August 14, 2021

The Hidden Agenda Behind The Planned Destruction of America with Rosa Koire Interview Was On June 12, 2020.

Spiro Skouras and Rosa Koire discuss and break down how the United Nations' long standing global governance agendas are materializing before our eyes hidden just beneath the veil of global crisis and social injustice.

Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21

The Post Sustainability Institute

Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21
1st edition was published September 2, 2011 👈

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I shared a TikTok video on Twitter that I'm sharing with you at the bottom of the New Zealand Prime Minister smoking crack and a person replied to me on Twitter by telling me she was actually a man. I was led to this video with Rosa Koire doing research about New Zealand Prime Minister. I copied the video and uploaded it to my Rumble channel (CLICK HERE to watch other censored info) so that I could share this information with you and avoid YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook censorship down the road. I have typed a transcript for you below for those of you who can't watch this video or refuse to watch this video. The video is 36 minutes long. (emphasis mine)

Spiro Skouras: Welcome everyone. Thanks for tuning in. Today I have a special guest who many viewers have been requesting. My guest is the Executive Director of The Post Sustainability Institute. She is also a retired Forensic Commercial Real Estate Advisor specializing in eminent domain valuation. She served as a District Branch Chief for the California Department of Transportation for nearly 30 years. Her career in litigation on land use has culminated in exposing the impacts on sustainable development on private property rights and individual liberty. Rosa Koire is an author and a public speaker who has spoken across the world. You can find her work on her website: Very happy to welcome the author of Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 Ms. Koire thank you for taking the time to be here today.

Rosa Koire: My pleasure.

Spiro Skouras: Now you were considered to be a top expert on Agenda 21 and your work has been invaluable in bringing this U.N. Agenda to light. Now for those of you, the viewers out there who may not exactly know what Agenda 21 is, could you please provide us with an overview of this program.

Rosa Koire: Sure. Agenda 21 is the action plan, the blueprint, the comprehensive plan that was signed onto by 178 nations plus the Holy See in 1992. It's the United Nations plan and it's a plan to inventory and control ALL LAND, WATER, PLANTS, MINERALS, CONSTRUCTION, MEANS OF PRODUCTION, FOOD, ENERGY, everything on the planet, law enforcement, education, and of course information and human beings.

So this is a comprehensive plan of action. An inventory and control plan. It's about data sharing. It's about money transferring from the developed nations to the lesser developed nations and ultimately it's about destroying your ability to have a voice. Destroying your ability to have representative government. It's about changing your government to governess and taking away your voice. It's entirely destroying your ability to be free and to be independent. And the goal of course is to transfer power from local individuals to global governance system. So you can't do that all at once and it's been a long process. You see it, exactly what you're seeing right now. It's a plan to disrupt and destroy the existing system. It's a plan of transformation and control. And that's what we're living through right now.

Spiro Skouras: I would have to agree that it is absolutely taking place right now. Many people may not be very familiar with Agenda 21 despite the fact that this has been around for some time and it's taking place right now. But I would say that maybe more people might be more familiar for example with the U.N. 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. Because we've seen all the celebrities championing this and both of these programs are U.N. programs. What is the difference, if any, between Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda?

Rosa Koire: Well Agenda 21 is the agenda for the 21st century and of course you know that a century is 100 years long and so Agenda 2030 is the 30 year milestone within the Agenda 21 plan. So I really think this is a public relations sort of end game around those of us who have been really alerting the public to Agenda 21. Because now that they're saying Agenda 21 has been replace by Agenda 2030. There's so much great information out there about Agenda 21 that they're trying to divert you from focusing on Agenda 21. Now when you know that Agenda 2030 is simply a milestone year within that 100 year period, the milestone years are 2020, 2025, 2030, and 2050. They really fully expect to have this entire plan locked up and completed by 2050.

