July 16, 2021

SCIENCE: Vaccinated Israeli Teen Infects 83 Peers With COVID After Catching the Virus from Vaccinated Relative

The National File
written by Frankie Stockes
Thuraday July 8, 2021

A COVID-vaccinated teenager from Tel Aviv, Israel infected at least 83 of his peers with the COVID-19 virus after catching it from a relative who has also been vaccinated. The case of mass transmission is one of many across Israel in recent weeks, where lawmakers and health officials have threatened new restrictions on civil liberties to supposedly help stop the spread of COVID-19, despite the country having one of the world’s highest rates of full vaccination against the disease.

As reported by Channel 12 News, the case of mass transmission occurred when the teenager attended a high school party where, despite his vaccination status, he infected at least 83 of his peers with the virus. According to the country’s health officials, the teenage boy had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and caught the virus himself from a relative who had also accepted the experimental jab.

Israeli lawmakers and health officials have expressed growing concern over so-called breakthrough cases of COVID-19. According to recent figures, doctors are encountering breakthrough COVID infections on a daily basis in a nation lauded by members of the global power structure and corporate media for its rapid vaccination efforts.

Despite upwards of 57% of Israeli adults having taken both vaccine doses, officials are considering the re-implementation of the country’s “Green Pass” program, similar to that seen in Communist China, in which citizens’ movement is controlled via a color-coded system working similarly to traffic lights. Under the Green Pass program, citizens download an app to their mobile phone, giving a green pass allowing for relatively free movement to the vaccinated as well as recovered COVID patients while reducing the movement of others under yellow and red color codes.

“If we do not cooperate and the extent of coronavirus morbidity continues to rise, we will consider returning some of the limitations of the Green Pass and we will convene the coronavirus cabinet to do so,” newly installed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reportedly told his cabinet earlier this week.

Israel is far from being alone in the breakthrough case phenomenon, with patients worldwide losing their lives to the Chinese-born COVID-19 virus despite having accepted vaccine doses. In Louisiana, health officials have reported at least 30 recent COVID deaths in fully vaccinated patients.
UPDATE 7/17/21 at 12:57pm: Added info below. UPDATE 7/18/21 at 7:44pm: Added info below.

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