March 15, 2022

Pedogate 2020 Documentary parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 😱🤬 by Mouthy Buddha

GlobalAwareness101 published March 15, 2020: Pedogate Documentary part 1 by Mouthy Buddha. This documentary looks deeper into the evidence of an organized pedophilia ring in DC which came to light during the Obama administration. These networks have been in existence prior to this and still continue to this day.
GlobalAwareness101 published March 15, 2020: More disturbing revelations. 😱🤬🚨 This is part 2 of the Pedogate documentary series that exposes their secret terms, search engines, search terms and secret codes. They search, groom and sell children on the internet. They brag to one another about their conquests. They use symbols and satanic hand gestures to communicate with each other.

I'm sharing tweets below by Sarah Ruth Mayer mentioned in part 2.
GlobalAwareness101 published March 15, 2020: Pedogate Documentary part 3 by Mouthy Buddha. Third feature Pedogate documentary by Mouthy Buddha focusing on more symbolism and PizzaGate 2.0. Wow.
GlobalAwareness101 published March 15, 2020: Pedogate Documentary part 4 by Mouthy Buddha. Mouthy Buddha investigates evidence of pedophilia and child trafficking operations worldwide.

Viewer discretion is advised.

UPDATE 3/16/22 at 3:14pm: Added info below.
GlobalAwareness101 published March 16, 2022: The Fall of The Cabal part 5: Children, Art, and Pizza. Pizzagate explained. You need to see for yourself with your own eyes. 19 minute video. Once you see this, you can't unsee it.

These are all of the people manipulating our media worldwide and the people PROVOKING A WAR with Russia using Ukraine idiot President Zelensky.

This is how they're shutting down all opposition to their overthrow of America. Look up the following:
  • Democracy Matter: Strategic Plan for Action
  • Transition Integrity Project
  • The 65 Project Attorneys

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