May 21, 2022

USA: Mass Shooting On Thursday In Chicago At A McDonald's. 9 Total Shot 2 Killed Caught In The Crossfire. Mayor Blames Parents Of Teens. Police Knew Shooter From Previous Gun Charges.

CBS Chicago published May 20, 2022: New video shows chaotic scene of mass shooting on Near North Side. Video circulating on social media shows more the moments as more than two dozen bullets were blasted into a crowd of people on the Near North Side on Thursday night, killing two people and wounding seven others.
CBS Chicago published May 19, 2022: Mass Shooting: Two Dead, Seven Injured In Downtown Chicago. CBS 2's Brad Edwards with a deeper look into what happened late Thursday night when a man began shooting into a crowd on the Near North Side. CBS News Chicago.
CBS Reporter Marissa Parra said at 6:15 minutes, "I've seen multiple scenes and for the most part every now and then you'll see the occassional spec of blood and it's never a pretty sight right? But especially when there is a mass shooting, especially when there is a child that was shot, a big event, we've always seen it hosed down. In fact, we're very rarely allowed to get close enought to see it with our own naked eye, we're usually blocked off at least a block away. And this was something completely and totally different. It's not like we arrived first on the scene right after it happened. This had happened just before 11 o'clock last night. We were not getting here until 4 in the morning. This is well after crime scene tape had already been removed. So what Superintendent Brown was saying this morning it was still considered evidence. That is simply not true and we did pushed back on that. We did say, 'no the crime scene was already, did was done.' And people were walking. I think one of the most disturbing things Brad, I mean our selves removed, you know the photographers and the reporters who are like realizing as we're walking what we're walking into and onto. Never mind that, you have people that are just starting to wake up at 7am that I was watching, what you can't see on the other side of this camera is the CTA Redline for the Chicago station. This is where people come out. We were watching people, we've got people walking behind me right now, you had moring commuters, hoards of people walking through here and having no idea what they were walking on top of at least half of them were just walking having no idea that there shoes now had blood on them from quite literally a crime scene that happened hours before. And I think something that's almost as disturbing is a couple of times I would see someone notice. I saw one person kick one of the lifesaving apparatuses out of his way as he was carrying his briefcase on his way to work I assume. But some people did notice they were stepping on blood and they just kept walking." (emphasis mine)
CBS Chicago published May 19, 2022: Charges are pending for at least 2 people after mass shooting downtown, Chicago police say. Following Thursday night's mass shooting, Chicago Police. Supt. David Brown provided information about the moments leading to the incident.
They're saying, "When there's an ongoing investigation taking place, CGA does not start to clean up until the police department is comfortable that they have recovered all the evidence they need for the investigation. I do know that once we get the okay to clean it, we will clean it." Then why didn't the police investigators put crime scene tape around the blood on the sidewalk and broken glass. That area was wide open with pedestrians kicking it as they walked by and walking over the blood soaked sidewalk.

At 14:48 you'll hear the Chicao Police Superintendent same as Chief say, "It's a common theme. So this is a gun crime type of crisis in our city and our country. If the person who did this didn't have a gun, this is just a personal conflict that may or may not lead to the fights, no one being killed. But because a gun is there, and our officers have taken more THAT ARE ILLEGALLY POSSESSED off the streets of Chicago than we have in our history. 11,400 in 2020 and more than 12,000 in 2021. We are on pace to surpass last year's record which was a record from the previous year. We are washing guns. I will continue to beat the drum of consequences in the courts for people who have violent crime history who are then arrested for possessing a gun illegally. They should not be released. They should be deemed dangerous people and held until trial. I'll continue to say that and I hope you continue to write it. Because this is a gun crime crisis."

Mind you Chicago has the most strict gun laws in America with the highest homicides records. This mass shooter had a warrant out for his arrest for not appearing in court after being charged with illegally possessing a gun. This is who Black Lives Matters defend and helped to change laws using the Commie District Attorney's and Commie Judges they put in place to go soft on crime and put the public's lives in danger. (emphasis mine)
CBS News
written by Dave Savini
Friday May 20, 2022

CHICAGO -- The mass shooting Thursday night on the Near North Side continues a troubling trend that's been years in the making in Chicago.

CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini digs deeper into the numbers to show you why this year might be even more dangerous.

Two people were killed and seven were wounded when a gunman began firing into a crowd around 10:40 p.m. Thursday, outside of the McDonald's at Chicago Avenue and State Street.

The troubling reality is mass shootings like this are skyrocketing in Chicago compared to the rest of the country.

New York City has had three mass shootings so far this year, and Los Angeles has had two, but Chicago –despite a smaller population than both of those cities – has already had 10.

With the summer months approaching, gun violence in general in Chicago is only going to get worse. The CBS 2 Investigators analyzed data going back three years, and Chicago sees the majority of its shootings between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Overall during the last three years, Chicago has gone from 33 mass shootings in 2019, to 53 in 2020, to 60 in 2021.

According to the stats, Chicago is on pace to at least match or exceed last year's number.

Thursday night's shooting was the worst mass shooting of the year in Chicago.

As mass shootings are becoming more common, the number of people injured or killed in mass shootings is also skyrocketing. In 2019, 166 people were injured or killed in such shootings in Chicago. In 2020, that number rose to 261. Last year, that number was up to 318.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls it a gun issue.

"We have got to do everything we can to stop the flow of guns into the city. That is literally what is killing us; too many illegal guns readily accessible now to children," she said.

If something isn't done soon to stop this trend, the numbers are only going to get were worse. When the mayor was asked if she thought the National Guard should be called in, she said no.

"I don't see any reason for that," Lightfoot said. "The National Guard is not a panacea. The National Guard is a military force. They are trained, not in civilian use of force, but in military use of force, and when they see a challenge, their training tells them to put down that challenge with deadly force. That's not what we need in this moment. We don't need more gunfire, and we certainly don't need our residents being subject to a military force on our streets."

๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿ‘‡ Commie Left oblivious to these mass shootings. BECAUSE it doesn't fit their White Supremacist narrative. ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿšจ (emphasis mine)

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