August 11, 2022

USA: Biden Is Threatening To Starve Poor Kids By Withholding Nutrition Assistance Funding If They Don't Allow Biological Males To Play Female Sports Or Use Female Bathrooms And Locker Rooms. 😱
written by Breccan F. Thies
Friday August 5, 2022

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia — Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares (R), told Breitbart News the Biden administration is using “nutrition assistance for needy kids to push a far left political ideology on local school districts.”

Miyares recently joined over 20 Republican attorneys general in a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture for attaching its school lunch assistance program to gender ideology.

“To just make sure everybody knows exactly what’s happening: you have the Department of Agriculture — the USDA — which is saying for school districts that provide reduced lunches for needy children — nutrition assistance for needy children — ‘If you want this money, you have to allow biological males to play women’s sports, and you have to allow biological males to use women’s bathrooms,” Miyares said.

The Old Dominion Republican took the opportunity to go after the federal administrative state and the lack of true political representation the American people have in Washington, DC.

“One of the things you’ve seen in Washington is this explosion of the administrative state, where you have these rules and regulations that get promulgated that have the full force effect of law, but your congressman and your Senator, they never complain about it,” he explained. “And your governor can just bring people’s attention to it.”

“It’s never voted on. It’s never a bill. There’s never any hearings promulgated by these administrative bodies,” he continued. “The only people that can really challenge them are your state attorneys general.”

Calling it an example of “federal overreach,” Miyares, directing his comment to the Biden administration, said, “Don’t use nutrition assistance programs, for reduced lunches for needy kids, as a vehicle for you to say you have to allow biological males on our sports team and in our women’s sports teams and in our girls bathrooms.”

He said he is “proud to join the coalition to try to push back on it.”

Miyares also called out far-left prosecutors.

As Breitbart News has reported, Loudoun County, Virginia, is home to a George Soros-funded prosecutor who is infamous for non-prosecution of criminals and releasing criminals back into the public.

Commonwealth’s Attorney, Buta Biberaj, in an extraordinarily rare move was recently removed from a criminal case by a judge for “deliberately misleading the Court and the public” in an attempt to “sell” a plea deal. She also allowed for a high school male student who sexually assaulted a female student in the girls’ restroom to simply be placed in another school, where the male would commit another sexual assault.

Miyares has said in the past that Biberaj “cares more about criminals than communities” and told Breitbart News that she has a “criminal first, victim last mindset.”

“The defendants have already a defense attorney, they don’t need a second one,” he said. “Your job is serve as a prosecutor and make sure that we are keeping in mind both the victims and making sure our streets are safe.”

“When you go into mindset that the real victims are the defendants, then you can see we have this justice through this distorted lens,” he continued. “Social justice is that term, what they’re really masking is distorted justice, because the one word you never hear them talk about are victims — ever. They leave them out of the equation.”

Miyares said a big part of the issue with leftist prosecutors is that they are backed by the wealthy elite who never have to suffer the consequences of the ideology they support.

“The people that suffer the consequences are not those that are living in gated communities, and not dealing with the consequences of the early release of violent offenders, and the catch release program, and letting people to get arrested and make bond,” he explained. “And so that’s why when you saw in California with the recall the D.A. in California, in San Francisco — most liberal city in the country — the only areas if you look at by the precinct by precinct background, where they supported keeping him in power were the very wealthy, overwhelmingly white liberal enclaves in San Francisco.”

But the key to change in many of these areas is a change in culture. In order to do that, however, “changing the culture starts with a change of culture of leadership.”

Miyares spoke to Breitbart News while attending the Young America’s Foundation’s 44th annual National Conservative Student Conference in the nation’s capital.
One American News Network published June 2, 2022: President Joe Biden's USDA is now saying schools that receives Food and Nutrition Service funding will have to update their non-discrimination policies to include gender identity or lose funding for school lunches. One America's Stella Escobedo spoke about this issue with Deputy Director of Investigation with America First Legal, John Zadrozny.
written by Allie Beth Stuckey
Wednesday June 8, 2022

We need to protect children from progressive social experiments.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden promised to be a uniter. He cast himself as a stable force, a political moderate able to bring empathy, maturity, and peace after the chaotic era of President Donald Trump. Millions of Americans, including many Christians, believed him.

