November 14, 2021

"Live, Laugh, Love" A Poem By Jill Eisnaugle ~ May This Poem Touch Your Heart And Inspire You To Embrace Life With Childlike Innocence And Joy!

Live, Laugh, Love
By Jill Eisnaugle

May every dream be yours to keep
May every joy be near
May every hour without sleep
Be one of warmth and cheer
May every beat within your heart
Be blessed with much to give
So, your path is a work of art
Each day that you shall live.

May every smile upon your face
And every childish grin
Be filled with memories to embrace
As if you’re young again
May each sunrise bring cause to view
Life’s humor for its pleasure
So, each path you choose to pursue
Yields laughter beyond measure.

May every vision in your eyes
Be for those you hold dear
May you know only brilliant skies
Where shooting stars appear
And with each shooting star, I pray
Your hopes are heard, above
So, every path to come your way
Is paved in lasting love.

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