August 21, 2022

Jessie Czebotar Discusses Secret Societies. I Typed A Partial Transcript For You. :)

Aquarius Rising Africa II published Secret Society Degrees. Tune in!

I typed a transcript of the first 15 minutes for you below. I start at 8:25 minutes:

Host Chantell Meyburgh: We have a really cool topic. I've been wanting to chat about this for a while. Which is really the secret societies. Now, there's a reason why they're called secret societies we get that. But more and more, especially in the last two years for me especially and I think I speak for a lot of people as well. There's been a lot of revealings of who they are, what they are etc. I know that our politicians are all into that. Knights of Malta and the ones before from the apartheid era. The (?), The Bavarian Illuminati, all of that so there's all sorts of linkings and things.

So what I'm really interested to know, maybe see how much we can cover this today. Understanding how, let's just talk about the freemasons. How does someone get born in? and how does someone get invited in? Okay. In the beginning, the initial lower levels of freemasons, I do believe they think that they are very, uh, doing good things you know... the round table, the lions club, stuff like that and pretty sure do great things. At what point do they start doing dodgy, devious things? What do they do to get through their various levels or the degrees rather? When do they start going dark. Because if there's something I've understood that I see consistently in anything to do with SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), there's two things involved: 1) had any abuse and I talk to any of the Australia channels as well, the horrors that have been going on there. There's always two things that are consistent. and that's the freemasons and the church. Or strong links to either one of them. So, can you please enlighten us what do you know as to what this is all about and how we can be more knowledgeable on these topics. Get the secrets out there. No more secrets.

Guest Jesse Czebotar: Well I think, you know it starts, understanding it really starts by understanding the structure of the system is built. And once you put the pieces in the right places it all just kind of falls into line. So, you know I grew up with in a high level family. Both of my family lines, I'll say on my mother's side came from high masonic lines. So it started with the system. You have the Mother's of Darkness, underneath them you have the Satanic or Druidic counsel, and then the sytem begins to breakdown into five departments. which are the Masons, the Jesuit Catholics, the Mormons, the Kabbalah, and the Satanists. So those five departments are in charge of managing what I call the systems assets in different regions or locations. So, all of it has to do with jurisdiction and management of the system you know at those local community levels. Once you get into you know the Mason and the Jesuit Catholic and the other departments.

So, when you see it that way, each of those departments can be distinct and are distinct yet there's oftentimes crossover at the top of those departments so the people running those departments often will be involved in more than one department. So they can be Mason, but they also can be involved in the Jesuit Catholic church. You know it would be interesting for people who are involved in that church to ask how many of the men in your church are a part of secret societes or you know the Mason group. The majority of them aren't going to give you a straight answer. But I can tell you the majority of them are running those programs in the churches. And many of the Masons will go to church every week just to get their coded message so they know what they're supposed to go out and do in the community at the highest levels.

So here's one of their other tricks is that they will classify themselves as a Mason up to the 3rd degree. There are over one hundred degrees. As you get up to those higher levels passed 33, they begin to limit how many people can have that degree at one time. So I don't have the exact number breakdowns. I just know it's limited and I know that at the very top at a hundred, there are only two. So it gets slimmer and slimmer as they get higher and higher. At that highest level of a hundred that individual, will say one of those individuals holds the position of the Pindar, which we've talked about the four P's, the Pindar is in charge of in the last days kind of overseeing the economy. So he'll kind of oversee to ensure that the finances, the One World Government, the New World Order, all of that comes into place and is operating like it's supposed to. 

The former person who held that position was George Soros. Or let me put it this way, for a time George Soros held the Pindar position then he became the Phoenix of the Counsel. So as he became the Phoenix, sitting on the top seat of the Satanic Counsel that was the position he fulfilled for the longest. Then Barack Obama took over the position as the Phoenix just a couple years ago here and declared his humanitarian effort as we've talked about.

So, they've broken it down where only up to that 3rd degree do they acknowledge that they are Mason. After that, they'll say no I'm not Mason. And ususally you'll hear one or two things they'll either tell you what secret clubs they are involved in or they will say I'm an illuminate and they'll give you a degree. So usually it will be like a 50 degree or 90 degree, 360 degree. And that tells you how advanced like if you're thinking of a clock that will tell you how advanced they are as an illuminate. When they reach that full state within the brotherhood usually they're a 360 degree illuminate. They won't necessarily even say they're Illuminati. The majority will not use that term Illuminati. But they'll usually call themselves brother, sister, or they'll call you a brother. You know you're my brother. So that's a word to pick up because that goes across the board. We have to remember that at the core all the Masons, and Jesuits at those highest levels are under the brotherhood system. The Great White Brotherhood. The majority are high level. They wouldn't even call themselves witches or warlocks. But they're engaged usually in some sort of magic, whether it's black magic, gray magic, white magic. But they have different terms that they will use towards each other.

Host Chantell Meyburgh: I want to know about gray magic. What is that?

Guest Jesse Czebotar: Gray magic is when you, most of them will pick a specialty they'll go down the road of black magic or white magic but there are those who specialize in both. So they're known as gray magic or gray magicians.

Host Chantell Meyburgh: Would you consider Laurie Cabot Kent would be one of those?

Guest Jesse Czebotar: Yes, she would be considered gray. Yes.

Host Chantell Meyburgh: I don't want to take us off the topic of where we're going but while we are talking about that I'm very interested to know then. How would someone like Laurie Cabot Kent and I'm sure others that we don't know about maintain the middle ground between the really dark stuff and the white stuff? So where do they as individuals fit in, cause where is your integrity then? Where's your truth? Because I understand what you say even the white witches it's manipulation of energy in any of it. Which shouldn't be ocurring in the natural laws.

Guest Jesse Czebotar: They separate it. Honestly this is their deal, they separate it where they say that they sit in different circles. So those circles could include for her the Alegorian witchcraft. But it also could include hoodoo, voodoo. It could include the Jewish circle and so they define the rules. While she's an Alegorian witch there's no consuming of flesh or will say sacrifice of animals things like that. But if she happens to be in a different circle that day then it's permitted. So they have to distinguish which circle they're sitting in that day. I don't know how that gives them peace because at the core they're going against who they really are. But that's how they come to define it and seem to have peace about that. 

There are the female degrees in Masonry as well. In their words they would not say they are female masons. All those women have different terms or names. There would be like The Daughters of Sarah and Rebeccah. You have the Priestesses of the Nile, The Priestesses of the Eastern Star. So they will not directly call themselves Masons. It's a very loose term. But at the highest levels you know there are some, we see the system start to come together where the majority of those at the hghest levels are also Scottish York right Masons and they do wear Swastikas on their robes. They are also Nazis. Above level well say 33 they are usually also Nazis. So you start to get some very interesting twists. If you're born in it's something that you go through, I guess you can say you're groom and you go through certain ceremonies. Usually the boys with their dads. Some that I've seen were the ceremonies at age 5. When they're first kind of brought in and presented or the group of men and from that point are chosen and watched. 

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