May 17, 2022

USA: Feds Already Knew About Buffalo Shooter Because He Was Brought In 2 Years Ago For Mental Health Evaluation After Threatening To Shoot Up His School. Shooter Is A Nazi Ecofascist Socialist.

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But Biden doesn't have a problem sending BILLIONS of dollars and military weapons to White Supremacist Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. They are also demanding the West give them nuclear missiles too and the globalist deep state are more than happy to oblige. (emphasis mine)
The Buffalo mass shooter wore a Neo-Nazi sonnenrad black sun symbol on his uniform identical to the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion wear. Yeah, the same Neo-Nazis the deep state globalist and media are drooling over in Ukraine and sending them $40 BILLIONS of our taxpayer dollars to that they're using to grease each others palms. The same Ukrainian Neo-Nazis the deep state are okay with giving them nuclear missiles. This "doctor" in the tweets below is doing damage control for Ukraine. She insists the Neo-Nazi sonnenrad black sun symbol has NOTHING TO DO WITH UKRAINE. Oh my. And I want to add there were several mass shootings across America this weekend that these assholes didn't expect. But they're only talking about the one they staged. Biden only cares about the one they staged. Biden is only visiting the one they staged because they're pushing White Supremacy is our greatest threat. 

UPDATE 5/17/22 at 4:26pm: The deep state doing damage control for Ukraine are proving our point.  In one breath they're saying it is a general Nazi symbol and in another breath are saying yeah sure Ukrainian Azov Battalion may use the symbol but Azov are not Nazis. What? That symbol is worn by the whole entire Ukrainian Azov Battalion, who worship Hitler by the way, on their official uniforms and this symbol is on their flags. I added a picture of the official Ukrainian Azov Battalion flag for all of you below. Notice the Azov flag also includes the Ukraine Coat of Arms, the trident. These assholes on the Left are so f***ing condenscending and are hoping their followers are clueless f***s. (emphasis mine)
Jordan Sather Published May 15, 2022 Buffalo Shooting - These Flags Don't False Themselves!
Jordan gives a really good breakdown of the Buffalo shooting. The Buffao shooter live streamed his attack on Twitch. If you watch the video, you'll notice that there are no blood spatters or pools of blood anywhere. The shooter even shot a woman point blank laying on the ground aimed at her head and there was no blood spatter and no pool of blood. According to, "bullet wounds can produce both back and front spatters. Back spatter, or blowback, refers to blood exiting the entrance wound in the direction opposite the impact." (emphasis mine)
The Western Journal
written by Warner Todd Huston
Sunday May 15, 2022

After a self-identified “white supremacist” allegedly shot up a New York grocery store, many news outlets and left-leaning Twitter users went wild trying to pin the crime on Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro, Greg Gutfeld and other people on the right. But now it has been revealed that the suspect openly hated all the conservatives the media wants to blame as a motivation for the crime.

On Saturday, a man police have identified as Payton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, New York, allegedly committed the murder of ten people and the wounding of three others inside a Tops Friendly Market in a predominantly black neighborhood of Buffalo, New York.

Witness said the man entered the store wearing military-styled gear and opened fire with a rifle while yelling racial epithets in an act police called “racially motivated violent extremism,” the Associated Press reported.

The shooter also carried a helmet cam on his head and reportedly began streaming the shooting live on the streaming platform Twitch for several minutes before the site shut down the live feed.

Authorities did not speculate on the motive for the crime, but leftists in the media and on Twitter immediately blamed conservative TV personalities.

Former Obama press secretary Joe Lockhart, for instance, jumped to his Twitter account to claim that Tucker Carlson and Fox News have “more blood” on their hands.

“More blood on the hands of @tuckercarlson and @foxnews this killer used their racist talking points to justify killing 10 people. Carlson won’t stop because as he explained to the NYTimes, it’s good for ratings. Lives be damned. As Carlson will be at judgement day,” he wrote on May 14, less than a half hour after the shooting was reported.

Another blue checked Twitter user, Georgetown professor Don Moynihan, also blamed Tucker Carlson despite the fact that he had no evidence whatsoever that the suspect was a Carlson fan.

Left-wing Twitter “influencer” Majid Padellan — who tweets as “Brooklyn Dad Defiant” — also immediately blamed Carlson and Fox:

(I added the Rick Wilson tweet from Lincoln Project. He is a "Republican" Never-Trumper.)

But these leftists who jumped to blame Fox and Carlson did not bother to follow up on the facts in the case. A look at the accused killer’s extensive social media posts shows that he is not in any way conservative. Indeed, his manifesto did not mention Fox or Tucker at all.

