August 7, 2022

George Icemand And Jesse Czebotar Share 20 Min Tape Of Former Illuminati High Priest John Todd, Who Left, The First To Come Out Publicly To Expose The Illuminati. I Typed A Transcript For You.

The Reveal Report published August 5, 2022: TONIGHT - we discuss John Todd former witch that disclosed the ILLUMINATI. TONIGHT 8pm eastern LIVE. Former occultist George Iceman and author Jessie Czebotar discuss the discloser made by John Todd in the 70s from witches to satanism to the illuminati.


I typed a transcript of this video for you below:

Host George Iceman: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Reveal Report. I'm your host George Iceman on a Friday evening. I thank you all for joining us on this weekend as we kick off another unbelievable episode and I truly mean, unbelievable. Please like, subscribe and share because when you do so or even comment, it helps the algorithm with our building of this unbelievable platform. We've been here for a very long time. The past year and a half now we're going on, year and a half trying to bring some kind of information or some kind of solace looking for the light. When they're in dark places. It will lead you in a certain way towards the gospel of the Lord.

And I come from a background of the occult. I've been very upfront about that learning about divination, spiritual communication, the supernatural, the paranormal, rituals, magic, and I was fascinated with this, fascinated. I tried to manifest things in my life and there came a time where I said enough is enough and I turned to the Lord and seeked His salvation and wanted to make changes.

So I'm grateful for this opportunity and for you joining us because many of you do inspire me and you give me such hope in some of your comments. And so it's unbelievable, kind of like a family. It's the Reveal family I can say. We built this now for like I said for a year and a half, 35 thousand or so people on YouTube, that's incredible for a year and a half. Especially discussing the content that we discuss. On Twitter we're just over 12 thousand again incredible. On Telegram we're over 10 thousand people there as well. I mean we're growing and without you we wouldn't.

So we hope that we bring great information to you and that it helps you. Most importantly the message we try to give you here is turn to the Lord for counsel, to communicate, to speak to Him, to guide you, and to give you discernment during these times.

During this process we've brought many guests and one of them became my co-host who has done so well for herself in exposing this darkness and she's an author, she's got several books, does many different courses to help you through in learning different ways in communicating to the Lord and to fast, to anoint, so many different things and she's definately helping different people that never even thought about certain things like this. So without further adeu, I would like to welcome my co-host Miss Jesse Czebotar. Jesse how are you and welcome to the show on a Friday.

Host Jesse Czebotar: Great. Thanks George and thank you for such a wonderful introduction.

Host George Iceman: Oh, you're so very welcome. It's Friday and we always try to enjoy ourselves on Friday. Enjoy some popcorn, some snacks. We ask everybody to enjoy and partake because it's quite the thing people assemble themselves to see what we're going to talk about. And today Jesse we're going to talk about one of the originals. One of the first to come out publicly to oust or to, how should I say, reveal the Illuminati. This gentleman, ladies and gentlemen, came out in the early 70's and I want you to think about that for a moment. The 70's, there were no cellphones, there were no laptops or computers back then, not at least for the public. It was a book, you read a book. So if you ever question this guy was lying or so forth I would advise you to listen very carefully. Now I'm going to play 20 minutes of an interview of this gentleman who goes by the name of John Todd. John Todd has several hours. Over 6 hours. And he was arrested. Later was let go and was put into a mental institution and he vanished from the public eye. We don't know where he is. No one has talked to him. Jesse no one knows where he is gone and I want to give a spotlight to him because he definitely opened up the doors for many to understand what is witchcraft, what is the supernatural, what is Satanism, how powerful is it, what is the Illuminati?

Now this interview Jesse that we're going to play is some of the best in the 6 hours tapes that there are released. The best. It's 20 minutes. So I ask everybody to turn up your volume. Listen very closely. And then after this 20 minutes with John Todd, me and Jesse are going to comment. We're going to discuss we he discussed and we're going to add to what he said. So sit back, grab a coffee, a tea or your favorite drink, a snack, crank up the volume. You may have to go back and watch this 2, 3, 4, 5 times and make notes. He talks about a lot of things in 20 minutes. So I think now is the time. Jesse, do you want to add anything before we play this interview.

Host Jesse Czebotar: Well, I'm not sure what you want to say for the after but I guess it would be good to add in those early 70's when he came out was also when one of the Mother's of Darkness got out. She was replaced. But ironically that Mother of Darkness was also a Collins. So there are some strong bloodline family connections there. 

Host George Iceman: And he'll mention that in his name Collins family, very powerful, one of the first to come to America and bring that type of magic here. We're going to get into it here. So ladies and gentlemen without further adeu please listen to a 1970 interview tape of Mr. John Todd.

JOHN TODD:  (I'll come back in a bit to finish typing the transcript. I need to take a break and want to put this out there for you now to listen to at least.)

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