If you go to which is a Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation project you'll get a look at what their idea is for in fact what they want the United States devolve into. Which is to destroy the sense of having a unified union and to in fact NOT HAVE 50 STATES any longer, to have 11 mega regions. And in fact what this plan does is it destroys the concept of the nation state and it completely destroys it and devolves it into the city states or regions. These are not individual cities like lets say San Francisco or New York. These are regions that are governed by Mega Cities which are huge enormous cities that could be part of Washington state, part of Oregon, part of Idaho, and part of British Columbia. So it breaks the national borders, it breaks the state borders, breaks of course county and cities borders. And this is about destroying your ability to actually be able to control what it is that happens to you. It's a plan that is actually, it's a global plan, but they implement it locally. So it looks like a local plan always called different things no matter where you live. So that's another way of being a stealth plan, you'll never see it called Agenda 21. It's always called something else and it's right there in your town, a regional plan, and it's right there where you live right now.

Spiro Skouras: Now typically they do call it some type of sustainable development or at least try a green new something, it's for the betterment of mankind. Of course they always try to package this agenda around the climate initiative. First it was global warming, then global cooling, now it's just climate change and so what is your take on the climate crisis in general. Is there a real manmade climate change issue that is going to wipe out humanity if we don't obey and follow their new paradigm of global governance? Or is that just being used as a front to usher in this new system?

Rosa Koire: Yeah, let me just say that since I think I haven't mentioned this is that sustainable development is Agenda 21. It was defined by the United Nations in a book that they commissioned called Our Common Future in 1987. So sustainable development of course everybody thinks it's so good, it's got those buzz words, it sounds so cool. As far as climate change goes, as I say if they could've arranged an alien landing they would have done that and of course covid19. This is a way to, well here's a way to think of it, global crisis requires a global response and that justifies a global governance. So what could be more global than climate change well how about maybe a pandemic. It's designed to panic people. It's designed to engage you in a really visceral way to frighten you to a point that you are literally concerned that you will not survive. And of course, covid19 takes it to the next level.

But that's the purpose of this thing. Whether it's actually, of course the climate is always changing certainly. But whether this is something imminent or whatever, it's irrelevant actually because the thing is so powerful and so useful that it would have been invented regardless.

Spiro Skouras: Now Ms. Koire I'm sure that you would have seen the World Economic Forum come out recently and announce their Great Reset Initiative coupled with the 4th industrial revolution. Now what was your initial reaction to see them come out and boldly proclaim that we need this Great Reset because of this series of crisis that we have taking place. Because it seems like as of the beginning of 2020 they have really accelerated their agenda. What does the Great Reset mean in your view? What stage of the rollout are we in would you say?

Rosa Koire: Well I have to say I've been really concerned and saddened in a deep sense to see this because I really thought we had more time. I don't want to be a person who is an alarmist. I think this is a very serious moment that we're in. This is one reason why I called my book, Behind the Green Mask. Because they stay behind that green mask. They don't want to take that mask off. Because once the mask is off, because the jack boots and the trenches come out. There's some concern mainly because it looks like we're getting to that point. The other thing that happens when they reveal their plans, their plans are always right out there, they've always been right out there, in fact you can go back to the 1880's and look at the Fabian Socialists, ? Drechsler, H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and you'll see the plan, it's right there. There's no question about it. They've been refining it with the ability that they're getting with technology.

I think that is really where we're at now. They're less concerned about us. They're less concerned about our objection. That is what concerns me is that the less concerned they are it's sort of a message to us is that yeah we're not really a concern to them. Therefore it makes me think maybe we're at that point there's not much we can do. But I think really there's still a lot that we can do and I do want to talk about that. But what is happening now is that the technology has caught up to the plan for these people. They always have these same plans. And I will say that as far as technology goes, what has man always wanted? Man has always wanted two main things: to live forever and to create life. And we are very close to these things. I don't know about forever, but we're close to major life extension and the creation of life all you have to do is go to Cornell University plan. They have a video out right now engineers create three major traits of life. Go take a look at that. They're actually creating life. So and there is no ethical stop on these people and that is a major concern because you know what we saw with the Nazis, with Stalin, with Mao. That there is literally nothing that holds these people back. So when they have the technological ability and you look at the Fourth Industrial Revolution or whatever it is they want to call it, they're talking about total digital connectivity. They're talking about a new social contract. Well I don't know about you, a contract generally means that both parties have something to say about it. But this is a contract where none of us have anything to say. I think we're getting to see what it looks like when you go out in the streets. This is one reason why you're seeing this kind of hysteria in the streets because it's a lesson, a notification to us, this is what's going to happen to you if you go out into the street and try to object to this plan when you see what it really is. So they are gearing up for this the militarization of police, etc.

