March 16, 2022

USA: The Fall of the Cabal Part 6, Major Media Manipulation and Part 5: Children, Art, and Pizza. Same Satanic Worshipping Globalists Aggressively Censoring Opposition PROVOKING WAR With Russia

GlobalAwareness101 published March 16, 2022: The Fall of the Cabal Part 6, Major Media Manipulation.

This will help you understand why the Commie Satanic worshipping globalists are aggressively censoring anyone opposing. Part 6 is about fake news, media manipulation and propaganda, the CIA, Project Mockingbird, whistle blower Udo Ulfkotte, the Illusion of Choice in media land, major sponsors of Hillary Clinton & the Democratic Party. About the dangers of censorship, Media Matters for America, Correct the Record, Facebook, Google and YouTube, Snopes. About Avaaz and the use of Controlled Opposition.
GlobalAwareness101 published March 16, 2022: The Fall of The Cabal part 5: Children, Art, and Pizza. Pizzagate explained. You need to see for yourself with your own eyes. 19 minute video. Once you see this, you can't unsee it.

These are all of the people manipulating our media worldwide, the same people who lied to us about the pandemic while destroying lives, families, and businesses, are the same people PROVOKING A WAR with Russia using Ukraine idiot President Zelensky.

This is how they're shutting down all opposition to their overthrow of America. Look up the following:
  • Democracy Matter: Strategic Plan for Action
  • Transition Integrity Project
  • The 65 Project Attorneys 👈 are actively DENYING their political opposition their right to a fair trial IN AMERICA. They claim to be bipartisan which is completely bogus. President Trump and any American loving Patriot has a right to their day in court.
I just looked this up. states, "RIGHT TO SUE: The right to petition the government for redress of grievances includes a right to file suit in a court of law." and "When right-to-sue claims do not involve issues of constitutional magnitude, the Court has grounded its First Amendment analysis in associational freedoms inherent in a collective resort to the courts. But when neither constitutional issues nor collective action is present, the Court has addressed claims of the right to seek redress in court as a due-process or equal-protection challenge."

The 65 Project Attorneys are intimidating and literally stopping their political opposition from taking their case to trial and presenting their evidence before a court of law. If their political opposition's cases are bogus as they claim, then why don't they allow the courts to decide that accusation? America is supposed to be a country of rights that these evil people are working hard to deprive us of. I mean come on, a woman sued McDonalds because she spilled a hot coffee on her lap when leaving the drivethru AND WON her lawsuit. Most people would think that is a frivolous lawsuit. However, she had the right to sue McDonalds, a court accepted her case, and to our surprise, SHE WON HER CASE.

written by Lachlan Markay and Jonathan Swan
Monday March 7, 2022 👈👈👈

A dark money group with ties to Democratic Party heavyweights will spend millions this year to expose and try to disbar more than 100 lawyers who worked on Donald Trump’s post-election lawsuits, people involved with the effort tell Axios.

Why it matters: The 65 Project plans to begin filing complaints this week and will air ads in battleground states. It hopes to deter right-wing legal talent from signing on to any future GOP efforts to overturn elections — including the midterms or 2024.
  • The group takes its name from a count of lawsuits that sought to invalidate the 2020 results.
Details: David Brock, who founded Media Matters for America and the super PAC American Bridge 21st Century and is a Hillary Clinton ally and prolific fundraiser for Democrats, is advising the group. 
  • Advisory board members include former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.); and Paul Rosenzweig, a conservative and member of the Federalist Society who was former senior counsel for Ken Starr's Clint0n-era Whitewater investigation and served in George W. Bush's Department of Homeland Security.
  • Former Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Christine Durham; and Roberta Ramo, the first woman to serve as president of the American Bar Association, are also members.
  • The project was devised by Melissa Moss, a Democratic consultant and former senior Clinton administration official.
The other side: Some of the lawyers targeted describe the tactics as naked political intimidation.
  • "This move is nothing more than a desperate attempt by leftist hacks and mercenaries…” Paul Davis, a Texas attorney targeted for his presence at the Capitol on January 6, wrote in an email to Axios.
  • He described an effort “…to neutralize anyone on the right with the ability to stand in the way of the left's efforts to hide malfeasance in the 2020 elections and to clear the path for a repeat of similar malfeasance in the 2022 mid-terms.”
How it works: The 65 Project is targeting 111 attorneys in 26 states who were involved to some degree in efforts to challenge or reverse 2020 election results. They include lawyers at large national law firms with many partners and clients and lawyers at smaller, regional firms.
  • It will air ads in battleground states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
  • It also will push the ABA and every state bar association to codify rules barring certain election challenges and adopt model language stating that "fraudulent and malicious lawsuits to overturn legitimate election results violate the ethical duties lawyers must abide by."
  • It plans to spend about $2.5 million in its first year and will operate through an existing nonprofit called Law Works.
Brock told Axios in an interview that the idea is to "not only bring the grievances in the bar complaints, but shame them and make them toxic in their communities and in their firms."
  • "I think the littler fish are probably more vulnerable to what we're doing," Brock said. "You're threatening their livelihood. And, you know, they've got reputations in their local communities."
What they're saying: "With great power comes great responsibility. Lawyers have a special role in and special obligation to society," Rosenzweig told Axios in an email.
  • "It is all the worse, then, when they use their special position to attack the foundations of the rule of law.”
The group has three categories of targets, according to plans reviewed by Axios.
  • Trump's legal inner circle, including lawyers such as campaign hands Jenna Ellis and Boris Epshteyn and post-election lawyers like Sidney Powell and Joe DiGenova.
  • Lawyers who signed on as "alternate electors," who planned to submit their names to the Electoral College in lieu of legitimate elector slates if Trump-aligned legal challenges succeeded. 
  • Licensed attorneys who participated in or were present at the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Between the lines: Some of the attorney targets already have been hit with bar complaints. One going after Georgia attorney Brad Carver for his role as an alternate elector was dismissed for lack of evidence. Carver, in an email to Axios, reiterated his position that his involvement was legally appropriate.
  • But The 65 Project is focused on starving any future efforts of legal talent as well as focusing on 2020.
  • "This is mostly important for the deterrent effect that it can bring so that you can kill the pool of available legal talent going forward," according to a person involved with the effort, who asked to remain anonymous.
Cleta Mitchell, who resigned from Foley & Lardner as she assisted the Trump campaign's post-election legal efforts, characterized The 65 Project’s effort as hypocritical.
  • "I'm betting Marc Elias isn't on the list," she said in a text message, linking to a story about the Democratic attorney's challenge to the results of a House race in Iowa last year and one about his claims of voting machine "irregularities" in another in New York.
  • "Ok for Dem lawyers to file election challenges. Of course."
John Eastman, who crafted a legal memo detailing Trump's options for overturning the election, already is facing a bar complaint in California.
  • He "expects the Bar’s investigation into these matters will fully exonerate him from any charges," his attorney said in an emailed statement.
  • "As was his duty as an attorney, Dr. Eastman zealously represented his client, comprehensively exploring legal and constitutional means to advance his client’s interests."

My point in sharing the tweet above is to show that the Commie globalist Democrats are allowed to proceed with their lawsuits even though they were found to be frivolous by the court.

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