July 7, 2022

USA: Ex-Boyfriend Shot The Mother Of His Child Point Blank In The Head While She Was Pushing His 3-Month-Old In A Stroller On The NYC Upper East Side. She Left Him Because Of Domestic Abuse.


Eyewitness News ABC7NY published A suspect is under arrest in the murder of Aszia Johnson, 20, who was pushing a three-month-old in a stroller on the Upper East Side. Josh Einiger has the latest developments.

International Business Times
written by Joseph Patrick
Sunday July 3, 2022

New York City -- A 22-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the point-blank execution of a 20-year-old mother who was pushing her child in a stroller on Manhattan's Upper East Side Wednesday.

Isaac Argro was arrested late Friday afternoon in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn in connection with the fatal shooting of Azsia Johnson, The New York Times reported, citing police.

Argro was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on charges of murder and criminal possession of a weapon Saturday and remanded to jail without bail, police said.

Argro has since asked for a lawyer, police told CNN, but the name of his attorney has not yet been reported.

According to police reports, Johnson was shot in the back of the head on a residential block on 95th Street near Lexington Avenue at around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. The suspect then left on foot, police said.

The 3-month-old child who was in the stroller at the time of the shooting was not harmed.

Argro was the father of the baby and Johnson's ex-boyfriend, according to the victim's family.

Law enforcement officials said they were investigating whether the crime was an incident of domestic violence, the New York Times reported.

There had been a history of domestic abuse and threats between Argro and Johnson, according to the young mother's family and authorities.

"This was premeditated murder," Johnson's mother, Lisa Desort, was quoted as saying by the publication. "He intended to kill my daughter no matter what."

Argro had recently been trying to get back in Johnson's good graces after she ended their relationship in January, the New York Post reported, citing family members.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Brittany DeCesare told Judge Eric Schumacher that Argro had asked Johnson to meet with him on the night she was killed.

Argro was dressed in all black and wore a ski mask as he paced back and forth while waiting for Johnson that night, DeCesare said.

“This case can only be described as a premeditated execution. The defendant persuaded the victim to meet after work and under the guise that he wanted to give the deceased items for their 3-month-old daughter,” DeCesare said. “The defendant shot the mother of his child at point-blank range in the head, keeping his crying 3-month-old [daughter] in the stroller as he ran away.”

In a statement after the arrest, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said Johnson's family “is hurting, they deserve justice, and we will deliver it.”

“I am relieved to report to New Yorkers that we have captured the individual who we believe murdered this young woman as she walked with her baby. I’d like to applaud the NYPD for their valiant efforts to track down this alleged killer,” the statement continued.

Argro is scheduled to return to court Thursday. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

PIX11 News published July 2, 2022: Ex-boyfriend arrested in fatal shooting of young mother: NYPD. Azsia Johnson’s ex-boyfriend was arrested for his potential involvement in the 20-year-old’s fatal shooting.

PIX11 News, New York local
written by Anthony DiLorenzo, and AJ Jondonero
Saturday July 2, 2022

UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (PIX11) — “I’m innocent,” Isaac Argro told reporters as he was led into Manhattan Criminal Court Friday night.

The 22-year-old Brooklyn man is accused of and charged with the cold-blooded murder of his ex-girlfriend.

Azsia Johnson was shot in the head on the Upper East Side Wednesday night while she pushed the couple’s three-month-old daughter in a stroller.

“He knows what he did; he’s connected to it in every way,” Lisa Desort, Johnson’s mother, said. “I don’t care what he has to say. When we go through the court proceedings, I’m 1000% positive he will be proven guilty. What he says doesn’t matter to me.”

Earlier this week, Desort told PIX11 News she knew who was responsible from the second detectives notified her that her daughter had been killed. She feared it was inevitable.

“Every time she texted me and said, ‘Mommy, he’s threatening me,’ I’m on the phone,” Desort said. “He’s going to kill my daughter, and he killed my daughter.”

The two had been estranged and the 20-year-old victim sought refuge in a domestic violence shelter. But Desort said the city failed her daughter.

“[Police said] ‘it’s not harassment. He’s just mad,’” Desort said during a vigil on Thursday. “[I said] no, he’s gonna kill my daughter,’ and he killed my daughter. That’s all I’m gonna say.”

Desort is set to attend Argro’s arraignment on Saturday. Following Argro’s arrest, Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement, “Azsia Johnson’s family is hurting; they deserve justice, and we will deliver it.”

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