There are now plenty of examples that demonstrate how empty President Biden’s assurances of competence, stability, and unity were—from Afghanistan to vaccine mandates to his extremist stance on abortion. But his administration’s position on transgenderism is perhaps its most radical stance, far out of step with the average American.

A recent study by Summit Ministries found that 64 percent of Americans believe that transgenderism is not a “healthy human condition.” Furthermore, 66 percent believe that schools teaching about the subjects of gender identity and sexual orientation to elementary-age students is inappropriate or even dangerous. Only 9 percent of respondents said minors should be encouraged to undergo gender alteration procedures.

The Biden administration disagrees. It has continued to push policies that would force the entire culture to conform to the destructive absurdities of transgender ideology.

In March, President Biden vocalized his opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which prohibits kindergarten through third-grade teachers from holding formal classroom discussions about gender-switching and sexuality and school districts from keeping parents in the dark about their children. A few days later, the Biden administration celebrated a “Trans Day of Visibility.” In a video, President Biden insisted that parents must affirm their “child’s identity” to “keep them safe and healthy.”

Ironically, on the same day, the administration flagged a resource from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, led by a person who identifies as transgender, that promotes neither health nor safety. The document categorizes puberty blockers, hormone therapy, castration, and mastectomies as “gender-affirming care” for adolescents. Despite what the assistant health secretary claims, none of these procedures is fully reversible and can cause lifelong sexual dysfunction and infertility.

And, if you weren’t skeptical enough about the sincerity of the Biden administration’s concern for adolescent health and safety, there’s this: The United States Department of Agriculture announced on May 5 it would withhold federal funding for food from schools that do not allow boys and girls who identify as transgender into the private spaces and onto the sports teams of the opposite sex. The USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service administers the National School Lunch Program, which feeds millions of low-income children each year.

The move is enabled by the executive order President Biden signed on his first day in office, which directs retribution toward a grade school or university that “discriminates” against a person for identifying as LGBTQ. Discrimination includes excluding a boy who calls himself a girl from a female restroom or sports team.

All of this is unsurprising—though nonetheless disturbing— to those who paid attention to Biden’s campaign. In a 2020 ABC News town hall, he stated support for the “transition” of 8-year-old children. He signaled his radical position on the issue several times before the election. He is simply making good on his promises.

The president’s policies reflect the characteristics of the left-wing ideology they represent: punitive, predatory, and undeterred by popular opinion. That the majority of Americans are against imposing transgenderism onto children is apparently unimportant to the Biden administration.

I have often said that children are always the unconsenting subjects of progressive social experiments. From unscientific school shutdowns to abortion to gender ideology, kids, subject to the demands of adults, bear the brunt of social and political change. Generation Z’s high rates of depression and suicide are only the start of the manifestation of the chaos and depravity heaped on young people today.

So, what do we do? Those of us in the majority—who recognize the danger this gender ideology poses to kids and society at large—must speak up. The Biden administration moves forward because it believes we do not notice or care. We must be unafraid to publicly, clearly, and kindly reject the idea that gender can be changed. We must appeal to biology and human reason, communicating the consequences of obscuring male and female categories. This includes but is not limited to male inmates assaulting female inmates, males victimizing female classmates, young women losing athletic events to male competitors, and vulnerable teens undergoing irreversible surgeries.

As Christians, we have an even keener sense of duty. While society seeks to sacrifice children, we strive to save them. We are to “Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter” (Proverbs 24:11). We view children not as social experiments but as humans made male and female in God’s image.

We love them by affirming that truth, which means leading the way in opposing every policy and program that harms children.


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