May 9, 2022

UKRAINE: Joe Biden Signs Bill Today That Aims To Streamline Tens Of Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars In U.S. Military, Economic, And Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine. Deep State Cabal Looting US Treasury.

Ukraine PROVOKED Russia. Idiot corrupt Zelenskyy is 100% responsible for the pain Ukrainians are enduring now and destruction of their homes, cities, and displacement. I thought the world wanted to REDUCE nuclear weapons?! But somehow resonable people are okay with asshole Zelenskyy DECLARING Ukraine's right to have nuclear weapons that would be supplied by the European Union and the United States right? So, please imagine Mexico our NEUTRAL neighbor who borders our country, the United States, declaring they have a sovereign right to install nuclear weapons at our shared border GIVEN TO THEM by Russia our nemisis. Well, that is what asshole Zelenskky and his actual Nazi buddies did to PROVOKE Russia into war! Russia didn't invade Ukraine for no f***ing reason.

Are you okay with Nazis having nuclear weapons at their disposal to use ON ALL OF US?! Do you have a suicide death wish or something? And pay special attention to all of the assholes in your country supporting asshole Zelenskyy and his actual Nazi buddies in Ukraine. The Nazis in Ukraine are not made up. I have been blown away by the people in the United States who purport to care about freedom and American First values who are gushing over Zelenskyy and willing to do anything to help aid Ukraine in this war UKRAINE PROVOKED on purpose to get billions of dollars in financial aid and military grade weapons from the west AND Zelensky asked Ukraine creditors to write-off billions in debt.

You're allowing your hatred for Russia to cloud your better judgement. Are you for peace or not. Ukraine was already FREE. The United States and the EU overthrow the democratically elected President of SOVEREIGN Ukraine in 2014 because that President was friendly with Ukraine neighbor Russia. The US and EU forcefully installed their person who hates Russia. Ukraine President asshole Zelenskyy was allowing the Nazis paramilitary WHO HATE RUSSIA to MURDER Ukrainians in the Donbas region for 8 YEARS who were Russian speaking and had a love for Russia. Imagine if the United States President allowed paramilitary to murder Americans who spoke Spanish and had a love for Mexico our neighboring country. We have a lot of Americans whose ancestors are Mexican and show their pride waving Mexican flag ourside of their homes and on their cars or wardrobe. Well, the same is true for the Ukrainians Zelenskyy was okay massacring for 8 years because they're ancestors are Russian and show their pride for Russia publicly.

If Russia was REALLY INVADING Ukraine for purposes of a takeover, it would have already been done, NOT dragged on forever. Russia is a giant compared to Ukraine. Russia could easily squash Ukraine in a second. 

UPDATE 5/10/22 at 7:15pm: Let me put it another way. The United States of America would see our neighbor NEUTRAL sovereign Mexico teaming up with Russia our enemy, and NEUTRAL sovereign Mexico demanding nuclear weapons installation AFTER teaming up with Russia our enemy, AS A HOSTILE ACT OF AGRESSION toward the United States of America. Well.... that's exactly what is happening in Ukraine. Russia has witnessed neighbor Ukraine go from agreed upon NEUTRAL to HOSTILE ACT of agression for teaming up with Russia enemy NATO alliance and the United States of America and asshole Zelensky had the nerve on top of that to demand nuclear weapons installation in the beginning of this year. Asshole Zelenskyy didn't do any of this hostility toward Russia when Trump was President. No, asshole Zelenskyy clearly waited for Biden globalist deep state cabal to be installed and all of these psycho globalist depopulation eugenics agenda crooks can all joyfully loot the U.S. Treasury.

And all of you are going bonkers in love and support for the asshole Zelenskyy whose actions IGNITED THIS WAR WITH RUSSIA. (emphasis mine)

This ๐Ÿ‘‡ Financial Times article is from last week March 28, 2022 Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine ready to discuss neutrality in peace talks with Russia

Kremlin says fact negotiations in Turkey are due to continue this week ‘is important’:

Ukraine (idiot corrupt Zelensky) is ready to declare NEUTRALITY, abandon its drive to join Nato and VOW TO NOT DEVELOP NUCLEAR WEAPONS if Russia withdraws troops and Kyiv receives security guarantees, President Volodymyr Zelensky said ahead of peace talks in Turkey this week.

Speaking in Russian, Zelensky told a group of Russian independent journalists on Sunday that Kyiv was prepared to meet Moscow on some of its demands on the condition that the changes were put to a referendum and third parties promised to protect Ukraine.

“Security guarantees and neutrality, the non-nuclear status of our state — we’re ready to do that. That’s the most important point . . . they started the war because of it,” Zelensky said. Ukraine’s main goal was to end the war as quickly as possible and make Russia’s forces withdraw to the positions they held before Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion on February 24, he said.
written by Amanda Macias
Monday May 9, 2022

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden signed a bill Monday that will streamline the lengthy process of supplying Ukraine with the military equipment needed for the fight against Russia.

