May 27, 2022

USA: Massive Election Sweep Of 17 Riverside Street Gang Members, Gun Seizures, Fentanyl, Cocaine, Heroin Drug Busts And Pimping Charges. One Was Manufacturing, Selling Firearms To Gang Members

CBS Los Angeles published May 26, 2022: Operation "Walk in the Park" leads to 17 felony arrests of Riverside street gang members. Rena Nakano reports from Riverside on operation "Walk in the Park," a joint effort by Riverside Police Department and Riverside County Sheriff's Department authorities led to 17 felony arrests, solved two homicide cases and prevented one shooting after the gang's actions were addressed with the California Department of Justice.
As I mentioned in my last post, the Commie globalist Democrats want to take away OUR 2nd amendment right to defend ourselves against the criminal element like these people. No amount of gun laws will stop criminals from obtaining guns. In this case, the criminals were MANUFACTURING THEIR OWN FIREARMS! CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY LAWS. This is just a drop in the bucket. By taking away our 2nd amendment right, the Commie globalist Democrats want to leave all of us helpless and at the mercy of ruthless criminals.

I was shocked to hear California Commie globalist Governor Newsom just say two days ago, “Do not give in to the cynicism and all the crap you heard today in that press conference around evil and mental health, [which] completely belies the fact that there’s only one nation on planet Earth that separates itself from all other nations, and that’s the United States of America, in the perversion of a Second Amendment that begins around 'well-regulated' gun policy” he said. “We’ve completely lost our senses and lost touch with that reality, and we need to change that reality and we have the capacity to do so.”

You must remember what went down during the BLM Antifa riots across America and how the same Commie globalist Democrats calling to remove the 2nd amendment right to bear arms from our US Constitution TOLD POLICE TO STAND DOWN and allowed the BLM Antifa paid provacatuers to destroy our communities across America and even killed innocent people who got in the way. (emphasis mine)
CBS News, Los Angeles local
written by Staff
Thursday May 26, 2022

California Attorney General Rob Bonta on Thursday announced the success of a multiagency effort by local law enforcement who arrested nearly 20 members of a Riverside street gang.

The effort started with a murder at Bordwell Park in Riverside. Clues to the unsolved case led to the arrest of a massive street gang operation. On December 22, 2020, 32-year-old Cedric Dempsey was found shot in the head. Investigators said they located the suspect in the killing of the father of nine just about a week ago.

"Detectives served a search warrant at a residence in our community after receiving information that the suspect was manufacturing and selling firearms to gang members," Chief Larry Gonzalez, with the Riverside Police Department, said.

SWAT officers arrested 50-year-old Arthur Akins III, but it was during this investigation that authorities across the Inland Empire focused on another murder in Moreno Valley, also back in 2020.

"They wrongfully targeted our victim. Mr. Henderson is a 43-year-old father. Just moments prior, he had been holding his 3-day-old son," Riverside County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Misty Reynolds said.

That suspect, Darnell Tate was linked to Atkins, who investigators said played a large role in a gang. Detectives believe Atkins sourced weapons to gang members across the Inland Empire.

"Five of the handguns were ghost guns and detectives also recovered a 3-D printer to manufacture those," Chief Gonzalez said.

This led to Operation "Walk in the Park," a joint effort by Riverside Police Department and Riverside County Sheriff's Department authorities led to 17 felony arrests, solved two homicide cases and prevented one shooting after the gang's actions were addressed with the California Department of Justice.

"For families, nothing is more important than having the peace of mind to know that the neighborhoods children play in and the community where they live and work is safe," Bonta said in the press release Thursday. "Today's operation is one step toward healing the Riverside community from the ills of gun violence. While we can never replace the lives taken by this violent gang, we hope that today's announcement will bring some justice for the families and community left behind."

The investigation, which spanned over the greater part of two years, also led to the seizure of 55 firearms - six of which were ghost guns - and two pounds each of fentanyl, cocaine and heroin, and a half-pound of methamphetamine. Additionally, 200 MDMA pills and $65,952 in cash were also confiscated.

"I can't stress enough the dedication from all the investigators who literally spent thousands of hours on this case. This was truly a collaboration and we could not be more thankful for the professional working relationship we have with all the agencies involved," said Riverside Police Chief Larry Gonzalez.

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco echoed that sentiment in a similar statement applauding the efforts of all of the agencies involved, which read in part: "The impact gang violence has on innocent victims has no place in any community and we will continue to relentlessly pursue gangs with the strongest possible response by law enforcement."

At a press conference on Thursday, Bonta continued with a warning for other California street gangs, saying: "This is DOJ's fifth gang takedown in the last year, and I promise all those engaging in organized crime, threatening our're next. You can bet we are working on takedown number six, number seven, number eight, and well beyond."

The two murder suspects, Atkins and Tate, could face life in without the possibility of parole if convicted.
ABC10 published May 23, 2022: Conservative candidates for California AG seek to oust Rob Bonta. Conservative candidates for California AG seek to oust Rob Bonta California's Attorney General 2022 race is shaping up to be a referendum on the current state of law enforcement and prosecution this side of the nation. Our Morgan Rynor spoke with both Anne Marie-Schubert and Republican candidate Nathan Hochman to hear their case for why current AG Rob Bonta needs to go. Bonta did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

ABC10 News, Sacramento local
written by Morgan Rynor
Monday May 23, 2022

Rob Bonta's campaign ignored four interview requests for this story.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The June 7 primary election is well underway. Every registered Californian should have received a ballot in their mailbox by now.

