July 14, 2021

USA: Man Charged With 24 Felony Counts Related To 232 Images And 238 Videos Showing Child Sexual Abuse, Including The Rape And Torture Of Children As Young As 6-Months-Old Released On $1,500 Bond

written by Jillian Pikora
Monday July 14, 2021

A man York County used the file sharing website BitTorrent to send and receive child pornography for years, according to police in York County.

Darin Leroy Warren, 54, of the 600 block of Kise Mill Road in Newberry Township, was arrested on Thursday for 12 felony counts; 6 child pornography and 6 disseminating photos or film of child sex acts, after months of investigations by York Area Regional Police.

A warrant to search Warren's home was issued in June.

Newberry Township Police seized numerous electronic storage devices found in a basement recording studio, according to the criminal complaint.

232 images and 238 videos showing the child abuse-- including the rape and torture of children as young as 6-months-old-- were found on the devices.

Some of the files dated back to July 2015.

Warren was released free $1,500 bail.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 9 at 2 p.m.

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