Spiro Skouras: Now you mentioned earlier about the U.S. for example, in order for this agenda to succeed the U.S. and the Constitution appears to have been severely altered or eliminated for this to be successful. Now in light of that what do you make of these events that we're seeing unfold right now, with the coronavirus that we mentioned earlier and the civil unrest with Antifa and Black Lives Matter taking to the streets and taking over entire portions of cities at this point like we see in Seattle and they're attempting to do in Portland. Is this an organized effort to destabilize and overthrow the U.S.? Because it sure feels like it at this point.

Rosa Koire: Yeah, and I want to say most of think that the Constitution of the United States is a great document and isn't ?violent. That's not the case and right now there's been a real effort for many years to have a Constitutional Convention. You're probably aware of that. It needs a, I can't recall the exact number of states, I think it's 38 states to agree to it. They say that they're not going to, they're just going to look at a couple of portions of the Constitution, but once that box has been opened, they can do anything. So people often want to know who's doing it to me, it is your government that's doing it to you, your government has been taken over and to answer your question, yes this is an insurrection. We have been under attack. I hate to say this, hey I've identified as a Liberal Democrat since before I could vote and all of that. It sounds like a Conservative position. I don't know what it is. It's real. This is a real situation that we're in.

I do want to say that I did walk away from the Democrat Party. But you know, parties are just a distraction, at the top power knows no party, the globalist takeover is simply that it uses whatever means necessary. And so the plan is really to disrupt, this really is the plan to destroy the social fabric, it's quite successful as you are seeing right now. The United States is a huge economic force and a huge source and beacon to the world for individual rights and freedom and liberty which is under attack definitely and it is a target. There is no question about that. So yes I do think we're in an extremely dangerous situation right now and part of the reason why it is so dangerous is because it is supported by civil society, by universities, by foundations, by big business organizations, by a public sector agencies, this is a plan for governance and so all of those parties have been of course indoctrinated for the entire time they were in university and prior to pre-kindergarten to post-graduate school. This is designed to utilize to activate those change agents. That's really what the word change is really about. It is an activation of agents for change and that is not a positive thing for the union of the United States.

Spiro Skouras: It really is incredible to see all of these mega corporations, for example Amazon and countless others really throwing their support behind this situation, what is unfolding before our eyes. All of the celebrities, a lot of politicians, everyone is really throwing their support behind this. We're seeing the police departments being defunded and in some cases dismantled. And now today, the United Nations, UN panel has demanded that the U.S. take immediate action to eliminate structural racism in the police system. This is what the U.N. panel is saying. We've seen the George Floyd family petition the United Nations to disarm the police here in the U.S. To have the U.N. disarm U.S. police which is unbelievable to me. We know that George Floyd was killed by the police. He wasn't shot by the police yet they're calling for disarmament. Now I can't help but thing that this is playing right into a pre-planned agenda. As everything lines up. Something like the Strong Cities network? I mean what is your take on defunding the police and what would be their alternative to the police?

Rosa Koire: Yeah, well this is so fascinating and it's you know I mean if you weren't living it, it would be just an interesting little thriller to be watching. Because this is really about community oriented policing which is the panopticon that makes you the cop on the beat. You are responsible for keeping your eye on everything and reporting. See something, say something. And of course they're talking about transformative new model of public policing or something like that, of public safety I think they call it. Whenever you see that term transform I want you to know transform is a term that is used, it's a German term that is used, it's an Agenda 21 term.

