July 13, 2022

USA: NWO Depopulation Eugenics Agenda Monsters Who Control The World Want You To Believe THEY ALLOWED 2 People To Place Bombs At The Georgia Guidestones Monument. They Did This Themselves!

FOX 5 Atlanta published July 7, 2022: Video shows bomb being placed at Georgia Guidestones, GBI says. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says this video shows someone approach the Georgia Guidestones during the early morning hours of July 6, 2022 and place an explosive device. The video was taken by a time-lapse camera, but has been slowed down here to “real time.”

11Alive published July 6, 2022: Georgia Guidestones explosion video | Watch. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released video of the moment the explosion happened and a car seen shortly after near the scene.
11Alive published July 7, 2022: Georgia Guidestones | Crews tear down what remains of structure after explosion. The GBI is investigating the situation.
Do you really believe the NWO would allow their heavily guarded under surveillance precious Guidestones to be bombed and then completely demolished right away? Wouldn't the NWO want to preserve and RESTORE their preciouse Guidestones they've had up since 1980 to help future generations follow the path to reasonal living in their psychopathic social utopia? (emphasis mine)
Bright Insight published July 9, 2022: There is WAYYY more to this story. Why was it cleaned up so fast. Where’s the full forensic investigation? WHO originally financed these stones? And WHAT is in the time-capsule?? The destroyed Georgia Guidestones and the explosion that damaged them is the smallest part of the story...
Dark Outpost published July 7, 2022: Jesse Czebotar interviewed by David Zublick getting her thoughts about Georgia Guidestones being blown up.
I typed a transcript of this the first 20 minutes of this interview for you below. I heard Jesse Czebotar mention in another interview that I can't find where she said the stones that exploded was where the Russian and Chinese languages were carved into. (emphasis mine)
Jesse Czebotar said: The strike is completely horrizontal. It literally looks like it's strategically directed, it's perfectly, you know, will say parellel with that mid section of the guidestones. So it looks very targeted, not just like a random thing. So I don't believe it was just lighting. With the ritual, yes it happened at exactly 3:33 mark which I again I don't believe it was ritual because you not gonna, I guess will get into that with some of these others. This is ritual ground for the occult and it has been for generations. There's been many sacrifices there. So when you have ritual ground at that high of a level that's very guarded, not only is the guidestones ritual ground but it's also what I call an energy feed in the system. So that means that it's an area where they will purposely draw in a lot of tourists and a lot of people to get an energy pull and then they will funnel that energy some place else. Usually when you have energy pulls like that, around that area you'll have what looks like small honky tonk towns and usually in those towns you'll have very old high level witches and warlocks, may even be high priest or priestesses who have retired from the system who are using that energy pulled from that tourist area. So there is a possibility, it could have been a ritutal thing but I'm not leaning towards that. As I explain more we'll get into that. I believe that the fact that it was plowed down so quickly proves that it was not a ritual. Because if they had planned it as a ritual, why in God's green earth are they going to tear it down so quickly?

David Zublick said: Why would they want to tear down something that is a symbol of everything the cabal believes in?

Jesse Czebotar said: Exactly. It's basically, it's a signature code. Let me pull this up here. So on it there's written 10 New World Order basically commandments. So to them it's comparable to the 10 commandments.

The very first one says that they have to maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature. That number is very significant. It's not just a number of how many people that they want to have who are elite or how many people they want to remain under that number who are elite.

The 500 million, there's 9 numbers there and the first one is 5. So with that we get a signature code of 95 which is the number for Satan or Saturn. So literally this is Satan's commandments. They're not going to be allowed to just do whatever they want with it, to demolish it. UNLESS he feels that they've been completed.

And if you remember everything the enemy does is a mockery of biblical things and there was, in scripture it tells us Moses was up on the mountain, that he received the commandments of God, but when he came down he saw idolatry and unfaithfullness, so he ended up throwing the tablets down and broke them and afterwards he, Moses went back up and the Lord rewrote the commandments but this time Moses had to hue the stone out of the rock himself before the Lord wrote on them.

And so if we go down that possible road is this a ritual well then we kind of know what to expect next. We know that the enemy is going to be coming up with commandments again. So did he consider these commandments fulfilled? Maybe that's why he allowed these stones to be torn down is because he's going to now re-put out new commandments but they're not going to be written on stone, THEY'RE GOING TO BE UNIVERSAL because he's emphasizing the New World Order.

So here is the other one. So we have to ask have they been fulfilled?

David Zublick said: No they've haven't. We're not down to 500 million people. We're not. All we have is 500 million pieces of rubble.

