August 15, 2021

Join Me Down The Rabbit Hole...

This is an 8 minute video clip taken from the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know". Someone put together a compilation of different segments leading us all to a higher level of understanding and consciousness. Why are we here? Time and space? Enjoy!
"How can any man or woman sin against such a Greatness of mind. How can any one little carbon unit on earth in the back waters, indeed the milky way, the boondocks, betray God Almighty. That is impossible. The height of arrogance is the height of control of those who create God in their own image." ~ From What the Bleep Do We Know 
I can only show you the door... YOU are the one that has to walk through it...

FREE your mind! Expand your level of awareness. Make an effort to remove the limitations that have been placed on you throughout your lifetime. We are finite beings living in an infinite Universe. Dare to step outside of the box of conventionality. You can only grow as a person if you choose to explore outside of your comfort zone and overcome your fears one at a time.

Fear, hate, and discrimination are forms of oppression and bondage. These emotions are what limit our evolution as human beings. They are forms of very low frequency. Meaning negative energy. These emotions subtract from your growth potential.

Our behavior is domesticated and our thinking is conditioned from birth. The authority figures I speak of and who influence us throughout our lifetimes are our parents, family, friends, teachers, community and government. All with the intent to maintain a standard. But who set the standard and which one is correct? Do we dare question the status quo?

Why don't you start first by talking directly to God. There is NO formal way for you to talk to Him. Just talk to Him in private just as you would another person. Trust me, you will start getting ALL of the answers you seek. Then God will reveal to you His standard and NOT the standards that have been set forth by MAN!

There have been several teachers throughout the history of man sent from up above to guide us to re-discover our Higher Self. However, it IS our responsibility to make that effort and reconnect 'WAKE UP' to the Source of our Being, our Existence. God = LOVE, Truth and Light

You have to wonder why HISTORY keeps repeating itself ?!?! People in positions of power will always use our weaknesses and our fears to manipulate, control and destroy the fabric of our Being! We keep looking to authority figures for answers, still unaware that the answers we seek, the TRUTH, lay dormant within ourselves.

Darkness cannot exist where there IS Light

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