May 15, 2022

A Special Message For All The Homo Sapiens Out There That The Deep State Globalist NWO Depopulation Eugenics Agenda Monsters Want To Eliminate. Love You! God Is Alpha And Omega. 🌻

I used the term homo sapiens because that is how psychopath Dr. Yuval Noah Harari who is a transhumanist and top advisor to WEF Klaus Schwab refers to all of us. He and all of his psychopath globalist buddies look upon us with disgust. They refer to us a useless meat eaters. I recently shared a photo of Klaus Schwab sitting at his desk and behind him on his shelf was a bust of Vladimir Lenin. According to Lenin "was a Russian communist revolutionary and head of the Bolshevik Party who rose to prominence during the Russian Revolution of 1917." I mean come on, it makes sense right that he would have a fondness for Communism considering Communism has elimated millions of human beings and mostly through starvation. That photo of Klaus Schwab that was a screenshot taken from an interview he was giving explains why all of these psychopaths are in full support of Ukraine. You see Putin is not a fan of Lenin so they want to get rid of him. The globalist NWO psychopaths want us all living under a one world totalitarian government. Look up Lenin to find out what these psychopaths have in store for us.

CLICK HERE to watch the video of Klaus Schwab with the Communist Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin bust on shelf behind him in his office. (emphasis mine)

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