March 27, 2022

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Forbes Magazine
written by Bruce Y. Lee
Sunday March 20, 2022
THIS IS SADISTIC MIND F*** Satanic ritual abuse. (emphasis mine)
Well, that didn’t last too long. Less than two weeks after lifting face mask mandates on March 5, the Austrian government announced on Friday that they will be reinstituting such requirements on March 23. That’s because Austria is in the midst of, guess what, a Covid-19 coronavirus surge. On March 5, Austria had an average of around 29,000 new reported Covid-19 cases per day over the previous seven days. By March 18, that number had ballooned to over 45,000.

So starting this coming Wednesday if you go to the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, don’t slip up and forget your FFP2 respirator. In fact, if you go to any indoor public location in Austria, you’re gonna be required to wear such a face mask. In this case, FFP doesn’t mean “flying fart protection.” Instead, it stands for “filtering facepiece” and is the European standard for respirators, just like the “N” designation is the standard for the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the “KN” designation is the standard for China’s government.

Surgical masks and other face coverings that don’t have FFP designations can block you from spewing virus into the air if you are infectious and in turn protect others around you. Wearing a face mask with an FFP designation can in addition protect you by filtering out the virus from the air that you inhale, as the following Euronews segment described:

The face mask reversal ain’t the only change that will happen on Wednesday. The Austrian government also indicated that they “will revise the isolation rules for infected people in order to make the staffing situation easier, especially for hospitals, old people's and nursing homes.” However, “revise the isolation rules” is a bit vague, sort of like saying “something will happen” or a chef saying, “your meal will be edible.” Therefore, stay tuned until after the weekend to find out what else may be in store for Austria.

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