September 7, 2022

Ancient Iraq Is A Disturbingly True Conspiracy. Same NWO Responsible For The Systematic Destruction Of Ancient Iraq And The Yazidi Massacre Are Behind Ukraine War Arming Their Mercenaries Worldwide.

Bright Insight published July 30, 2022: Ancient Iraq is a Disturbingly True Conspiracy...

The only thing more bizarre than a 16ft, or nearly 5-meter tall statue, depicting a 5 legged human headed Bull with Wings, (which btw, was carved out of one massive piece of stone, and weighing some 40 Imperial tons, or 80 THOUSAND POUNDS). – Yes, the only thing stranger than this statue and the few others like it, is how and where they found them…Buried and consumed in earth, almost as if they were devoured by some sort of Cataclysmic mud-flood like event. These spectacular, yet ominous Winged-Bull sculptures are known as the Lamassu, and are among the remnants of the Assyrian Empire which made up the heart of Ancient Mesopotamia, or commonly referred to as, the Fertile Crescent. And I have to say that, the only thing more bizarre than the statues themselves, or how and where they found them, - is the deliberate, continued, and systematic destruction of Ancient Iraq. Which let’s not forget, just so happens to be the very land that has long been referenced as the so-called, ‘The Cradle of Civilization’, the very place where the Sumerians emerged.

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No one, not even the UN, cared about the Yazidi men and children who were massacred by the mercenaries the deep state globalist funded and armed. These are the same people behind the Ukraine war they instigated in order to steal billions from nations, traffick human beings, and traffick arms worldwide to their paramilitary who cause misery where ever they are told to go.

The NWO totalitarians are using the Ukraine war they instigated, they staged, in order to push the West faster into adopting their NWO totalitarian "climate change" policies by causing massive pain in energy supply and food supply. They are sadistic Luciferians aka Satanists. (emphasis mine)

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