February 24, 2022

UKRAINE: Targets Russia Is Bombing Are US Biolabs. Well Well Well Communist Globalist Depopulation Eugenics Agenda Monsters Were Planning Part 2 Of Their Genocide Against Humanity 🤬 Kolomoisky NATO Tie

🚨👇 Blue Canaries reported on this last year 👇🚨 UPDATE 2/24/22 at 9:35pm: Added info below. 🚨👇 Kolomoisky NATO Deep State Cabal Tie 👇🚨

"Blinken family history is troubling. His (Biden's Secretary of State Blinken) stepfather Samuel Pisar was the lawyer and very close friend of Robert Maxwell, the Mossad agent/Russian mafia associate who is the father of Ghislaine Maxwell. Pisar was also Jeffrey Epstein's liaison to France."
UPDATE 2/24/22 at 9:24pm: Added info below.
The Fall of The Cabal part 5: Children, Art, and Pizza
You need to see for yourself with your own eyes.
Pizzagate a Mouthy Buddha Documentary

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