So transformative learning when you see it in the educational system, you're going to see it in your policing system, is really about you're not going to believe this or you probably will. It's about breaking down THE INDIVIDUAL. It's about breaking down your alliance to any old system, any old connection to your family, your old thoughts, your belief system. It literally makes you into a patient. It's a mental health technique that destroys your, it actually breaks you down, it's a breaks down and a build back up of the personality.

This is what they intend to do with police officers. So in other words, institutional racism is merely an excuse to destroy literally the mind. You know Mao used it, Mao Tse-Tung used this. Of course this was used by the Nazis. It's a technique that's used to break down your personality and actually rebuild you as a new man. And you're going to be rebuilt as a new Global Citizen. So your police force is going to be rebuilt as people who literally cannot put their hand on their gun. And you know what I can see happening here, I happen to be in Mexico now and this is a country that is run by the Cartels. Literally you saw this when Lopez Obregon just basically let El Chapo's son go. He said well hey they probably threatened his life. The Cartels have more power than the government.

Okay so what happens in a country like the United States where they don't really quite yet? Then you have militarization of police or you have a replacement of police force with your full intelligence community and military force. And this is dangerous. This is going to be dangerous. The other thing I want to talk about is artificial intelligence of course we need to talk about that. You know what's happening in your virtual and physical life. And so when you have a police force that is made up of non-humans, which is coming, you have it with drones etc which directed by humans but at a certain point they will not be. Then you're going to have a real dangerous situation obviously I don't have to lay it out for you. Where you're not able to reason with a human being. So this is actually a two part plan. You see it's a plan to destroy your existing police force on the ground who lives in your neighborhood probably and knows you or at least knows your area. And then your going to have, they're going to be replacing that with something very very different.

Spiro Skouras: Yeah it's certainly is shocking how quickly this is rolling out. It seems like they pressed the initiate play button as soon as 2020 hit. Even though this has been a long standing agenda that as you pointed out has been incrementally taking place and conditioning the public to accept the coming transition. And as you pointed out AI, you're absolutely right about AI police. New Zealand just recently launched the first ever AI police officer. They have it right now in New Zealand. It's essentially a kiosk that you can walk up and talk to and interact with. And we've seen the robots from Boston Dynamics and DARPA and everything like that and they're already using some of these robots in Singapore for example to enforce social distancing.

So this is just happening quickly. They're conditioning us getting us ready for this transition and you know you talk about how they're basically, they were waiting for the technology to catch up with their program and how Agenda 21 is the inventory and control program of every aspect on life. Basically this transition, we're transitioning into a new digitalize system where everything will be monitored and tracked and traced on the blockchain and everything will be essentially tokenized. And so it really is like this is a technocratic plan of the takeover operation that Eisenhower warned us of on his farewell speech. Beware of the scientific dictatorship essentially. And here we are living it right now. We always hear about the, when we see it, it's an anti-human agenda essentially we're they're looking to merge man with machine. We always hear about the depopulaton aspect of that. How does that play into all of this as well in your view?

Rosa Koire: Yeah, I want to say that basically when you have defacto marshal law everybody is the enemy. That's what you have with covid19. Everyone is the enemy. You literally lost your trust for anyone. Even your closest family members. So this is a way to break down society. It's a way to break down mental health. This is also health is a very vital part of this plan because of course collecting your DNA. You know this is a plan to inventory and control everything, including your DNA. The human genome project to be able to actually control life. You can make life and you can actually destroy life.

