July 7, 2022

USA: 22yo Man Pissed Off Asian Man Was Driving Too Slow In Rush Hour Traffic, Leaned Out Of SUV Driven By His Mother And Shot 54yo Man To Death. Shooter Charged With 1st Degree Murder.


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CBS3 Philly published July 1, 2022: Arrest Made In Springfield Deadly Road Rage Shooting. 

CBS3 News, Philadelphia local
written by Jan Carabeo and Madeleine Wright, CBS
Friday July 1, 2022

PRINGFIELD, Pa. (CBS) — Springfield Police have arrested a Darby man in connection to a road rage shooting that left a 54-year-old man dead earlier this week. Saddiq Washington, 22, is being charged with several offenses, including first-degree murder, third-degree murder, and recklessly endangering another person for killing King Hua.

“This is a senseless, brutal act,” Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollesteimer said.

Hua was killed for simply driving too slowly, according to police. The murder has neighbors in Springfield on edge.

Police say the key to catching the suspect was surveillance video from an auto body shop in Drexel Hill.

Washington was brought into custody on Thursday night at his home in Darby. Police say surveillance video and tips from the community were instrumental in detectives arresting Washington less than 48 hours after the murder. Authorities say that he confessed to the crime.

Washington had nothing to say as officers walked him from the police department to the courthouse for his arraignment Friday morning.

Police say Hua was shot in the head, right in front of his wife, as he was driving to work on South State Road near Meetinghouse Lane during the Wednesday morning rush.

According to a criminal complaint, Hua was driving to work in a white Toyota when witnesses spotted a dark blue Chevy Equinox aggressively changing lanes and moving past other cars.

Police say Washington’s mother was driving the SUV and pulled over, and then Washington shot the victim.

“He is the individual who leaned out of the vehicle and killed Mr. Hua based on the fact that he believed Mr. Hua was not driving rapidly enough on State Road,” Stollsteimer said.

It’s unclear if Washington’s mother will face charges at this time.

Police say surveillance video from Bud’s Auto Body Shop captured the license plate of Washington’s SUV after it left the scene.

From there, detectives were able to track the suspect to his home in Darby and arrest him Thursday night.

“I feel happy that they got him, because it was a senseless act,” Bud’s owner Andy Rossi said.

Hua’s obituary says he immigrated from Vietnam to the United States in 1990 to give his family a better life. He leaves behind a wife and daughter.

Springfield Township Police Chief Joseph Daly credits the hard work of his detectives in securing the arrest.

“We talked to the Hua family last night, and there’s nothing you can do to ease their grief,” Daly said. “But hopefully they’ll be able to take something out of this, that the person who savagely took their loved one’s life away from them for an ungodly reason, hopefully, they’ll have a little solace in knowing that this individual will face justice and will not hurt anybody else.”

A viewing for the victim is scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday at O’Leary Funeral Home in Springfield.

FOX 29 Philadelphia published Pennsylvania man charged in road rage shooting allegedly sparked by victim's driving speed. A Delaware County man accused of shooting another driver for driving too slow is facing first-degree murder charges. According to investigators, 22-year-old Saddiq Washington had a legally licensed firearm when he got out of a car driven by his mother and shot 54-year-old King Hua. Hua's wife was in the passenger's seat when the shooting happened.

Fox29 News, Philadelphia local
written by Jeff Cole
Thursday June 30, 2022

PHILADELPHIA - The alleged gunman who fatally shot a driver in Springfield on Wednesday morning has been arrested, according to authorities.

On Thursday, law enforcement sources told FOX 29 that an arrest was made in connection with the case.
Delaware County District Attorney Jack Sollsteimer then held a press conference Friday morning to announce the arrest of 22-year-old Saddiq Washington of Darby Borough.

According to investigators, 54-year-old King Hua and his wife were driving south on State Road in the right lane when another vehicle with a man and woman inside passed them on the shoulder of the road.

Authorities say the male passenger in the car on the shoulder exited the vehicle and fired shots at the other car, striking the windshield and Hua. Investigators believe the shooter fired on the car because the driver, Hua, was not driving fast enough.

"The suspect’s vehicle pulls on to the shoulder of the road, got ahead of the victim’s vehicle, got out of the vehicle, fired two shots at the vehicle which permeated the window, killing the operator," Springfield Township Police Chief Daly described the incident.

Hua was taken to a nearby hospital where he died, according to authorities.

Hua's only daughter said her father worked as a nail technician and immigrated to the United States from Vietnam more than 20 years ago for a better life.

Stollsteimer says Washington has been charged with first-degree murder and related charges.

According to the District Attorney, Washington's mother was driving her son at the time of the shooting, but the DA's Office said they could not answer any questions about charges against the mother.

Washington had a license to carry and legally purchased the gun used in the shooting, according to officials.

Springfield Township Police Chief Daly told reporters that Washington was arrested and told police he was the shooter while in custody.

UPDATE 7/7/22 at 5:58pm: Added info below.
Man shot up a bar because he was kicked out!
We have a self-control problem. NOT A GUN PROBLEM.
6abc Philadelphia published July 6, 2022: U.S. Marshals arrest man wanted in deadly shooting of innocent bystander at bar. A man wanted for allegedly shooting into a Northeast Philadelphia bar and killing an innocent bystander was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals on Wednesday.

Anthony Nelson, 47, who was wanted for the murder of 21-year-old Jailene Holton, was arrested at Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City.

"Our community is deeply diminished by the utterly appalling and senseless loss of Jailene, who held such great promise for a tremendous future. Our hope is that the quick capture of this heinous perpetrator will bring some comfort to the Holton family," officials said.

According to police, the shooting happened around 11:30 p.m. on June 28 at the Philly Bar and Restaurant in Northeast Philadelphia.

Police said employees tried to kick three men out of the bar who were causing a disturbance, but one had to be forced out.

The man then walked to a pickup truck, about 200 feet away, and fired 15 shots into the bar, police said.

All three men left the scene in the truck.

Investigators said five of the bullets went through the front window, and one struck Holton in the head.

Police said she was hanging out with friends when they saw her fall to the ground.

James Holton, Jailene's uncle, said she was a good kid and was acting as the designated driver.

"She didn't go out often. Her friend called her up, she went out to Topgolf and then they came (to the Philly Bar and Restaurant). They were only going to be there for about 15 to 20 minutes and that's when the altercation broke out and whatever this guy started shooting," James Holton said.

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