November 28, 2021

AUSTRIA: A NATIONAL Covid19 Lockdown Which Includes The Vaccinated And Unvaccinated DOES NOT Apply To The Ski Slopes. Covid19 Knows To Avoid The Slopes. 70% Of Population Vaccinated

THEY OPENLY MOCK US. They know it's being videotaped. Plus, they are ALL EXEMPT from getting the covid19 vaccine that they're forcing you to get. (emphasis mine)
written by Justin Huggler, The Telegraph in Berlin
Monday November 22, 2021

Austrians are barred from restaurants, pubs, gyms, cinemas and all non-essential shops, and have been ordered to stay at home as much as possible.

But they are still free to leave their four walls to get exercise and fresh air — and skiing counts, after a last minute reprieve from the government.

Ski lifts and cable cars will continue to operate as an “essential service”, but will only be open to those with proof of vaccination or recovery from the virus.

The Austrian authorities said it was a question of safety to provide cable cars to prevent people getting stuck on the mountains.

But anyone in the UK hoping this means their Austrian skiing holiday may still be on will be disappointed. The slopes are staying open for locals only. Austria is closed to tourist travel and hotels have been ordered to shut until the end of the lockdown.

The rules are similar to those imposed last winter, when Austrians were able to ski while most of Europe was under strict lockdown.

The decision may raise eyebrows given the Austrian ski resort of Ischgl was one of the epicentres of Europe’s first coronavirus outbreak.

But there is little fear of a repeat this season: Ischgl was notorious for its raucous apres ski scene, which allowed the virus to spread rapidly in crowded pubs, and this year apres ski is off.

Those Austrians who do head for the slopes will be left largely to fend for themselves, with restaurants and bars closed.

The skiing industry urged the government to go further, and allow catering facilities to open.

“If the cable cars have to run, then what about mountain gastronomy?” Franz Hรถrl of the Professional Association of Cable Car Operators told Austrian television.

“It’s a question of safety too, because if we carry people 3,000 metres (9,800 feet) up on the glacier and the weather changes, it’s a risk for the skiers afterwards you don't have the option of providing basic infrastructure in the form of catering.”

Despite the decision many ski resorts that had opened for the season have already announced they are closing because of the lockdown.

“The current situation is very challenging and uncertain for everyone,” Piztal ski resort said in a statement.

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