November 20, 2021

We Had A Powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Taurus On Friday the 19th. Return To Feeling Pleasure And Contentment In Your Life Message by Tania Gabrielle.

written by Tania Gabrielle
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On November 19 a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus inaugurates nearly two years of eclipses that will take place in Taurus and Scorpio.

Taurus, ruled by Venus, governs self worth, your values, financial flow, sensual pleasure, beauty, love, contentment and peace.

Opposite the Moon will be the Sun will be in Scorpio, sign of transformation, uncovering the unseen, empowerment and going straight to the heart of the matter.

Pleasure, Play and Psychic awareness are all magnified!

During this eclipse several powerful transits enhance the intensity:
  • Mars Opposite Uranus manifests as liberation and breaking away from restriction.
  • A T-square from the Sun and Moon to Jupiter creates an expansion of exuberance.
  • Moon trine Pluto – gorgeous transformation and profound inspiration.
  • Sun trine Neptune – spiritual nourishment through beauty and love. Jupiter enhances energy, so be sure to set your intention on gratitude and optimism.
And Taurus wants you to return to feeling pleasure and contentment in your life.

Know how important that is for your mental health and wellbeing – it is VITAL.

Especially if you are oriented in your mind, then playing more and enjoying yourself more is going to get you out of the mind and into your heart.

Doing something creative just for the sake of creativity will help you!

Have a wonderful Taurus Lunar Eclipse!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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