July 3, 2022

I'll Leave You With This Other Message. The Meaning Of Success...

This picture has nothing to do with this message. I just love this whimsical walkway and wanted to make you smile. :)

Many many years ago in my early 20's as I was climbing the corporate ladder and going to college part-time I came across this poem at a gift shop in Solvang, CA. I was experiencing growing pains at the time in every area of my life. I bought it and have had it hanging on my refrigerator ever since. I'm now 52 and I still have it memorized. It brings back such cherished memories. ♥

This poem has served as my guide to always keep me in-line and to not lose sight that "Success is a journey, NOT a destination". I hope this poem inspires you too! :)

Success. . .

written by Larry S. Chengges

Success is doing the best you can,
in as many ways as you can.
It is being just and honest and true-
not in a few things, but in everything you do.

Always look ahead and never look back,
believe you can make all your dreams come true.
Always believe in the best you can be
and have faith in the things that you do.

Forget about mistakes you've made yesterday,
the lessons you learn will prove valuable for today...
Never give up and think that you're through...
for there's always tomorrow and a chance to begin brand new.

It is in dreaming the greatest dreams...
and seeking the highest goals...
that we build the brightest tomorrows.

There is no limit to the goals you can attain,
or the success you can achieve...
your possibilities are as endless as your dreams.

Whatever it is that you seek in life,
whatever your dreams and what you hope to achieve,
whatever you try to reach - whatever you plan...
can ALL be yours - if you only believe YOU CAN!

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