In parts of the manifesto, he claimed he was an “authoritarian left-wing[er],” said he hated Christianity and also said he was interested in “green nationalism.”

Others also pointed out that the manifesto — to which Big Tech is now blocking access — had absolutely no ties to conservative thinking or Republican Party policies.

From the accused killer’s own ranting, it is evident he is not a conservative.

Nothing in his social media can lead one to believe he was influenced by the right. Conservatives believe in individual freedom, equal treatment under the law and the U.S. Constitution. According to his social media, this suspect did not believe in any of that.

While being a fan of Fox News, Tucker Carlson, John Stossel, Ben Shapiro and the other high-profile libertarian and conservative personalities is not necessarily a litmus test for being a conservative, it is telling that the suspect in this horrible crime hated these folks and didn’t use them as a foundation for this shooting.
The Washington Examiner
written by Tiana Lowe
Monday May 16, 2022

The New York man who shot up a Buffalo supermarket Saturday kept no secrets about how and why he planned to murder "as many blacks as possible." From his racist radicalization on the internet due to the coronavirus lockdowns to his specific choice of a black neighborhood with few guns — "NY has cucked gun laws," wrote the shooter, who made clear he intended to survive the massacre — the Buffalo shooter is no enigma.

Hence, a seemingly concerted effort from the corporate media accusing the Buffalo barbarian of being some sort of Tucker Carlson acolyte would be baffling if it weren't so transparently malicious. In the 180-page document purported to be authored by the shooter, he does not mention Carlson once. The sole explicit mention of Fox News is an infographic demarcating top Fox hosts such as Maria Bartiromo and Greg Gutfeld as Jewish. (Rupert Murdoch is decried as a "Christian Zionist" who may have Jewish ancestry, "although it's never publicly admitted.) Ben Shapiro is mentioned multiple times, including as an example as the "rat" phenotype of Jewish people.

Moreover, the Buffalo shooter is a self-described "ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist" who loathes libertarianism and conservatism in particular.

"Ask yourself, truly, what has modern conservatism managed to conserve?" the shooter wrote. "Not a thing has been conserved other than corporate profits and the ever increasing wealth of the 1% that exploit the people for their own benefit. Conservatism is dead. Thank god. Now let us bury it and move on to something of worth."

Hell, the shooter admits that he's a socialist, "depending on the definition."

"Worker ownership of the means of production?" he writes. "It depends on who those workers are, their intentions, who currently owns the means of production, their intentions and who currently owns the state, and their intentions."

The diatribe implies "those workers" better be white gentiles who worship Mother Earth. Here, crucially, is the shooter on his homicidal obsession with environmentalism.

"Green nationalism is the only true nationalism," he wrote. "There is no conservatism without nature, there is no nationalism without environmentalism, the natural environment of our lands shaped us just as we shaped it. We were born from our lands and our own culture was molded by these same lands. The protection and preservation of these lands is of the same importance as the protection and preservation of our own ideals and beliefs. For too long we have allowed the left to co-opt the environmentalist movement to serve their own needs. The left has controlled all discussion regarding environmental preservation whilst simultaneously presiding over the continued destruction of the natural environment itself through mass immigration and uncontrolled urbanization, whilst offering no true solution to either issue. There is no Green future with never ending population growth, the ideal green world cannot exist in a world of 100 billion, 50 billion, or even 10 billion people. Continued immigration into Europe is environmental warfare and ultimately destructive to nature itself. The Europe of the future is not one of concrete and steel, smog and wires but a place of forests, lakes, mountains and meadows. Not a place where English is the de facto language but a place where every European language, belief and tradition is valued. Each nation and each ethnicity was molded by their own environment and if they are to be protected so must their own environments. THERE IS NO TRADITIONALISM WITHOUT ENVIRONMENTALISM."

The shooter's eco-fascism is as inextricable with his white supremacy and antisemitism as it was in Nazi Germany. Contrary to Carlson or any mainstream conservative thought leader, the shooter is functionally anti-natalist, viewing humanity in general as secondary in importance to the planet, and even his choice to murder blacks over Jews is "because [Jews] can be dealt with in time, but the high fertility replacers will destroy us now."

Most importantly, the shooter wasn't radicalized by watching Fox News with family after dinner or listening to Shapiro podcasts in the car to work. The dregs of the internet enraptured him during a government-mandated shutdown of normal social life. By every available statistic, the population at large ran rampant with vices during the isolation of 2020. A few succumbed to outright suicide. Even many of the more disciplined among us descended into drug and alcohol abuse. But for an already broken person like the shooter, his lockdown poison proved just as addictive as any opioid and, for Sunday's victims, far more dangerous.

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