June 8, 2022

GERMANY: Man Drove His Car Through A Crowd Of Pedestrians, And Tables Of People Sitting Outside Having Breakfast, Before Smashing Into Storefront. Killed 1 Person, Injured Many.

Most of the news reporters are saying "a car" ploughed into pedestrians. NO. A man drove his car into pedestrians. The car was directed by a person. Sadly, this was not an accident. I'm using NYT as an example of blaming the car for the tragedy, not the person. (emphasis mine)
Sky News published June 8, 2022: Berlin car crash: 14 children injured and teacher killed after car is driven into crowd. Fourteen children have been injured and their teacher killed after a car was driven into a crowd of people in a busy Berlin street, German police have said.
BBC News, UK
written by Matt Murphy
Wednesday June 8, 2022

A teacher has been killed and 14 schoolchildren are amongst those injured after a car hit a crowd on a busy Berlin street.

The group was on a school trip to Berlin from the state of Hesse. A second teacher was seriously hurt.

Police say the driver, a 29-year-old man, was arrested at the scene.

Emergency officials said it was unclear whether the incident, which happened shortly before 10:30 local time (08:30 GMT), was intentional or an accident.

It took place in the heart of western Berlin, on one of its busiest shopping streets.

The woman who died has been identified as a schoolteacher who was on a trip with a class of teenagers from the central state of Hesse. Berlin police said she died on the spot.

"There are seriously injured people among the more than a dozen injured," police spokesperson Thilo Cablitz said.

Bad Arolsen Mayor Marko Lambion said a bus was on its way to pick up the children from Berlin. "We're doing everything we can to bring them home," he said at the press conference.

The driver has dual German and Armenian citizenship and lives in Berlin. Police said they could not confirm reports that he had left a note in his car.

Witnesses described seeing a silver Renault Clio veering into a crowd of people on the pavement near Berlin's busy Kurfรผrstendamm shopping avenue, before driving back on to the road and crashing into a shop window.

Some 130 emergency workers went to the scene and a body lay in the middle of the road, covered in blankets.

It happened opposite Breitscheidplatz, where 12 people were killed in a terrorist attack in 2016 when a truck was deliberately driven into a crowd of people at a Christmas market.

Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey said it was too early to know if the area had been chosen deliberately, but she said: "It's a situation where you think, for God's sake, not again!"

The actor John Barrowman tweeted that he was nearby when the incident took place and in a video posted from the scene said the car had repeatedly mounted the footpath before crashing into the storefront.
Barrowman later told the BBC that the car had careened through tables of people sitting outside having breakfast, before smashing into the storefront.

"It was just horrific", he said. "I saw somebody being resuscitated, I saw somebody being literally thrown onto a stretcher and put into an ambulance."

After the Christmas market attack in 2016, the militant group Islamic State (IS) said it was behind the killings which had been carried out by an unsuccessful asylum seeker. He was later shot dead by police in Italy.

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