August 30, 2021

COMMUNIST CHINA: Dalian Kaixuan International High Rise Apartment Complex Engulfed In Flames Friday Afternoon. 818 Tenants Were Evacuated From The Building. No Injuries Reported.

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Saturday August 28, 2021

Dalian Kaixuan International fire follow-up: clean-up work around the fire site is basically completed and the aftermath disposal work is carried out in an orderly manner.

Starting from 3 a.m. on August 28, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Dalian Jinpu New District organized relevant units to clean up the surrounding environment of the fire site of the Kaixuan International Building. Ensure the normal traffic of the surrounding two main roads. After receiving the instructions, the relevant local departments quickly assembled more than 60 sweeping workers, 3 forklifts, 3 water trucks and 3 loading and unloading trucks, and went to the site to start the cleanup work. The relevant staff of the local environmental sanitation department told reporters that from five o’clock, they entered the safe area of ​​the scene for sweeping and protection, and cleaned up all the surrounding garbage, including some residues. The seawater used to fight the fire yesterday may have some erosion on the roads. After all of them are cleaned up, the roads need to be cleaned up again with water vehicles. As of 12 noon on the 28th, the environmental clean-up work at the fire scene of the Triumph International was basically over, and the nearby Heshan West Road and the West Mountain Section of Jinma Road were all restored to traffic. Other aftermath work on the scene is being carried out in an orderly manner.

According to the monitoring data of the Atmospheric Monitoring Development Zone and the two automatic air stations in Jinzhou, affected by the fire, from 16:00 on the 27th, the PM10 concentration around the fire scene has increased, but The maximum value did not exceed the level 2 standard of “Ambient Air Quality Standard” (GB3095-2012). As the fire was brought under control, the PM10 concentration dropped significantly. After the open flame was extinguished, the atmospheric environment quality quickly returned to normal. In addition, on the morning of the 28th, the flood drainage channel near the water quality monitoring department was monitored. The monitoring results showed that the pH value, chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus concentration values ​​at the three points were all lower than the Class III standard limit of the Environmental Quality Standard for Surface Water (GB3838-2002).

After the fire broke out in the afternoon of August 27, the party working committee and office of the street where the Kaixuan International Building is located immediately carried out the evacuation of the residents on the scene and the resettlement of the affected residents. More than 1,800 people from surrounding households were evacuated in an emergency. The Xishan community arranged a dedicated phone call to confirm the location from house to house, and worked with fire rescue personnel layer by layer to arrange 747 people in nearby hotels. Subsequently, the neighborhood organized community cadres to various resettlement sites to provide residents with check-in, material distribution, etc., and mobilized psychologists from the health service center to ease the emotions of the residents, and do a good job of comforting the affected residents.

After the fire was extinguished in time, the local area quickly held an aftermath dispatch meeting and made corresponding arrangements for the aftermath: the fire protection and safety supervision departments organized manpower to quickly enter the fire scene overnight to carry out inspections and clear the remaining fire ; The Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development and the Natural Resources Sub-bureau and other units enter the site in time to carry out building quality appraisal and fire site cleaning; transportation and resettlement The hotel promptly completes the transfer and temporary resettlement of the disaster-stricken people, and the street where they are located actively takes measures to help the disaster-stricken people. ; Financial departments do a good job of fund scheduling to ensure that relief funds for disaster-affected people are in place in time.

A 7-hour rescue review of the “flame blue” of the retrograde danger

At 16:00 on August 27, a fire broke out in the Kaixuan International Building, Jinpu New District, Dalian, facing the raging flames , Fire commanders, public security police, community officials, and volunteers all rushed to the scene. More than 7 hours of continuous fire fighting and rescue, race against time for rescue in the fire, continued to the early morning resettlement work. The backs of all those who have gone against the fire without hesitation, the scenes of thrilling scenes are moving.

——8 At 16:02 on the 27th, the Dalian Fire Rescue Detachment received an alarm call that a fire broke out in the Kaixuan International Building in Jinpu New District, Dalian. A fire broke out in the home of a resident located on the 19th floor of Block B of the building. The fire quickly spread to the outer wall, causing heavy smoke to skyrocket. After receiving the alarm, 130 fire trucks and 634 fire rescue personnel from 39 fire brigade stations in Dalian quickly assembled. Five corporate firefighting forces, including the Western Pacific Petrochemical Fire Detachment, Dalian Port Fire Emergency Support Center, and Dalian International Airport Fire Brigade, also came to support.

——At 16:10, the first group of firefighters arrived at the fire scene to start rescue.

Dalian Fire Development Zone Brigade Steel Railway Fire Rescue Station Combat Team Leader Jiang Weidong, Second Team Deputy Team Leader Song Chunlu, and 8 other firefighters ran to the roof platform at one go and set up high voltage on the edge of the roof platform The water gun, leaned out and extinguished the fire. Before the reinforcements arrived at the scene, their task was to delay the spread of the fire from top to bottom and to block the spread of the fire from Block B to Block A. Twenty-three high-pressure spray trucks were in place one after another, shooting water jets and continuing to “strike” the flames.

This section of fire fighting The officers and soldiers climbed up to the top floor, and the video of the “confrontation” with the raging fire was circulated throughout the Internet. This top-down vertical drawing of water is the most effective and dangerous method for suppressing the fire. High-rise firefighting is a problem in fire fighting all over the world. Facing the height of nearly 100 meters and the severe fire situation of the Kaixuan International Building, Dalian Fire Fighting uses new equipment and technology to provide a strong guarantee for extinguishing the fire. Because the high-rise fire spreads extremely rapidly, forming a three-dimensional combustion. Dalian has the world’s highest ladder fire truck at 101 meters and a ladder fire truck at 90 meters to fight the fire outside the scene. At the same time, a remote water supply system is selected, and seawater from four kilometers away is pumped in for the front (fire extinguishing) water supply. This is also a unique and most advanced water supply equipment in Dalian.

——At about 23 o’clock, the open flame of the building was extinguished.

Then, the fire rescue personnel started from the 9th floor, laid fire hoses along each floor of the stairs, and searched layer by layer to confirm that all the residual fires in the building were put out. The fire rescue personnel had no sleep all night, and only fell asleep on the guardianship floor when it was dawn on the 28th.
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