April 12, 2022

EL SALVADOR: Government Arrested 9,000 Gang Members In Response To A Killing Spree In March. The Rise In Gang Violence Caused A Countrywide State Of Emergency. Dem DAs Would Release Them

NBC News published April 5, 2022: El Salvador Arrests 6,000 Gang Members In 10 Days. El Salvador has continued its crackdown on what officials are calling a war on gangs as the government has arrested 6,000 gang members in response to a killing spree in March. The rise in gang violence caused a countrywide state of emergency, but advocates claim some of the the efforts are creating a framework for abuse.
TRT World published April 8, 2022: El Salvador cracks down on gangs. El Salvador is cracking down on criminal gangs following a dramatic rise in homicides. President Bukele has announced a state of emergency, allowing police to arrest gang members without a warrant. And in just 10 days, they've already made around 7,000 arrests, pushing prisons to their limit. Luis Alvarado has more from El Salvador.
The government creates the criminal and crime problem with their laws favoring the criminal element. Then freaks out, panics when crime gets out of control. Anyone in their right mind would know this would be the consequence to favoring the criminal with lenient laws. TRT is reporting that "Less than two weeks ago the country went from an average of two violent deaths a day to nearly 70 murders in less than 48 hours." And another thing, their claiming these men resort to crime because of the economy. Well, who is in charge of the economy? The same people freaking out right now about the consequences of their own policies. They govern just like the globalist Democrats here in America and the globalist RINO's. (emphasis mine)
France24 News
written by AFP staff
Tuesday April 5, 2022

San Salvador – More than 6,000 gang members have been detained in the first nine days of a state of emergency in El Salvador, President Nayib Bukele said Monday, after imposing the measures to stamp out a soaring homicide wave.

The Central American country declared the emergency measures -- allowing the arrest of gang members without a warrant -- last week after 87 reported killings from March 25 to 27.

And on Monday the president said the 6,000 detained in a little over a week added to the 16,000 gang members already incarcerated in El Salvador's prisons.

Speaking at a police barracks in the capital San Salvador, Bukele addressed public concerns of gangs "taking revenge" on the population due to the massive arrest operations.

If they commit an act of revenge, "there will not be even one meal in the prisons," the president said.

"I swear to God that they will not eat a single grain of rice, and we will see how long they last, and I don't care what international organizations say," he added.

Besides arrests without a warrant, the emergency measures -- which last one month -- also restrict freedom of assembly, while telephone calls and emails can be intercepted without a court order.

Such broad and swift enactment of powers granted to the military and police has drawn alarm from local and international human rights organizations.

Bukele added that he had ordered the construction of a maximum-security prison with a capacity of 20,000 inmates.

"There are only two ways: jail or death," he said.

The 40-year-old president, elected in 2019, enjoys broad support in El Salvador over his promises to fight organized crime and improve security in the violence-wracked country.

Last week, the ruling party-controlled parliament reformed the penal code to increase the maximum sentence for gang membership from nine to 45 years in prison.
written by Staff
Monday April 11, 2022

President Nayib Bukele says "war against gangs" will continue, a month after he invoked emergency powers to suspend some constitutional rights to crackdown on gangs engaged in drug trafficking and extortion.

Authorities in El Salvador have arrested more than 9,000 suspected gang members in the past 15 days, President Nayib Bukele announced, amid a state of emergency pushed by the president after a spike in homicides.

"More than 9,000 gang members (arrested) in just 15 days. We continue the war against gangs," tweeted the president on Sunday, who has been criticised by local and international humanitarian organisations for alleged human rights violations.

For its part, the National Civil Police (PNC) reported on Twitter that "507 terrorists" were captured on Saturday.

War on gangs

Since the beginning "of the war against gangs, we have put a total of 9,120 gang members behind bars," it said.

From March 25-27 in El Salvador 87 people were killed in a wave of violence, prompting the police and military to begin mass arrests.

On March 27 the pro-government Congress approved a state of emergency that gives legal cover to arrests without warrants.

In addition, Congress approved, at Bukele's request, reforms to increase the maximum sentence for gang membership from nine to 45 years in prison, and to punish the dissemination of gang messages in the media with up to 15 years in prison.

The Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and Barrio 18 gangs, among others, total some 70,000 members.

As of March 16,000 of them were in prison.

El Salvador closed 2021 with 1,147 homicides –– 18 per 100,000 inhabitants –– while in 2020 it registered 1,341 violent deaths.

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