March 5, 2022

UKRAINE: One Of The Five Negotiators From The Ukrainian Side Executed By Ukrainian Secret Services Accused Of Being A Traitor. Also Sharing Ukraine War Stories That Turned Out To Be Fake.

🚨👇 These tweets sharing fake news about Russia bombing holocaust memorial site have not been deleted. Twitter hasn't suspended them for deliberately sharing fake news. 👇🚨
UPDATE 3/5/22 at 7:28pm: This man in screenshot above protected his tweets after I made this post.  Which means only people who follow him can read his tweets. But he did not delete this tweet that has been exposed as a story that turned out to be not true. Thank goodness I took a screenshot to share on my Instagram account for the record. (emphasis mine)
🚨👇 ALL FAKE stories haven't deleted tweet 👇🚨 Twitter hasn't censored them at all for sharing misinformation. 🚨👇 TikTok not censoring these fake stories with millions of views 👇🚨 🚨👇 I mean come on, Actor Producer Sean Penn is in Ukraine right now filming a Ukraine-Russia War documenary. 👇🚨 🚨👇 NOTICE how Reuters Fact Checker have to include "Russia invasion" in every tweet? 👇🚨 Hmm...🤔 an invasion that they need to create fake news to back up their claims. 🚨👇 NUCLEAR PLANT IN UKRAINE 👇🚨
🚨👇 MORE FAKE NEWS EXPOSED 👇🚨 UPDATE 3/5/22 at 6:15pm: Added info below. UPDATE 3/5/22 at 9:13pm: Added info below.
UPDATE 3/6/22 at 12:25pm: Added info below.

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