March 30, 2022

USA: 37-Year-Old Coach And Math Teacher Charged With Statutory Rape, Sodomy, Enticing A Child For Indecent Purposes, Sexual Assault By Person With Various Authorities And Child Molestation.

CBS46 Atlanta published March 23, 2022: Jonesboro High football coach charged with sexual assault, child molestation. CBS46 has learned that on March 18, Clayton County School Police arrested 37-year-old Marcus Allen on several charges, including sexual assault and child molestation.
It sounds like he moved from school to school and perhaps protected by the teachers union. I wonder how long he has been molesting underage students? (emphasis mine)
Clayton News Daily, Georgia local
written by Heather Middleton
Monday March 28, 2022

JONESBORO — An assistant football coach and math teacher at Jonesboro High School has been arrested and charged with several sex crimes, including child molestation.

Marcus Johnson Allen, 37, was taken into custody on Friday, March 18 on charges of statutory rape, sodomy, enticing a child for indecent purposes, sexual assault by person with various authorities and child molestation. Allen remains in the Clayton County Jail without bond.

During his first appearance with Judge Stephen Knights on Monday, March 20, Allen was largely silent asking only if he would have an opportunity to speak with the attorney he consulted with prior to his arrest for the purposes of hiring him. The judge set Allen’s preliminary hearing for April 25. However Knights said the hearing could be moved up, advising Allen to “be on standby.”

It’s unclear how long Allen has worked for the school district. However, according to, he is listed as a 6-8th grade teacher from 2013 to 2019. The site also lists Allen as a 9-12th grade teacher in 2020. In both instances, the Clayton County Board of Education was listed as the employer.

A statement from the school system said that Clayton County Public Schools officials are aware of an investigation at Jonesboro High and that the district is following standard protocols in dealing with personnel matters.

“Due to the ongoing status of this investigation, we are unable to offer any further comment,” officials said in a statement.

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