July 7, 2021

USA: US Olympic Hammer Thrower Who Turned Her Back During The National Anthem Sponsored By CCP. Biden’s Policy of National Suicide His Support For Gwen Berry’s Protest Is One More Proof Of It.

The American Spectator
written by George Neumayr
Wednesday June 30, 2021

The Gwen Berry controversy provides yet another foreshadowing of America’s future under the toxic propaganda of critical race theory. The Democrats seek to produce a nation of Gwen Berrys. For all their recent claptrap about the imperiled “symbols of our democracy,” the Democrats extol anti-American dissent. They are the party of athletes who boycott the flag and anthem, teachers who indoctrinate their students in self-hatred, and subversive activists who push perpetual revolution. Joe Biden is pursuing a policy of national suicide, vividly symbolized by the flying of Black Lives Matter (BLM) flags atop U.S. embassies.

He is not protecting America against anti-American ideologues but delivering it into their hands. His administration has become a jobs program for left-wing dissidents who view the American founding as a hate crime.

To those who harbor such twisted views, Gwen Berry is a role model. The Biden administration’s unwillingness to condemn her boycott of the national anthem confirms once again its perverse conception of the national interest. Biden press secretary Jen Psaki said that the president takes “pride” in her anti-American activism.

In recent months, Biden has postured as a great defender of American democracy, all the while pandering to the anti-American special interests of his party. He supports attacks on American democracy at the deepest possible level, conferring plum positions on BLM ideologues who see the political experiment of the Founding Fathers as a regrettable relic of a discredited Western civilization. Biden has entrusted his Department of Education to critical race theorists who hold the same views as Gwen Berry. They, too, wince at celebrations of the American Revolution and the War of 1812. They think the world would have been better off if the colonists and early Americans had lost these contests.

Biden equates progress not with the country’s preservation but its dissolution. His goal is not to fulfill the American Revolution but to kill it off for the sake of a new political order, one that bears almost no resemblance to the vision of the Founding Fathers. Beneath Biden’s blather about “America’s ideals” lies a hostility to them. They are, on his view of “equity,” impediments to progress. The advance of his crude race-based social engineering requires suppressions of freedom and shattering equality before law.

Biden and Kamala Harris rhapsodize not about a “land of the free” but about a government committed to compulsory “equity,” which just means decreeing equal outcomes at the expense of freedom. They join Berry in viewing the lyrics of Francis Scott Key with suspicion. In Biden’s America, neither freedom nor bravery are rewarded. It honors instead perceived victimhood and reposes its trust not in God but in government.

What Key considered glorious, today’s liberals see as ignominious. They find all the Founding Fathers’ talk about God and limitations on government tiresome. They want government to be secularist and limitless. For decades, liberals, out of discomfort with America’s origins as a product of the Christian West, have lionized anti-American dissidents. They cheered Bill Ayers, Daniel Ellsberg, the Black Panthers, and other open renegades. Now they cheer Gwen Berry. Nothing has changed, except now they can celebrate anti-Americanism from inside the government. It is a measure of their success that the most ostensibly disciplined parts of American society — such as the military and athletics — now echo their propaganda. Generals who once scorned anti-American dissidents now sound like them. Images of athletes draped in the flag have now given way to photos of stars spurning it.

In running for president, Biden portrayed himself as a moderate uniquely qualified to “unite” the country and save its “soul.” But to anyone paying attention, it was clear that he had sold his own soul to the most divisive ideologues within his party. They clamored for various policies of national suicide — from open borders to defunding the police — which he mindlessly seconded.

As president, he can’t even muster the slippery moderation of Bill Clinton, who once condemned the anti-white racist rap of Sister Souljah. No, there won’t be any “Sister Souljah” moments for Biden. If anything, he might rehabilitate her. She was ahead of her time. Her appalling lyrics sound no different than the tenets of critical race theory. As his pitiful response to Gwen Barry’s protest punctuates, his role is not to correct extremists within his party but to serve as their stooge.

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