February 13, 2022

Passage to Earthschool. Beautiful Story! ♥ Please Remember... You Are Never Alone!

written by Susie Chavez in Eugene, Oregon

“Don’t worry: it’s only temporary. No one ever gets stuck in there forever,” the tall smiling angel teased. “Folks always manage to find the way back home. Anyway, you’re on a timer. When it gets down to zero, bingo: you’re outta there—whether you think you’re ready to Graduate or not. Gonna be fun to see what name they pick for you when you show up on the scene.”

“You’ve been briefed. Of course, you’ll not remember much once you get there—but your Guardian will watch over you every step of the way. He’s getting graded, too, by the way. Well, babe, if you don’t remember anything else, know this: you are mightily loved, and we’ll bring you back home safely: it’s a promise.”

With that, the door slid silently open and Zee entered her glowing cocoon and settled in. She lay awake for awhile, watching the colors and patterns on the misty pearlescent ceiling. Truthfully, she was a bit pensive; but mostly, she was excited. It had been an honor to be Chosen, and she would do her very best. Besides, with her giftings, it oughta be a piece of cake! She smiled, “Oh yeah! Bring it on!” she thought, then closed her eyes and slept.

With knowing smiles, the angels sealed her in.

This story is written for my courageous daughters. I ask: "And What If we are simply in a virtual reality learning system designed by Creator to teach us lessons of compassion and the proper use of power? And What If we are all safely tucked away in our biopods, dreaming?"

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