February 18, 2022

USA: A Junior High English Teacher In Louisiana Pleads Guilty To ‘Horrific Crimes’ Against Kids, Lacing Student Cupcakes With Ex-Husband’s Sperm, Second-Degree Rape, Child Porn Production.

The Daily Caller
written by Melanie Wilcox
Thursday February 17, 2022

A junior high English teacher in Louisiana pleaded guilty to serving her students’ cupcakes laced with her ex-husband’s sperm, among other crimes, Fox News reported Thursday.

Cynthia Perkins, 36, resigned from her job after police raided the couple’s home in Denham Springs, Fox News reported. Dennis Perkins, who was a special operations lieutenant at Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, was then fired, according to Fox News. He is on trial for his own sex-crime charges against children.

Cynthia agreed to testify against Dennis, who is 44-years-old and has dozens of sex crime charges, according to Fox News.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children tipped off investigators who then found photos of the couple posing nude with a child, according to Fox News.

Perkins served semen-laced cupcakes and raped a 9- or 10-year-old child, according to WBRZ court documents. Investigators found hidden cameras in their attic and bathroom and more photos on an iPhone, Fox News reported.

Cynthia pleaded guilty to second-degree rape, child porn production, and conspiracy mingling harmful substances. Dennis was accused of obscenity, video voyeurism, and possession of child porn. The couple had been charged with 60 counts of child porn production, rape, and other crimes, according to Fox News.

Livingston Sheriff Jason Ard said that although Dennis is his longtime friend, “no one is above the law.”

“This type of alleged behavior will not be tolerated by me or anyone at the LPSO,” he said.

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