July 26, 2021

USA: Major Meat Producer JBS Paid $11 MILLION In Bitcoin Ransom To Russian Hackers Who Knocked Out Plants That Process One-Fifth Of America’s Meat Supply. Globalists Now Rehearsing For Cyber Pandemic.

It's not a theory when it's an actually conspiracy. I typed a transcript for you from the video above. Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum said, "We all know but still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack. Which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The covid19 crisis would be seen in this respect as A SMALL DISTURBANCE in comparison to a major cyber attack. To use the covid19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons cyber security community can draw and improve our unpreparedness for a potential cyber attack. (emphasis mine) 

I typed a transcript from the video above. Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director of World Economic Forum said, "There will be another crisis. It will be more significant aaand you know we need to actually start preparing for that now. When we do see this next crisis, it will be faster than what we've seen with covid. The exponential growth rate will climb much steeper. The impact will be greater AND as a result the economic and social implications will be even more significant. (emphasis mine)

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