November 12, 2021

AUSTRALIA: Protesters Called Victoria's Chief Health Officer and Covid19 Commander Scumbags And Rat Dogs. New Law Would Give The Premier MORE POWER TO EXTEND LOCKDOWN INFINITELY

Sky News Australia published October 25, 2021: 'Rule by decree': Proposed Victorian state of emergency powers 'draconian'. Victoria Shadow Attorney-General Tim Smith says it would be “draconian” for the Victorian government to be granted essentially unlimited powers during a pandemic, amid new legislation being considered. “This bill will give enormous power to the premier whilst there is a pandemic in Victoria,” Mr Smith told Sky News Australia. “Powers that are foreign to this country for an elected leader, to be able to rule by decree and do whatever he likes and lock people down in 2022, on a whim – on the whim of his signature.
Real Rukshan published November 12, 2021: Interview with Rita Panahi on the growing protests in Melbourne against the permanent pandemic legislation and the Andrews Labor government - Aired 08.11.21 on Sky News Australia 'Inside the News' with Rita Panahi
Sky News, Australia local
written by David Wu, Digital Reporter
Wednesday November 10, 2021

Victoria's Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton and COVID-19 Commander Jeroen Weimar had to be protected by police officers after hundreds of demonstrators yelled abuse and threatened the pair as they left parliament.

Hundreds of protesters, rallying against the proposed pandemic bill for Victoria, hurled abuse at Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton and COVID-19 Commander Jeroen Weimar as they left parliament on Tuesday.

Footage shared to social media showed both men were flanked by two police officers before four more appeared to protect them as they neared the bottom of the steps of the building.

Two cops moved to stop two women who were seen walking towards the men, pointing their fingers and yelling at Prof Sutton and Mr Weimar.

Demonstrators could be heard calling them "scumbags" and "rat dogs".

The pair were then seen jogging up the street to safety while the group continued to scream and threaten them in the 30 second incident.

The legislation, which has passed in the lower house, would see Premier Daniel Andrews given more power to declare a pandemic and extend it for three months at a time if necessary after consultation with the Chief Health Officer (CHO).

The CHO will lose the ability to make orders such as mask mandates and isolation directions on millions of residents, with the power to be passed onto the health minister.

Around 400 demonstrators could be heard chanting "kill the bill" and "sack Dan Andrews" during the protest later in the afternoon.

Social media video showed the crowd of people march down iconic Bourke Street yelling "save our children" and "free Victoria".
Children could be seen accompanying parents during the rally.

A number of police lined the steps of parliament to monitor the crowd.

Liberal MP David Davis and Liberal Democrats David Limbrick slammed the Andrews government for the bill and called for "transparency and honesty".

"Victoria has had a terrible time," he said.

"We've had the worst two years, we got the longest lockdown in the world, more than 800 deaths, the worst business outcomes."

The former health minister told the crowd he has asked for health advice on the pandemic to be released to the public.

"Andrews and (Brett) Sutton and the health ministers have never once, not ever, released the briefings on what's going on," Mr David said.

"What on earth do they have to hide."

Mr Limbrick accused Mr Andrews and his government for lying to Victorians.

"They told us it's just a mask, it's just two weeks to flatten the curb, it's just a circuit breaker," he said.

"More lies. It's not just."

Former Victoria Police Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell - who quit the force after disagreeing with the COVID-19 directions by the government - said the pandemic bill went against human rights.

"The powers conferred in this bill are not needed in Victoria," she said. "It is entirely incompatible with human rights."

Her speech was met with cheers from the rally members who chanted "stand with us".

Ms Mitchell also reportedly told her former colleagues when they will "push back" against directives by the government.

"You didn't join this job to treat the Victorian community like this," she added.

Over the past two weekend, hundreds and thousands of protesters were at Parliament House protesting the pandemic bill.

They have vowed to return "every day" until the bill is axed.

There have been numerous calls from the Opposition for the bill to be reconsidered.

The legislation will go to a final vote next week.
Sky News Australia published November 8, 2021: The Northern Territory has recorded one new COVID-19 case, with Greater Darwin's restrictions still set to ease at midnight.
They are calling the ONE CASE of covid an OUTBREAK! UGH (emphasis mine)

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