Going back to 1880's and the Fabian Socialists eugenics plan is not something that went away. This plan, you know the idea that you can make the human race better. So consequently you're going to have to get rid of anyone who does not make the human race better. Of course, ties in with your social credit score and whether you're worth it. Whether you have value. This has already been happening in the university systems which are basically designed to search for anyone who does offer value and to offer them a free ride in exchange for research and then everyone else just pays and is indoctrinated and indebted. This is the design of the system right now it's already doing that. So yes, this is the way it's set up whether you're worth it or not. It's going to be determined with your credit score and all of this is technologically possible now. So this is the design of the plan. So yes some people of course their sperm count is down or women have children later. When you're looking at the sustainable development goals, Agenda 2030 has what is it 17 sustainable development goals, 2015 millennium development goals, there were 8 millennium development goals. I think this is a very Chinese model. If you look at the Chinese model. It's a number thing. Is this a Chinese plan? No it's not. But the Chinese are certainly a part of this and did agree to Agenda 21. They also agreed to work on a depopulation vaccine with the United States back in the 1990's. So how far have they proceeded with that? We don't know.

So depopulation of course is a vital part of the plan. Because the plan brings you out of the rural world and suburban areas and into the dense city centers where you can be more easily managed, controlled and surveilled. And of course these cities are not capable of literally holding that many people. So the design of the plan is so they can hold as many people as possible. I want to say that you're buildings are very important to this plan. Smart Cities, Strong City Networks, all of this, you can look at Alphabet and their sidewalk labs which is ?side that they're trying to do in Toronto which was about literally tracking every aspect of your life. Building the city from the ground up. This is the goal where you are living in an opticon. That is the design of this plan. It's literally to take your freedom completely away from you and I'm not talking about some plan that's way out there in the future. I'm talking about this is happening right now. And yes it's about depopulation because you know what? You are just not worth it. You use too much. You are taking up too much room. This is what the con is all about, you are using too much energy, too much water, and too much land. You need to be isolated and moved into a high density city center where you can be more easily controlled and managed and surveilled. That is what this is doing to you right now. So you know it's not like this plan is out there in 2030 or 2050. 2020 is a really important year. A lot of these plans, when you look at your regional plan for your area, a lot of these plans are named are named 2020 because 2020 is a key year for the implementation of this plan.

Spiro Skouras: Absolutely. I'm going to have to agree with you on that. When we see people obviously get really caught up in the divide and conquer tactics and strategies. We're so busy fighting about Left or Right or Trump or whoever. You know the same thing applies geopolitically as well, oh China is the bad guy, Russia is the bad guy, whoever, when as you pointed out these countries have ALL SIGNED UP for the same game plan for global governance. And these groups like The World Economic Forum (WEF) deciding what the future of humanity looks like for you and for me and for us. It doesn't look very human at all. And we have no say according to them at this point. This is extremely important information that is taking place right now. I would like to end today's discussion with possible solutions, like what can people do? You've had some success in this area of actually defeating Agenda 21 in some areas. What can you tell us about that and what should people be doing to resist?

Rosa Koire: Well I think you know this is sort of my watch word is awareness is the first step in the resistance and action is the second step. I think it's really important that people understand we're being conditioned to be passive right now. We're being conditioned to click a like and think that that means we're a political activist. It does not mean that. You are not a political activist if you don't leave your house. You need to leave your house. 

Spiro Skouras: But the lockdowns. But the lockdowns.

