February 10, 2022

AFGHANISTAN: The Taliban Arrived In Geneva And Asked The United Nations, Made Up Mostly Of Oppressive Communists And Islamists, To Surrender Afghanistan's UN Seat To Them.

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Tuesday February 8, 2022

The Swiss foreign ministry plans to hold talks with a delegation of Afghanistan’s Taliban government on a visit to the Swiss city of Geneva.

The meeting is expected to take place later this week, a spokeswoman of the Swiss Mission to the United Nations in Geneva told the Keystone-SDA news agency on Tuesday.

She added that representatives of the Swiss government’s development aid agency and human rights experts would participate.

The planned talks were neither meant to provide legitimacy or diplomatic recognition of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, she added.

So far, the Islamist group hasn’t been recognised as the legitimate government since it took power in Afghanistan last August. They are facing demands by western nations to guarantee human rights and improve the protection of women and children.

Closed-door meetings in Geneva are reportedly also scheduled with representatives of other countries and with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), according to Switzerland's RTS public broadcaster.

The Taliban delegation arrived in Geneva on Sunday upon invitation by a non-governmental international organisation, Geneva CallExternal link, which promotes the respect of humanitarian principles by armed non-State actors.

Last month, Taliban representatives travelled to Norway for talks with members of several western governments.

Aid organisations have warned of a humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan and urged western governments to lift economic sanctions against the Taliban.
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written by ANI staff
Friday February 11, 2022

Norway and Turkey are expected to hold talks on Afghanistan with the Taliban in the near future, Sputnik News Agency reported citing Afghan media reported.

Citing sources in the Taliban, the media reported that the meeting in Turkey will be held in Istanbul.

From January 23 to January 25, this year the Taliban delegation headed by the Foreign Minister of the Taliban, Amir Khan Muttaqi, paid an official visit to the Norwegian capital at the invitation of the kingdom, Sputnik reported.

The delegation met with special representatives and envoys from the US, the EU, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, and the UK.
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Muttaqi described the visit as successful, and the delegation thanked the Norwegian government for its hospitality and contribution to the strengthening of trust.

Qatar and Turkey are seeking a mandate to manage the Kabul airport, shattered during chaotic mass evacuations and withdrawal of foreign troops last year after the Taliban came to power. The radical movement has agreed to accept technical assistance from Qatar and Turkey but wants to be in charge of the airport's management alone. The talks have continued since August, Sputnik reported.

Taliban took control of Kabul last year in mid-August.

The Taliban treat their goats and donkeys with more respect than women. ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿ‘‡ INCREDIBLE ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿšจ
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