March 30, 2022

USA: Mexico Has Replaced China As The Dominant Source Of Illegal Synthetic Opioid Manufacturing And Trafficking Into The US. Florida Warns Of New Drug 20-100 Times More Powerful Than Fentanyl

written by Ralph Ellis
Tuesday February 8, 2022

Mexico has replaced China as the “dominant source” of fentanyl and synthetic opioids entering the United States, a new government report says.

From 2014 until 2019, most pure fentanyl that U.S. authorities seized came from the People’s Republic of China (PRC), said the report from the Commission on Combating Synthetic Opioid Trafficking.

“Since then, the dominant source of illegally sourced fentanyl has been Mexico,” the report says. “The drug is manufactured in illegal laboratories there using precursors from Asia — mainly the PRC — and is trafficked principally by land into the United States.”

Fentanyl is smuggled across the U.S.-Mexico border in packages, vehicles, and on persons, the report says. Because the drug is so powerful, “It is difficult to interdict given that just a small physical amount of this potent drug is enough to satisfy U.S. demand, making it highly profitable for traffickers and dealers,” the report says.

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is prescribed to treat severe pain. However, people misuse it because of its ability to produce a potent high and feelings of euphoria.

The commission is a bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers, experts and officials from federal departments and agencies.

In a troubling note, the report said Mexican drug cartels sometimes manufacture the drug in counterfeit tablets with brand names such as Adderall and Xanax, meaning some people who consume fentanyl are not initially seeking it.

About 100,000 Americans overdosed and died during a recent 12-month period, mostly because of fentanyl and similar synthetic drugs, says a letter included with the report from U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and U.S. Rep. David Trone of Maryland.

“The overdose crisis in the United States claims more lives each year than firearms, suicide, homicide, or motor vehicle crashes. This is one of our most-pressing national security, law enforcement, and public health challenges, and we must do more as a nation and a government to protect our most precious resource ― American lives,” the letter says.

The report makes recommendations for the U.S. to reduce the flow of fentanyl.
  • Elevate the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the Executive Office to a cabinet-level position.
  • Disrupt drug supply through targeted oversight and enforcement, such as offering federal grants to law enforcement agencies to swiftly investigate drug overdoses.
  • Use public health agencies to educate the public and reduce demand.
  • Collaborate with countries involved in the production and distribution of synthetic opioids.
  • Improve surveillance and data analysis to allow for more-timely and interventions.
The Commission on Combating Synthetic Opioid Trafficking is a bipartisan group of lawmakers and officials from federal departments and agencies.

In 2017, then-President Trump declare the opioid crisis a national emergency.
FOX 13 Tampa Bay published March 23, 2022: Potentially deadly drug 20 times more potent than fentanyl found in Pasco County. A new synthetic drug known as "ISO," short for etonitazene, which has been linked to overdose deaths in Pasco County, can be absorbed through the skin, ingested or inhaled. 

New York Post
written by Caroline Elliott, Fox News
Wednesday March 30, 2022

TAMPA – A new drug 20-100 times stronger than fentanyl is now making its way into common street drugs across the United States.

Isotonitazene, referred to as ISO, is creating problems for spring breakers in Florida and even leading to second-hand overdoses.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody issued a warning on ISO earlier this month, as law enforcement agencies warned the drug could be driving the recent increase in overdose deaths.

“For years, we have been warning about the dangers of fentanyl and how just one pill laced with this synthetic opioid can kill. Now, there is a new, deadlier drug being found in Florida. Isotonitazene … is so strong that it can kill just by coming in contact with someone’s skin or being accidentally inhaled. ISO has already been linked to overdose deaths in Florida, so please, never take any illicit drug and know that using just one time could cost you your life,” Moody said.

ISO is linked to overdose deaths across the country, including in the Midwest. Mark Geary buried his son unexpectedly in May 2021, after his son ingested a hydrocodone unknowingly laced with ISO.

“He was a son, father, grandpa, uncle. He was just so happy, and he just loved his kids. He loved his family. It will be a year in May. Without family, I would probably be more devastated,” Geary said.

Former DEA special agent Derek Maltz weighs in on the fentanyl crisis at the U.S. southern border on ‘Unfiltered.’

Jeff Geary’s cause of death was initially reported as a fentanyl overdose, but later tests found ISO contributed to his death.

“I never heard of ISO, and she explained it’s a more powerful drug than fentanyl.I believe that this is going to be the new fentanyl, like fentanyl was to heroin … where they thought it was heroin killing people, and it ended up being fentanyl. Now I believe a lot of fentanyl deaths, if they take a second look at it, it’s going to be ISO,” Geary said.

ISO is now increasing overdose deaths across the country, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

“We’re seeing overdose numbers going up. My prediction is that when the medical examiners’ report comes back, we’re going to see that ISO is causing that percentage to go higher for overdose fatalities,” Sheriff Chris Nocco said.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office found the drug doesn’t always respond to Narcan, a medication that reverses the effects of fentanyl and other opioids. Like fentanyl, the drug is also sparking more accidental overdoses in families — and even law enforcement, second-hand.

“We had an instance the other day where a mother and her 14-year-old daughter overdosed. We’re scared for our law enforcement officers, our firefighters, our canines, you know, one time they’re out there trying to save somebody’s life. You know, even just, you know, trying to resuscitate somebody back, you know, can cause them to overdose also,” Nocco said. “You’ve taken a poison, and you magnified it 20 to 100 times. So you’re, you know, basically going to be destroying people the first time they take it.”

