August 10, 2021

CHINA: China's Communist Party Ministry of Culture and Tourism Announced It Would Form "Expert Teams" To Compile A List Of Illegal Songs To Further Curb The Spread Of HARMFUL INFORMATION.

Sounds like something the Commie funded Democrats would do in America. Because they have been banning, censoring everything they have decided was OFFENSIVE TO THEM and they censor anybody that doesn't think like them. (emphasis mine)
Global Times
written by Staff
Tuesday August 10, 2021

China will call on experts to decide on a list of banned Karaoke songs that contain violating content in a move to further curb the spread of harmful information in public entertainment venues, China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on Tuesday.

The list came as part of the new regulation issued by the ministry on July 26, which will come into effect on October 1.

The ministry said that this decision came after certain songs, which have already been banned in the country’s Karaoke bars due to their harmful content since 2006, are still constantly found in playlists in many venues.

The ministry said China has around 100,000 songs in the basic music library accessible to nearly 50,000 singing and entertaining venues, which makes it hard for the government to supervise.

A group of experts, based on China’s regulations on entertainment venues management issued in 2006, will decide which songs will be included on the list for having content that incites hatred and discrimination and also involve drugs and violence.

The self-serviced small karaoke booths that are prevailing in malls in the country are also included under the regulation, said the ministry.

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