November 27, 2021

Jimmy Evans Interviews Pastor Billy Crone About The Coming Genetic Apocalypse And Hybrids. Last Days False Utopia That's Going To Culminate In The 7 Year Tribulation Under The Anti-Christ. Return Of Nimrod.

Jimmy Evans published November 17, 2021: Hybrids and Super Soldiers. Today I interview Pastor Billy Crone about the coming genetic apocalypse and how technological advancements are contributing to the end times.

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Jimmy Evans published November 10, 2021: Seven Major End Times Signs. The sun, moon and stars give us signs about God's timeline for the end times.
CBYakima published August 27, 2021: Chuck Missler explains the Return of Nimrod the original World Leader. A segment of the series called The Roots of War.

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Koinonia House published September 7, 2012: The Coming World Leader. In this segment Chuck Missler discusses the coming world leader. This segment comes from the "End Times Scenario" briefing pack published by Koinonia House.


I typed the following from video above for emphasis.

At 50 seconds into the video Chuck Missler explains, "The word anti-Christ is a strange label by the way. That's the one that sticks. That's the one we say anti-Christ we all think we know what we're talking about. It's a little weird because that word is only used by John and it's not used of him. John uses the term in his letters to represent a spirit of anti-Christ. He's not talking about an individual per se. The word anti-Christ doesn't mean against Christ technically. It means in the place of Christ. A pseudo-Christ is more precise. Anti-Christos in the Greek isn't what it sounds like to us. Obviously, it's against Christ. But the word really means he is in the place of Christ. That's why there's all this talk about the Pope and all that sort of stuff. In any case, what's interesting is John who is the only guy who uses that term in a different context, in the entire book of Revelations doesn't use the term anti-Christ. He uses several other terms by the way. But nevertheless that's the label that has stuck if you will in modern usage. So I won't fight that. Just be aware of the fact that it's a strange inversion here."
Jewish Voice published September 22, 2011: Chuck Missler: Interpreting Prophetic Events. Chuck Missler, a former successful businessman and now respected Bible teacher, shares his expertise on Last Days prophetic events with our host, Jonathan Bernis.
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I wear my tinfoil hat with pride knowing I'm not a theorist because mRNA gene editing IS REAL. That is what is in the covid19 vaccines that DO NOT IMMUNIZE you from any infectious disease or virus.
(emphasis mine)
UPDATE 11/27/21 at 11:35pm: Added info below.

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I typed a transcript below of the TikTok video above:

The news host: All of this happened in October of 2019. Watch it here for yourself.

Michael Specter, Staff Writer at the New Yorker: Why don't we blow the system up. Obviously we can't just turn off the spigot on the system we have and say everyone in the world should get this new vaccine we haven't given to anyone yet. But there must be some way.
Why the heck does a freaking STAFF WRITER for the New Yorker have any say in this at all. The entire Commie Democrats are in on this genocide. Horrible. (emphasis mine)
Dr Fauci, Head of the NIH and funder of the Covid19 virus and financial beneficiary of the vaccines: You have to prove that this works and then you have to go through all of the clinical trials, phase 1's, phase 2's, phase 3's and then show that this particular product is going to be good for a period of years. That alone, if it works perfectly, is going TO TAKE A DECADE.

Rick Bright, then HHS Director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority: There might be a need or even an urgent call for an entity of excitement that's going to be completely disruptive not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.
I just learned and I thought you would like to know that Rick Bright WAS HIRED by The Rockefeller Foundation on March 8, 2021 as Senior Vice President of Pandemic Prevention and Response to lead the development of the Foundation's pandemic data and action platform that will prevent future pandemics by identifying and responding to the earliest alerts of a disease outbreak. Rick Bright while working As Director of BARDA blocked use of hydroxychloroquine the cheap covid19 cure. (emphasis mine)
Dr. Fauci: So we really do have a problem about how the world perceives influenca and it's going to be VERY DIFFICULT to change that UNLESS you do it from within and say I don't care what your perception is we're going to address the problem in a disruptive way and in an interative? way. Because you're going to need both.

Rick Bright: But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of a novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere. We could get the RNA sequence from that, beam it to a number of regional centers. If not local. If not even in your home at some point. And print those vaccines on a patch a self administer.

The news host: It's hard to misinterpret what's being said here. They're essentially outlining the pandemic. Everything we've seen from the last year and a half described right here in this video BEFORE IT HAPPENED.

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