One of the most closely watched statewide races is the one for attorney general. Among the five candidates on the ballot, you have Rob Bonta, the Democratic incumbent; Nathan Hochman, the Republican pick; and an independent making headlines, Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. However, only two will make it to the November election.

As a prosecutor, former defense attorney, and assistant U.S Attorney General, Hochman believes he has the tools needed for the position. People might also know Anne Marie Schubert from the prosecution of the Golden State Killer. A long-time conservative, she is running as an independent. She made the switch in 2018 after the highly politicized run for her second term as district attorney.

“I just made a decision after the election that I was going to be true to the position; I was going to be true to me," Schubert said regarding the switch. "It's no secret. I'm openly gay. I have views on different parts of things, none of which really impacts my job, but ultimately, the job of the prosecutor should always be nonpartisan.”

Attorney General Rob Bonta's campaign did not respond to four different interview requests for this story.

We will break this article down by topic, starting with the one Rob Bonta himself is calling for answers on: Abortion.


Nathan Hochman would not explicitly say if he was pro-life or pro-choice, but he made it clear he would enforce the California laws in place.

"I have one basic proposition," Hochman said. "I am running to be California's Attorney General. I'm not running for a state assembly seat, I'm not running for a State Senate seat or the governor's seat. I'm running to be the chief law enforcement officer, so whatever the laws are on the books of the state of California, I fully intend to enforce those laws. Full stop."

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert was quick to say she is pro-choice and will protect the rights of women in California and across the country.

“I'm pro-choice; I support that right to choose," Schubert said. "I support someone coming here to exercise that right as well.”


The Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies survey found that crime is one of the top four voting issues in the state.

"We need to fund law enforcement, we need to give them the resources necessary to go and address, what I call, the major drivers of violent crime," Schubert said. "Illegal weapons, going after the people that are committing... those types of crimes, working with my law enforcement partners."

"I'm not going to sit here and defend the early release of violent inmates from prison, which he's (Bonta) doing," Schubert added.

Both Hochman and Schubert are in favor of reforming Proposition 47 and 57. Voters passed Proposition 47, which makes anything stolen valued at less than $950 a misdemeanor instead of a felony, and 57, which allows for non-violent inmates to earn early release opportunities.

"My biggest challenge has always been with 57," Schubert said. "When you tell people you're only letting out nonviolent inmates, that's a lie because their records are violent. Crimes like domestic violence, human trafficking of a child, drugging and raping a woman are not called violent under the law. What that means is now you're seeing people getting out of prison, even though they have long records."

Hochman said he sent a letter to all 58 district attorneys explaining that they didn't need the state to pass a law for them to put a provision in the release of convicted fentanyl dealers that, if they committed the crime again and it lead to murder, they could be charged with murder.

"I am proud to say that there are 12 of the 58 DAs who implemented this Alexandra notice in plea agreements for convicted fentanyl dealers," he said.

"Quite candidly, if I can do that as a private citizen, imagine if I was the Attorney General," Hochman said, "To bring 4,000 lawyers or the percentage of those lawyers who could deal with this issue immediately across the entire state of California."


It's no secret that Rob Bonta is against the death penalty. As a former state legislator, he co-authored a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban capital punishment.

Hochman would enforce the death penalty.

"Even though the governor has issued a moratorium on enforcing that law, that law still exists on the books," Hochman said. "As long as that law stays on the books, the state of California, I would enforce it."

Anne Marie Schubert apologized and sympathized with the families of victims and California voters when Newsom put a moratorium on capital punishment

"This battle has been fought for many years, and time and time again, Californians have said we want it. We want it to work. I think what's so disheartening to me is that juries across California have made these decisions. It wasn't a decision of one," Schubert said.


Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled a plan to help solve California's growing homelessness problem in what he called a "compassionate" way to fix California's broken behavioral health system. In other words, it's a way to get those with mental health issues off the streets and provide them with services.

"I think that's a great idea," Hochman said. "In other words, get the judge an additional tool that he could order mandatory substance abuse treatment instead of just putting someone in jail under certain circumstances."

Schubert said she needs to see the detail of the proposal, but she supports the principle of it.

"I have said for a long time that we do need mandatory drug treatment when you're talking about (the) seriously mentally ill, drug-addicted," she said. "What's happening in our communities across California is inhumane. You know, it is not humane to let folks die in the gutters."


Schubert is running as an independent, but she voted Republican for decades because of her father.

"I have my own views that are more socially liberal? Yeah, of course I do," she said. "I mean, I'm gay... I'm pro choice - those kinds of things, but I think the job and being authentic to who I am as a person is independent."

Running as an independent in a primary where only the top two will make it to the November ballot is a challenge Schubert believes she can win.

"I'm not naïve. I get it. I understand it. I'm not afraid of challenges. I mean, if you look at my career, I've taken risks in my profession, and I'm willing to do that. And I'm not doing this for any other reason than I love the state, and I believe in public safety," she said.

The Republican Party of California endorsed Nathan Hochman. Political reporter Morgan Rynor asked Hochman whether he would welcome an endorsement from someone like former President Donald Trump.

"I've been endorsed by U.S. attorneys in California that spanned from President Reagan, all the way through the Democratic and Republican presidents, (and) all the way to President Trump. So I believe that bipartisan endorsements are very important to show Californians that I'm going to represent Californians, not one particular party, and I fully understand any concern that any Californian has, and I would say, 'Look. Look at my qualifications.'"

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