Jesse Czebotar said: Right. We aren't there. In production. Guide reproduction wisely. Improving fitness and diversity. Well certainly they're trying to improve diversity with men having babies. I just had to put that out there. Unite humanity with a living new language. That's interesting. They want to give us a new language. Rule passion, faith, tradition and all things with tempered reason. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. That's important because we know our court system has not been just. But I believe we're heading towards that direction. The next one says let all the nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. So do we have a world court?

Avoid petty laws and useless officials. Well how many officials do we see going out of business and even this morning Boris Johnson stepped down now.

Balance personal rights with social duties.
Prize truth beauty love seeking harmony with the infinite. 
Be not a cancer on the earth.
Leave room for nature. Leave room for nature.

So there's that possibility, I mean it could be that others say maybe it was the hand of God. That all these believers who have taken a stance that maybe the Lord is allowing things to happen. That's possible. But then we have to ask if this was an act of God or if it was an act of war, like a terrorist attack or direct attack on it, why do we see the reaction that we witnessed? You know the tearing down of it so quickly. Think of other important world wonders. If something happens to those usually the first response is they're going to segragate that area, they're going to secure it, there's going to be a lot of news about a terrorist attack or vandals who who caused this destruction and they're going to find out who those people are, seek justice, and we've seen none of that. Like we're really not getting any of that.

I think that that tells us that this was strategically planned. Whether it was the black hats, white hats. I think it was strategically planned. 

David Zublick said: I don't think it was black hats. I think it was white hats. I'll tell you what's happening. I've noticed the same thing that you're noticing. You take a look at the Supreme Court which has for the last several years made horrible decisions. Now all of a sudden Roe v Wade is overturned which basically sends abortion back to the states. You have gun rights being upheld, 2nd amendment rights, in New York City one of the most stringent gun control cities in the nation. You have a Supreme Court ruling that a coach has a right to pray on the field after the game. Now we have the Georgia Guidestones. It's almost as if we've reached a turning point. I'm not saying we're out of the woods yet. It stirs the imagination. It seems like something good is about to happen.  I mean am I wrong?

Jesse Czebotar said: No, I think you're right on about that. You know we have to ask were those court rulings, were those the 3 booms? And then was the Georgia Guidestones the moab? You know is there more to that explosion that is about to go off and be revealed. I want to see what's underneath there revealed. I want to see the full story come out. I did think, I had to debate well is it the dark side or the light side that's doing this and there is a way this could be used, so this is my warning to people. If it was the dark hats and they're trying to use it to their advantage, what we're going to see next is an alien invasion. Because they pushed these guidestones were created by other beings. So what happens in all the movies if you directly attack these ancient places that have been set up by other beings, it's like a declaration of war. So is this a means that they're going to use to bring in the alien invasion. We'll see.

David Zublick said: It's intersting because the way the guidestones are set up and of course we have as much a mystery about the end of the guidestones as we do about how they were formed. I mean we have some guy Robert C. Christian who I personally believe was Ted Turner. I don't have any evidence to back that up but a lot of people talk to believe it was really him. Comes into town and buys this plot of land, sets this thing up and it's supposed to be a sun dial, it's not just a random placing of stones, he got the idea apparently from Stonehenge, although he wanted to put as you said commandments on these stones and he disappears right after these things are built. Now you have these torn down. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Christian or somebody representing him reappears and says I want to rebuild them or I was watching a video about this earlier on the show and there's these officials from Elberton saying this is terrible this is such a tourist spot. They only get 20,000 people a year. That is not exactly a lot of people for tourism anyway. And the fact, I have seen hardly any reaction from people other than these officials, city officials that has been like negative oh this is terrible. Most people are like yeah right on because they've had enough of this crap. And so this thing looks good to me. You can continue. You were going to talk about the Cern Collider having something to do, that's another theory.

Jesse Czebotar said: Well yeah. You have the two with that. The alien thing still. Think of how many movies they have been putting out about disappearances and how many odd disappearances have we really had. How many unexplained events, especially with airlines, what they call alien abductions. So that could be the other thing is that maybe the enemy, the darkside is going to use this as a hostage negotiation with the alens to get back all those people who have supposedly been abducted. So we may see people start appearing in that place? Or maybe they're going to be teleported and appear in Stonehenge instead. But we'll see how it works out.

With the Cern Collider, the truth with that is one it did not get started up. Alice has not been operational since 2018. She was shut down after an earthquake and that earthquake was very specific to a prayer that I did that night where I literally submitted everything in the system under Jesus Christ's feet. So, Alice has not been operational since then and since that time ALL THE GATES have been closed. There's been a few minor gates may have been operated here or there but as time has gone on the past few years those gates were discovered all of them have been closed. They didn't get anything started as everybody can see.

