April 20, 2022

USA: Critics Of MADD’s New Anti-Drug Billboard In San Francisco Warn It May Harm Tourism. Apparently, Homeless Camps, Hypodermic Needles, Shit Maps, High Crime, Zero Bail Not The Cause.

CBS News, San Francisco Bay Area local
written by Betty Yu
Monday April 4, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — Union Square’s newest billboard isn’t selling anything to shoppers. It’s warning tourists and putting the pressure on city officials to crack down on San Francisco’s drug problem.

The billboard reads, “Famous the world over for our brains, beauty and now, dirty-cheap fentanyl,” in reference to San Francisco’s opioid problem.

“I think it’s not a great reputation for a city to have,” said Sofie Jensen, a tourist from Denmark. “Better to be known for the beautiful bridge, and the beautiful city because we really like this city.”

“I am a parent, I have two baby girls myself, I think it’s sad, at least they’re doing something about it, informing everybody,” said Maggie Ramirez, a first-time visitor from Las Vegas.

The bottom of the billboard reads: “It’s time to close San Francisco’s open-air drug markets.”

KPIX 5 met Meaghan Emmons, a tourist from Pennsylvania, who says she is a recovering addict.

“I think education is our way out of that, if there’s a way out of substance abuse, people dying. addiction is a sad disease,” she said.

The San Francisco Travel Association, The Hotel Council of San Francisco, the Union Square Alliance and The Golden Gate Restaurant Association issued the following joint statement Monday regarding the billboard going up in Union Square.

“There are no words sufficient to console the pain of those impacted by addiction across the United States. Here in San Francisco, our hospitality community has been proactive and focused in our efforts to push our elected officials to clean up the open air drug dealing that’s sadly visible in parts of our city. The passionate campaign being launched today by MADD, although impactful, is not the solution as it will only hurt local small businesses and our hospitality workers who just now are beginning to crawl out of the economic disaster caused by COVID and its continuing fallout. We respectfully ask that MADD join with us in pushing for solutions while supporting our tourism industry workers.”
Nick Johnson published April 14, 2022: There is NO Solution to the Homeless Problem in San Francisco, California Anymore.
Wow. Here is a transcript I typed of a snipit of what was shared in this interview at 20:30 minutes:

Nick Johnson: You brought up the agencies. I reached out to probably half a dozen agencies that deal with the homeless in one way or another with all the fancy names of shelter this and forward this. None of them got back, a couple got back to me and oh we're not going to talk to you. I researched one of them. They had 40 people on staff and I know that means, they have to have 5 to 6 million dollars in salary just overhead just from salary. Plus however much it costs to lease an office building. I don't know how much of the money that is donated to these non-profits trying to make a difference between getting these people off the streets is actually making it to these people trying to get off the streets because it seems that the non-profit agencies that are suppose to be helping the homeless are eating up most of the money just for the overhead.

Guest: Yeah, well the interview I sent you that kind of delves into a bit more. That I was telling you the gentlemen who actually lived on the street now that he has gotten off of the streets he is actually working with people. He gave a really interesting statistic. What he said for San Francisco, this is for San Francisco, so not for California, but just for the city of San Francisco. He said they spend $260 MILLION a year on contracts to non-profits for homeless. These are for the non-profits that are providing services for homeless. So there's some areas where they have tents that are maintained by these non-profits to help. They said on average it costs $60,000 a year TO MANAGE ONE TENT.

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