July 2, 2021

USA: New York k-12 Black Educator Suggests Black Students DO NOT Think Analytically. She States This Is Why “Education Is Not Working For Students Of Color” In The US. How Did She Succeed Then?

Every child of every race on this planet has the innate ability to excel when given the opportunity and environment. The Communist in America that call themselves Democrats because Communism is illegal in this country, want to deliberately lower standards instead of improving communities affected by high crime and affected by the horrible public school education system. These Black Marxists are worse than racist White Supremacists. Wasn't this 'person of color' able to think analytically to reach the position she has? All of them in this video didn't need to have standards lowered to succeed in their chosen field? This is awful for them to say about Black youth in general. My gosh. They're saying Black people are born stupid and therefore American society must lower education standards to help Black people get ahead in life. Come on. (emphasis mine)

New York Post
written by Selim Algar
Thursday April 29, 2021

Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross-Porter called for an end to the specialized high school entrance exam Thursday while fuming about new admissions data that showed Asians dominating the controversial test once again.

Citing the minimal number of offers to black and Hispanic students, Ross-Porter called the current single-test entry format “unacceptable.”

Asians comprised 53.7 percent of those admitted, whites 27.9, Hispanics 5.4, and African Americans 3.6.

“I know from my 21 years as an educator that far more students could thrive in our Specialized High Schools, if only given the chance,” she said in a statement accompanying the results. “Instead, the continued use of the Specialized High School Admissions Test will produce the same unacceptable results over and over again, and it’s far past the time for our students to be fairly represented in these schools.”

But backers of the existing format — especially those representing Asian city groups — blasted Ross-Porter’s characterization.

“What is unacceptable is the targeting of one particular group,” said activist Wai Wah Chin. “Especially with what we see happening on the streets of this city. What is unacceptable is telling Asians that they don’t belong in these schools despite their hard work.”

Critics of the exam call it a narrow measure of student potential and argue that additional metrics should be introduced into the admissions process.

They also contend that the single-test system benefits families of means with superior exam preparation resources.

Ross-Porter’s predecessor, Richard Carranza, unsuccessfully pushed to overhaul the current format along with Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2019.

While 70 percent of all city students are black and Hispanic, they only accounted for 9.4 percent of specialized high school acceptances for next year.

Kaliris Salas-Ramirez of Community Education Council 4 said the exam should be scrapped, asserting that it promoted an outdated reliance on standardized tests to measure talent.

She also argued that most Asian applicants do not gain admittance through the test and that the format “perpetuates a system that disenfranchises the Asian community.”

Test backers assert that it’s a colorblind measure that has forged some of the most academically renowned schools in the country.

Others also note that many of the immigrant Asian groups that predominate at the eight schools come from low-income backgrounds rather than privilege.

At Stuyvesant High School, considered the city’s premier academic bastion, Asians made up 65 percent of new offers. Whites were second at 20 percent and Hispanics 2.7 percent.

Only eight of 749 offers — or 1 percent — went to black students, according to DOE data.

Ross-Porter asserted that Albany should rescind the law that mandates the test.

“The State law that requires the City to administer the exam must be repealed so we can partner with our communities to find a more equitable way forward, and do right by all of our children,” she said.

Some have called for the outright abolition of the exam while others have suggested combining it with other measures.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education said a glitch made it impossible for some parents to open up admissions emails Thursday and that they were working to fix the issue.

“This has been tortuous enough,” said one applicant’s mom. “It never ends. You would think they could at least get the email right.”

UPDATE 7/2/21 at 5:53pm: Added info below.

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