all day. Everybody is so worried about them. But what you should be worried about are the people in-between. The people that go as low as your grave diggers. I was trafficked to people within my schools. I was trafficked in underground tunnels that link under your schools, through your cemeteries, under your amusement parks, through Universal Studios, and into Hollywood elite homes. All over the place. All over the world. And people just don't understand that and they can't fathom that, and they can't put that together. Everybody is complicit. It's covered up by your local FBI. It is covered up by your local police department. It is underground tunnels. There's a whole world. It's a different way of life. There's every source of transportation underground.
GlobalAwareness101 published September 5, 2022: Cathy O'Brien, CIA MKultra Mind Control Survivor. Cathy O’Brien, Recovered Survivor of the CIA, MK-Ultra Mind Control Operation called Project Monarch, discusses her experience.

The horrifying and shocking content of this interview is a matter of public record, and has been documented in O’Brien’s book, Trance-Formation of America, which is based on the transcripts of her testimony before a special federal investigative committee.

On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s Top Secret Mind Control Research Project and most of the congressional records are included in her book.

Cathy O’Brien was sexually abused in the most horrific ways under CIA PROJECT MONARCH and MK-ULTRA; and she lost her daughter in family court because she blew the whistle on the scum at CIA.

Cathy O’Brien was raped by U.S. presidents Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia; and her young daughter was raped by George Bush. Her life and her family’s life were threatened, and the scum at CIA mutilated her privates with a knife.

Along with her husband, intelligence insider Mark Phillips, she fought back.

Cathy O'Brien's website:

An excerpt, "An enormous amount of cocaine was to be delivered to a neighboring state of Arkansas. By that time Bill Clinton's drug operation was in full swing, he was governor of Arkansas. And they delivered this cocaine to a remote airport in Ouachita Forest which I've since identified as Mena airport. I also delivered a little packet of information and a small quantity of cocaine, a small stash from J. Bennett Johnston to Bill Clinton. I delivered it to Bill Clinton and he cut out two lines of the coke and he did inhale. That certainly was not the only time I saw Bill Clinton use cocaine. My sexual experience with Bill Clinton was extremely limited. In spite of the fact that I was a sex slave. It was my experience that Bill Clinton is bisexual leaning far more of a homosexual and all I've ever seen him involved in was a homosexual activity with very limited experience with him myself. Whereas my experience was much more prevalent with Hillary Clinton because Hillary is also bisexual leaning more towards the homosexual and it was she who accessed my sex programming to fulfill her perversion."
GlobalAwareness101 published September 5, 2022: Ally Carter CPS Child Trafficking Survivor. This is a snippet of Ally Carter's nightmare testimony implicating CPS, law enforcement, FBI, celebrities, politicians, schools, post offices, grave yards, churches etc.

UPDATE 2:37pm: Added info below. 
Stew Peters Network published August 1, 2022: WORLD PREMIERE: These Little Ones Documentary.

Millions of children vanish each year.
83,000 each month. 2,700 a day.
115 per hour.
1 every 30 seconds.

It makes you wonder…where do they all go?

From the producers of “Watch the Water”, directors Matthew Miller Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer tackle the dark underworld of CPS sex trafficking, elite pedophilia, and the shady death of truth seeking icon Isaac Kappy.

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