May 14, 2022

USA: 3 Sons Murdered In Two Separate Shootings 1 Week In New Orleans. 24 People Shot In Just 4 Days In New Orleans, 7 Killed. Murders Increased 46% Year-Over-Year. People Afraid To Walk The Streets.

WWLTV published Tuesday May 10, 2022: 3 sons killed in 1 week in New Orleans.

Violent crime in New Orleans has unfortunately left many families with a familiar feeling - a feeling of devastation and loss. While some arrests have been made in homicide cases, giving families some closure, others are left in the dark.

That’s the case for the family of Bryan, Bradley and Brandon Veal. They are three brothers who were murdered within seven days of each other.

From the time of their murders in February 2021 until May 10, 2022, the Metropolitan Crime Commission recorded nearly 300 additional homicides. With that many cases to solve, their father wonders if he’ll ever get justice in his son’s brutal murders.

More than one year after losing their boys in one week, the family says they are still in the dark both literally and figuratively. The Veal family agreed to speak with WWL-TV with anonymity, shielding their names and faces from television cameras.

“To know that whoever the perpetrators are, are still walking around doing whatever and we have no idea who they could be or who they are,” says a family member. “So, for us to just come out and talk openly about it, it’s frightening.”

While you haven’t seen their faces, they’ve made sure their thoughts and voices are heard and seen. One voice we are hearing for the first time is that of the boy's father.

“My whole life has changed,” he says. “Anybody that’s experiencing death like that and then it being unsolved. There’s a super unfairness.”

The family members say they were out of town in Baton Rouge having dinner. When they parted ways, the boy’s father received a chilling phone call.
WWLTV published 'A senseless ambush' | 2 brothers shot to death at their home days after their sibling was murdered.

There are dozens of bullet holes in the homes at Carondelet and Eighth Street. It’s evidence of one of the two deadly shootings that killed three brothers in New Orleans.

Family tells Eyewitness News that Bryan, Brandon, and Bradley Veal were all killed within a single week, in two separate shootings.

William Murray lives just steps away from where 30-year-old Brandon and 21-year-old Bradley were shot the evening on February 20th .

“It was just such a senseless ambush. It was an ambush,” said Murary.

WWLTV published NOLA crime survivors want action from city leaders.

Three young adults say their lives have been forever changed, now that they are among the hundreds of violent crime survivors in New Orleans.

So, they are speaking out from their hospital beds, hoping those with political power will hear them.

Dance choreographer Joshua Parker and DJ Frederick Palmer have been in the hospital since Easter Sunday. Early that evening, along with Fred's fiancรฉe, they went to set up the music at a block party for families in the Circle Food Market parking lot. When they went to grab something to eat from a food truck under the Claiborne I-10, a stranger took an interest in Fred’s fiancรฉe.

WWLTV published April 12, 2022: 24 shot since Friday in New Orleans.

Violent crime is up, the number of police officers is down and residents would like some answers.

“You can’t go anywhere. You’re afraid to go to the grocery store, you’re afraid to come out to meetings,” said Lewis.

“Statistically here in Algiers we’re safer than anywhere else in New Orleans, but you’re right, it’s still high and unacceptable,” said Algiers resident Evans Thibodeaux.

It’s not just an Algiers problem. By the time the weekend was up six people were shot to death and 12 injured citywide. Shootings continued through the week.

“We’re averaging almost two people shot per day over the past two years and that’s a really dramatic increase,” said crime analyst Jeff Asher

Asher, co-founder of AH Datalytics, presented a report to the city council’s criminal justice committee Tuesday. It shows murder has increased by nearly 40 percent since the beginning of the year, compared to this time last year.

“[In] 2021, murder was up relative to the first quarter of 2020. So, it’s basically two straight years of increasing murder numbers,” said Asher.

Asher says more people now moving around since the start of the pandemic plays a role and while the hope is for things to get better, there’s no evidence they will.

“The trend is still up,” said Asher. “We had a horrific weekend last weekend. We’ve had yesterday, I think was bad, the day before was bad. When you’re averaging two shootings a day, it’s bad pretty much every day.”

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