“I’m signing a bill that provides another important tool that directly supports the government of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and their fight to defend their country and their democracy against Putin’s brutal war,” Biden said from the Oval Office.

“The cost of the fight is not cheap, but caving to aggression is even more costly,” Biden added.

Biden’s signature on the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022 will make it easier for the U.S. to lend or lease military aid to allies affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Biden already has some power to lend or lease equipment, but the legislation he will sign into law will ease some of the requirements for doing so.

Under the measure, Ukraine can request streamlined transfers of U.S. weapons and other security assistance. The U.S. will get guarantees that the country will replace or reimburse the assets at a later date.

Monday’s legislation evokes the “Lend-Lease Act,” through which the U.S. supported allies, including the Soviet Union, during World War II.

On Friday, the Biden administration announced a new weapons package for Ukraine worth $150 million.

The latest military aid package, the ninth security assistance installment, brings the U.S. military aid commitment to $3.8 billion since Moscow invaded its neighbor in late February.

The $150 million pledged on Friday comes from the remaining $250 million in presidential drawdown authority, which allows the president to transfer excess weapons from U.S. arsenals without congressional approval.

Last month, Biden requested $33 billion from Congress after he exhausted his remaining drawdown authority. He reiterated his request on Friday.

He said that for Ukraine to succeed against Russia, the U.S. and its allies must continue to move weapons and ammunition into the country.
The Daily Mail, UK
written by Stewart Carr
Sunday May 8, 2022

U2 stars Bono and The Edge performed a surprise jam session in Kyiv today after a personal invitation from president Zelensky.

The members of the Irish supergroup tweeted images of their performance with Ukrainian band Antytila's lead singer Tomos Topelia in one of the Ukrainian capital's bomb shelters.

From a station platform, 61-year-old Bono belted out U2 classics 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', 'Desire' and 'With or without you'.

'The people in Ukraine are not just fighting for your own freedom, you are fighting for all of us who love freedom,' said Bono during a break.

'We pray that you will enjoy some of that peace soon,' said Bono.

Bono and The Edge were later pictured visiting the towns of Irpin and Bucha – the sites of alleged Russian war crimes after weeks of occupation.

The pair were shown greeting locals amongst the ruins of buildings, and outside St. Andrew Pervozvannoho All Saints church - where a mass grave was found in April.

The songs clearly made their mark on the small crowd gathered underground and users on Twitter were equally moved.

John R 77 tweeted: 'Thank you Bono and Edge for the music and for making the world a better place through art, Ukraine will win this war with the world's support.'

Jackie posted: 'This is so amazing! Way to go Bono!!!'

Longing Logos tweeted it was 'really great' and Scott the Heretic added: 'I almost cried. Thanks for the share.'

But while plenty of viewers were moved by the band's show of solidarity with Ukraine, others were tickled.

Women's Rights posted: 'These guys are pretty good. They should start a band and try to get signed.'

The surprise appearance by Bono - a long time humanitarian who frequently lends his voice to a variety of causes including the fight against poverty and AIDS - came as air raid sirens echoed in the Ukrainian capital and fighting raged in the country's east.

At one point, Bono invited a Ukrainian soldier to sing along who called on the world's support for the embattled country as they covered 'Stand by me'.

Bono performed alongside U2's guitarist 'The Edge' to a small crowd of fans including fatigue-clad members of Ukraine's armed forces.

'It's some good emotions, that's all,' said a member of the Ukrainian territorial forces in the audience.

'It's a strange feeling, like being a child going to first grade,' said 36-year-old university lecturer, Olesia Bezsmertna, ahead of the show.

The band’s performance in Ukraine comes as US First Lady Jill Biden visited Kyiv and met with Mr Zelensky’s wife Olena.

Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin also made an unexpected trip to Irpin.
UPDATE 5/9/22 at 6:49pm: Added info below.

Jill Biden said, "The people of the United States stand with the people of Ukraine." Umm... Biden and the deep state cabal are sending TENS of BILLIONS of dollars to Ukraine while Americans are suffering economically from Biden's American hating globalist NWO agenda policies. Biden and deep state congress don't give a shit about Americans. (emphasis mine)
๐Ÿšจ The f**ker Zelenskyy demands we send him $7 BILLION per month ๐Ÿ‘‡

Meanwhile, we have people in America committing suicide because they've lost their income because Joe Biden and the deep state cabal across America are forcing people to get the depopulation eugenics agenda monsters experimental vaccine and businesses have closed because of the scamdemic shutdowns. Pay attention to people who claim they're American Patriots like Sebatian Gorka and Mark Levin and others who I used to respect until they were on the same side as the deep state cabal defending Ukraine WHO PROVOKED THIS WAR WITH RUSSIA! Zelenskyy is literally one of the most corrupt politicians in the world implicated in the Panama Papers and you're gushing over him as if he were a saint. There would not be a war if Ukraine REMAINED NEUTRAL. We don't want our enemies at our borders, neither does Russia! (emphasis mine)

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