July 25, 2021

How To Adopt an Attitude of Lighthearted Happiness

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How To Adopt an Attitude of Lighthearted Happiness
written by Jeff Cohen, Founder
[source: Solve Your Problem, A Self-Help & Personal Development Community]

Are you yearning for a greater sense of happiness in your life but feel weighed down by problems? If so, try adopting an attitude of lightheartedness and watch how quickly it can inject an element of fun and whimsy into your life.

Here are three simple ways to do it:

1. Play

Most of us tend to take life so seriously. Sure, life can definitely be serious at times, and there are certainly things that we should take seriously - but we also don’t need to be so serious ALL the time! Instead, try your best to have more fun as often as you can. Either spend time doing things you enjoy, or simply make your regular activities more fun. Not sure that your regular activities can be fun? Nearly any task or chore can be lightened up a bit - even mundane chores around the house. Take, for example, house work or yard work. Who says you have to grudgingly perform those tasks? Why not put on some funky music and dance around while you do them? Why not listen to a stand-up comedy routine on CD and laugh while you do them? All it takes is a shift in perspective to make something fun and lighthearted.

2. Get inspired

If you’re used to directing most of your focus toward lack or negativity, it can be helpful to start lifting your perspective to a higher place. One way to do that is to purposely concentrate on things that inspire you. You can read uplifting books or watch inspirational movies; or even buy a book of motivational quotes and read a few each day. You can also choose to be inspired by the things you see in your daily travels. For example, rather than rushing distractedly to and from appointments, take a few minutes to pause and gaze around. Notice how the sunshine plays on the trees and flowers, making them glow with beauty. Rather than getting annoyed at your children when they play with their dinner, marvel at their creativity and sense of humor. Take a walk during your lunch hour and breathe deeply of the fresh air, smile at strangers and make an effort to remember what a miracle life is. No matter how you do it, let your heart and mind soar to a place of joy and inspiration, and you’ll automatically feel more lighthearted, and happy!

3. Unload your worries

It’s difficult to feel lighthearted and happy when you’re besieged by stress and worry. Rather than carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders (or in your heart), write your problems and worries on a sheet of paper and place it in a box or drawer. Affirm that for the next few hours, you’re not going to think about those things. Then shift your attention to things that make you feel better, like spending time with loved ones or engaging in favorite hobbies. When worrisome thoughts pop back into your mind, firmly set them aside again and remind yourself that you’re not going to focus on them right now. It may sound overly simple but it really works! With enough practice you eventually reach a point of knowing that worrying and obsessing isn’t helping matters, so you decide not to do it for awhile - and you instantly feel more lighthearted and happy.

When it comes right down to it, feeling happy is a choice you make from moment to moment. Happiness won’t make all of your challenges vanish, but choosing to focus more on the lighter side of life can definitely make you feel better – and who knows, it might even give you the mental and emotional distance you need to come up with creative solutions that you would have missed if you’d been too busy worrying!

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