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), ISO is manufactured in China, shipped to Mexico and then smuggled into the United States.

Geary is sharing his son’s story in hopes of saving another family from heartbreak.

“I’m putting my son’s story about his death out there to possibly help just one person save someone’s life or save a family from going through what our family is going through,” he said. ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿ‘‡ I FOLLOW Tales from the Street YouTube channel ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿšจ
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KHSB41, Kansas City local
written by Katelyn Brown
Wednesday March 30, 2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A student at Oak Park High School passed away Tuesday from an overdose, according to the North Kansas City School District.

The district said that the sophomore died after taking a pill that ended up containing a lethal amount of fentanyl. They took the pill on Thursday and passed away Tuesday afternoon.

The school was in normal session for Wednesday, but additional support staff was made available for students who may need help with the grieving process.

A district spokesperson said they will be working with the Clay County Sheriff's Department and Tri-County Mental Health to provide education services and support to their school community in the near future.

Counterfeit prescription drugs laced with a fatal amount of fentanyl have become more common in recent years.

The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department recently held a press conference to urge parents to have conversations with their children about the dangers of purchasing counterfeit medications and fentanyl.

School-aged children and young adults are most likely to fall victim to the drugs.

More often, fentanyl overdoses are becoming fatal because of the minuscule amount of the drug it takes to be lethal.

The Clay County Sheriff's Department has also warned of an increase in the dangerous drugs in the Northland. There has been an increase in the number of deaths from fatal fentanyl overdoses and an increase in non-fatal overdoses as well.

Just last week, two men in Trenton, Missouri, were federally indicted for conspiracy to distribute fentanyl in the area.

The counterfeit pills laced with the deadly drug often look like oxycodone, Adderall or Xanax.

Editor's note — KSHB 41 is not naming the student due to the student's age.
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I typed Fentanyl in YouTube search and found rappers glorifying Fentanyl to influence the youth. I censored the n (word) in his lyrics I shared below. I only shared two rappers, but there are many bragging about Fentanyl. They're mainstreaming this just like they mainstream being a gangster. They made it cool. (emphasis mine)
Breaking Bars published September 20, 2021: Freeze Corleone - Fentanyl | REACTION!!

Freeze Corleone - Fentanyl (English Translation)

[Intro] I heard about of some crazy shit that was popular, I got some of it... And the guy that sold it to me said : "Whatever you do, don't take too much". I cut an eighth of a gram into 3 pieces... I took one of those I fell down just here. I think it was the first time that I ever tested true Fentanyl, pure Fentanyl

[Verse 1] Huge joint, Fanta-lean, I lace my shit with Fentanyl
Ra's-Al-Ghul in the league, I stay real, I stay in my line
Q.B like in Lefrak's times, Chen Zen, my drugs defrag
Surprise effect, always unexpected when I take a hit
Fuck a zionist like BHL
We've got the logistic to route packages from A to B as DHL
John Wall in the paint, three hundred dollars in a belt
Lean, textured like I put some water in paint
And please, talk money, nigga, talk in concrete terms
Hello, doctor Medellin? Any news for my treatement?
In Dakar, we know some Alonzos, some Vic Mackeys
He wanted to get blazed like me, turns out he's lacking
And I'm sipping burgundy leans, son, I've got Eddy Gordo's skills
Senegalese like Yekini and Gris Bordeaux, I know hella combos as if I was working at Capcom
Into pills, n (word), I'm feeling as if I had no body
While they are buying hella streams
I want the banknotes of Valve and Steam
S/O Roi Heenok, radical rap, Palestinian tactic
Artificial earthquake, weather control
I see them little as if I was high
I teach about life like GTO
Alphonse, rap professor
S/O Bob Dany, more tech than 4 processors
Everyday in the lab, n (word), I feel like Dexter
In the stash with the plan, n (word), I feel like Lester
Backwoods, I'm subbing out seven cig heads
Watching the sky, looking for the seven-headed beast
Killstreak, I'm at seven heads
S/O DGK, Morroco, strikes hard like Drogba
Real n (word), on my life I'll never dance on a table like Pogba
I have a blurred vision into opiates
S/O Sobek the crocodile of frozen waters
S/O mafia, n (word), S/O high caste, precise as if I'm playing for OKC
Rolling fat blunts and it hurts when I have to think about people using the past tense
Self-made, ekip mindset, we don't need assistance
SRR-61, adjusting the height according to distance
Damn son, they make me laugh, "haha" like Nelson
N (word), I use them to roll like Benson
Competitors, smoking a bunch of them, Medusa on the flip flops
Audio dope, I'm killing crackheads, I'm like Wilson on rackets
Blue Beam its the NASA, mixing syrup in Maaza
Chen Zen aka Ra's-Al', I'm smoking hella hash, n (word), good shoot like Hazard
Drinking hella lean like in Abuja, american propaganda, like in Falloujah
And I smoke lots of hash, hit lots of targets
20.18, n (word), there are not many signs left, ekip

Huge joint, Fanta-lean, I lace my shit with Fentanyl
Ra's-Al-Ghul in the league, I stay true, I stay in my line
Q.B like in Lefrak's times, Chen Zen, my drugs defrag

Doug Channel React published March 30, 2022: BC Raff Fentanyl [VIDEO CLIPE OFICIAL] | Reaction.

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