David Zublick said: It happened on the 5th. Right?

Jesse Czebotar said: Yep and nothing happened. Nothing happened. But I thought it was funny could there have been backlash with that you know with those attempts, because when Alice starts up you do have a mass amount of energy that gets going and energy has to be diverted somewhere, it has to disperse. So if it wasn't working properly what would happen? The majority of the time, actually I can't think of no scientific reason why that reverb would target the Georgia Guidestones. They're not in alignment anyway so that would be a really odd reverb. Most likely that you would see happening in that case because the energy builds up within the system itself, so you would almost see the self destruction of Alice if that were the case. So we know that didn't happen. I think that theory is kind of ruled out. 

You can watch the rest of the video above to listen to the rest of interview.

dated September 13, 2021
[source: StrangeSounds.org]

The Club of Rome, founded 1968, is one of a number of organisations founded or funded by David Rockefeller to further the cause of global government, including the United Nations – anyone who doubts that the United Nations is a globalist project need only look at the funding of its constituent organisations (try UN Women). Members of the Club of Rome have included some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world, e.g. CNN founder Ted Turner, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Prince Philip (extensive list here).

There is no direct evidence to show who commissioned the Georgia Guidestones. The circumstantial evidence that the Guidestones are a Club of Rome / United Nations project is, however, overwhelming.

Unlimited resources: The Guidestone project was extremely carefully planned, with money no object.

The goals: The goals set out in the Guidestones are closely aligned with the goals and projects of the ‘Club of Rome’, now more often referred to as the ‘globalists’, or the ‘global elite’. The goals of the Club of Rome are, or were at the time of the Guidestones’ erection:

World government by an elite, facilitated by
Environmentalism at the expense of humanity, and World religion.

Maurice Strong: protégé and close associate of David Rockefeller for over 50 years, several times Under-Secretary of the United Nations and mooted to be Secretary-General at one time, Maurice Strong provides an essential link to the Guidestones in that he has been a major force in promoting at UN level policies relating to New Age Religion, environmentalism and global government.

The timing: The Georgia Guidestones were requisitioned just a couple of years after Maurice Strong established a New Age religious centre in Colorado.

10 Commandments: The concept of 10 moral precepts, associated with the Old Testament, is echoed elsewhere by Club of Rome members. Ted Turner drew up what he termed 10 voluntary initiatives, which included population control (though expressed fairly moderately), resolutions to care for the environment in various ways, but also for humanity. There are two references to supporting the United Nations – almost as though the UN is a substitute for the jealous God of the Old Testament.

The sponsors of the Earth Charter, Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev, have both referred to the Earth Charter as a new ‘Ten Commandments’ to guide the new age ‘global spirituality.

“The Ark of Hope is aptly named. The believers in the “earth-friendly” propaganda of enviro-socialism can only hope that elitist central planners like Rockefeller, Strong and Gorbachev actually have the interests of the peasants in mind. Anyone who studies history can be confident that they do not, and never did. This packaging of the Earth Charter clearly indicates that the promoters intend for it to be adopted as a matter of faith and hope rather than reason.” (The Earth Charter and the Ark of Hope)

The corporate-funded climate action group Extinction Rebellion, founded in 2018, is continuing the theme of New Age spiritualism, with a taste for mystical routines and weird costumes. However, whether the New Spirituality is intended to be just a select club, or whether it is supposed to embrace all of humanity, and if so whether it is working, is open for debate – while climatism and compliance to the globalist narratives are often said to be cults, they reflect intellectual enslavement rather than anything spiritual.

‘… the resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million but less than one billion’, Club of Rome, Goals for Mankind, 1976.

‘World population needs to be decreased by 50%’, Henry Kissinger, member of CoR.

‘A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal’, Ted Turner, founder of CNN, major UN donor, member of CoR.

Environmentalism At the Expense of Humanity

“The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man.” Club of Rome, Mankind at the Turning Point, 1974

The emphasis on reducing population for the good of humanity is largely gone, and the focus is now on the greater claims of the environment. The two prongs of the environmentalist strategy are:

The concept of biodiversity, which has to take precedence over other rights, even (especially) of human life; The Rockefeller catastrophic anthropogenic global warming narrative.

Each of these facilitate the forced movement of people away from the countryside or the coast into high density cities, conducive to depopulation and to loss of private ownership.

Maurice Strong and other Rockefeller assets were involved in numerous conferences and reports focusing on the impact of humanity on the environment, from the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in 1972 to Rio Earth Summit (UNCED) 1992.

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