August 8, 2021

Listen To Pastor Joseph Prince Explain How To Rest In Jesus' Faith For Miracles. Rest And Receive At Jesus' Feet. Imperfect Faith Not A Barrier To God's Grace.

Do you blame yourself for not having enough faith for miracles? Are you frustrated with your wavering faith? Well, you don't have to anymore because you can rest in Jesus' faith that never wavers or fails! In this revelatory and encouraging message by Joseph Prince, see how it is not you, but Jesus, who always believes. Learn how you can simply latch your limited faith onto His perfect faith and see the miracle you need happen. Rest easy—Jesus has all the compassion and faith for any miracle. That's all you need to believe!
Come boldly to Jesus, rest at His feet and receive all that you need today! Joseph Prince shows you how you can receive effortlessly when you seek Jesus Himself instead of just His blessings. Learn from the Old Testament love story of Ruth and Boaz the power of resting at Jesus' feet and allowing Him to deal with your problem. When you rest, He works—and He will not stop until He has resolved your matter! Be encouraged as you see His love and care for you, and His willingness to protect you, provide for you and redeem you out of all your troubles!
You don't need perfect faith to receive from Jesus! Even if you have doubts, if you reach out to Him, He will forgive your doubts and reward whatever faith you come to Him with! Be uplifted by this powerful message from Joseph Prince, as he shows you biblical examples of how our imperfect faith is never a barrier to God's grace. Learn also how seeing the Lord's grace in the Word imparts life and health to every part of your body. Whatever you need from Jesus today, don't let your imperfect faith stop you from running to Him to receive!

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