Rosa Koire: Yeah, that's right. I know. And plus your government has now gone virtual. Now I know where it used to be, now I know most of you don't even know, and I don't mean to insult you, but let me insult you here, you don't even know where your City Council meeting is. You think it doesn't matter. But those are the poeple who make the rules that you live under right in your town. And you better believe it does matter. And don't tell me that your government is so bad that you can't do anything about it. It sure looks like that. But the thing is you let it get that way. If you continue to let it get that way it ain't gonna get better. So what you need to do is actually occupy your government to take a term that I think was really misused. To actually go and be a part, be your government. Yeah, we're in the end game here. There's not a lot of time left. So you know you should have doing this a while ago. But the thing is you need to know what Agenda 21 looks like and you need to recognize it so that when you see it in your city you can go and talk about it. You can first of all get yourself elected. You can run for office and not get elected but talk about it. You can stand up in your City Council, every single item on that agenda is probably related to Agenda 21 if you know what you're looking for. I actually tell you how to find that. You can look at my websites. You can look at my book where I tell you how to actually take down their Delphi meetings [The Delphi method seeks to aggregate opinions from a diverse set of experts (emphasis mine)] where they're manipulating public opinions so that you won't make trouble for them. Because really they don't want you to make trouble. They're hoping they don't have to bring out the cops. So they're really wanting to keep you in your seat, or keep you in your home quiet. So that's what you don't want to be, is the person who sits at home. So you want to take this on. You want to spread this information. You can do this with flyers. You can do this with mailers. You can spend a little money. You can make videos. You can share them with people. You can share these videos with people and then decide what kind of action you're going to take. because just knowing without doing something about it is simply not enough at this time. So you're going to have to become more politically active and more willing to not be a first adopter of many of their stuff. You going to see virtual reality. That's going to replace your reality and it's going to be so much better. You're going to be able to eat virtually and do some pretty fun stuff if you get my meaning, virtually. And everybody is going to want to do it. Once you do that, your life is over. You are going to want this stuff. They're making it so that you want it.

So you're going to ask for it. You have to resist that. Resist it in yourself. Plus, take a look at yourself. Are you a change agent? Are you an organization manager? Are you working for the city or state or the feds or the county? What are you doing? Are you part of this plan? Are you a planner? Are you a part of this plan? Are you a university professor? Don't be like Bret Weinstein and Evergreen College was like oh no they're attacking me. Yeah dude, what have you been doing all these years? You've been teaching them this stuff. If you are participating in this plan withdraw your support. Withdraw your financial support, your political support, and your social support. Have some guts. That's what it takes. People aren't going to like you. But you need to do it. Wherever you work, wherever you are, you need to talk about this. If you're in a government, meaning if you're a manager in your supermarket, you're going to want to talk about this in your management meeting. You talk about this everywhere. You tell people about this plan. It is a real actual thing that is right there in your city right now on the shelf being acted right now on you. We don't have time now but Agenda 21 is not like Wikipedia tells you, it's not an involuntary nonbinding plan. It's a plan. It's binding on you. It was brought into the United States in 1992. And the whole clue that you're going to get is that the federal government enacted it. And it's gone down into the states and the cities. So it's a real plan. It's really there in your town. So you know what let's participate together. Let's fight this together. We can do it. We have had some successes. But you know what, we need more. We have to fight this together. All of us and resist. 

Spiro Skouras: Well said. And it's taking place unfolding right now and I can't thank you enough for the work that you're doing to help bring this to light. I also like to thank all of the viewers out there who watch and share this information. Share these reports and like Ms. Koire said, you know, get out there, get involved. Start attending some City Council meetings, listen to what these people are saying. And if they are saying these things that sound an alarm in your head maybe you should speak up and let others in your community know. I've been all over this county and to several different countries around the world and I've seen it. You see it taking place. Even you know like the federal government funding road maintenance in your towns falls under some of this sustainable development programs. It is engrained into every little aspect and they're selling it to better the world and the environment and everything like that. But this is an anti-human agenda that is taking place right now. This is a dark road that we do not want to continue down this road of tyranny in my view.

I encourage everyone to make their way over to Rosa Koire's websites and the I'm going to make sure I leave links to all of your social media accounts Ms. Koire as well as a link to your book, Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21. Ms. Rosa Koire thank you so much for being my guest today. This is extremely important information and I really respect the work that you're doing and to me it's people like you who are the real heroes. It's not the celebrities out there or the athletes, all this kind of garbage out there. It's people like you who are making a difference, doing things to affect real change. Do you have any final points that you'd like to share. 

Rosa Koire: Yeah, I do want to say that we all have to be heroes. I'm just like everybody else. We just all have to do it. We've got to take it on. We can do it. But we have to do it together, united. We can do it. 

Spiro Skouras: Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Rosa Koire thank you so much.

Rosa Koire: Thank you.

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